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no one in my family has a twitch and mine comes and goes.
its not very visible, im the only one it bothers.
any theories as to what causes it?

my cure is to drink water with ...

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 new to contacts!!!???
any tips
way of putting contacts in

and in one of my eyes it blurr y than the other one and the other one is fine?
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 Should I go see an eye doctor?
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I think she gave my the wrong solution, because as soon as I put the contact in, ...

 Im going to the eye doctor ?
Tomorrow at 5. I had my eyes checked aobut 3 years ago. i was given glasses but my eyes wernt to bad so i didnt wear them. now my eyes are worse.
Im going to the eye doctor in walmart.

Contact lense question?
I refuse to get glasses, so I will be getting contacts this week. My eyesight is 20/50 and 20/60. But I have alot of questions bout contacts! My mom has hard contacts (or gas permeable?) but after seeing her get stuff under her contacts for the last 17 years, I've opted for soft contacts. TELL ME WHAT YOU CAN ABOUT SOFT CONTACTS. What different types are available for my perscription,etc. WHAT CAN I DO WHILE WEARING SOFT CONTACTS (CAN U FALL ASLEEP, OR WILL THEY STICK TO YOUR EYE?CAN U SWIM while wearing them?). Any advice apreciated!

I've used soft contacts for years. You can sleep in them, but should take them out and clean them in the morning. It's not that they'll stick necessarily, but just to clean out accumulated bacteria. And yes, you can swim in them, just be careful because they can come out in the water and I've lost one that way. And they come in all different kinds of prescriptions, even for people with astigmatism.

Gas permeable (hard ones) are a lot smaller than the soft ones, they are also generally prescribed to people with astigmatism. So, if you're only near-sighted/far-sighted, you don't need gas permeables. For soft contact lenses, it's okay if you fall asleep in them, but not for an hour, a half hour's probably okay. It'll be a bit uncomfortable, but you'll be able to get 'em out. For hard ones, i've worn 'em two days and nights straight and been okay. For contacts in general, you're really not supposed to swim with them on, but if you never let your eyes touch water it's okay too. I know that after i swim and put my contacts back on right away, it stings a lot, so it's best to wait a little to put on your contacts after you've gone swimming.
My eyes are worse than yours. and one's far sighted, and the other's near sighted. i also have astigmatism. I've worn contacts (night time ones, almost nobody's heard of 'em before) since i was 8, and i've worn glasses and soft and hard contacts. So i've gotten the full experience. i wear gas permeables now though, to help my astigmatism. You'll be uncomfortable with contacts at first, but you'll get used to 'em. I think for you, you should wear soft contacts. Remember, with soft contacts you cannot let it touch water. With gas permeables, you can wash 'em with water. For soft ones, you have to use a solution thing.

Soft contacts are so much more comfortable than hard ones!!
There are so many brands and varieties it's best to speak with your optometrist after your eye exam. Tell him or her you want contacts for extended wear; this way you can sleep with them in if you are traveling or camping where there's no sanitary places to keep or clean them.

I've had soft contacts since I was 12 or 13 (I'm 21 now) and I've never had problems with them I love them. When you go for your eye exam they will tell you or give you a brand etc. that works best for you and your insurance. Almost all contacts you can't sleep with them in, you take them out at the end of the day, but your eye doctor can tell you all of this. It's not a big deal, just go to your exam and tell them you want contacts they'll show you how to take care of them and explain what to do with them.

I use Acuvue Advance contacts because you cant even feel them in your eyes. You shouldn't have them in your eyes when you fall asleep but if you forget to take them out (I do it all the time) it ok you just have to blink a lot and they will come off again and you follow the cleaning instructions before you put them back in DO NOT TRY TO PEEL THEM OFF YOUR EYES this is damaging to the surface of the the eye. When you take out the contacts make sure they are left in the contact fluid for 6 hours at least so as to remove protein build-up. As for swimming you can wear them in the water just don't open your eyes under the water! You have to remember everyone is different and you should consult your eye doctor about which contact brand is best for your eyes. Contacts are amazing I wore glasses for 10 years and it wasn't fun but with contacts you don't have to wear that frame on your face. If you do get them make sure you allow your eyes to get used to them only wear them for a couple or hours the first week and gradually increase the wearing time you will probably get things like eyelashes underneath and yes it hurts but I find the best way is to drag the contact to the corner off your eye and blink it back into place. The only other thing is make sure you follow all the rules about cleaning and storage to ensure the best health of your eyes. Good luck!

i absolutely love contacts!!! They sure beat wearing glasses. If your eyes get dry alot i would recommend getting acuvue oasys with hydroclear. thats the kind i have and they are the best. in my opinon. you hardly can feel them in ur eyes. i wouldn't sleep with them but like if you acadentley fall asleep with them, then it wouldn't hurt anything. after a week you will even forget they are in there. who ever invented contacts are a genius!

It's okay if you wanted to wear contact lenses, but you still need backup glasses to wear at the end of the day and weekends if possible. Your eyes need to breathe and wearing the lenses too long or sleeping with the lenses in can worsen your vision overtime. You can get eye dryness and redness easily, along with inflammation and infection.

Soft contact lenses are easier to get used to and more comfortable than gas permeable. You should not wear contact lens while swimming or shower because the lenses will be exposed to microbes and impurities in the water. Bad bacterial and protozoan infections can occur as the result. Ask questions when you see your eye doctor :)

I wear contacts and yes, i have fallen asleep with them on but when i wake up in the morning my eyes are dry because you dont blink when you are sleeping lol so when i wake up it feels like they are trying to fall out or fold over (quite painful)
yes you can shower with them, they are perfectly fine.
i wouldnt swim with them on because there is so much splashing and once i went under water and opened my eyes and it fell out.
carfull with fingernails when picking them up because they tear easily sometimes.
other than that i love them i have been wearing them for about 4 years now and wouldnt go back to glasses for anything.

hope this helped you
Good luck!

ive had contacts for like almost 5 months now. ive got soft contacts, Acuave, and they work great!! i cant even feel them when i have them on. and no, you CANNOT fall aslpeep with them and you CANNOT go swimming with them. kind of common sense, right? anyway, you have 2 throw each pair out every 2 weeks and you have 2 change the solution(what liquid you keep the contacts in @ night) everyday.

all in all, contacts r the bomb, i really luv mine ♥ itll take u a few weeks 2 get used 2 taking them out and putting them in, but really, it isnt much of a hassle. ive got a few pairs in dark blue and clear :D

go with the contacts, you'll luv them.

me :)
I've been wearing contacts for about 2 years. At first it is hard to get them in, but eventually it gets so easy that you get them in in the first try. Soft contacts are definitely more comfortable than hard. It may cost a little bit more, but try getting 1 day contacts. It makes them less to worry about because when you're done, at the end of the day, just throw them away and get a fresh new pair everyday. Teh monthly sometimes tear and for me when i first got them i wasn't used to not rubbing my eyes as much so they came out. You actually aren't supposed to swim or sleep with contacts in, but i forget a few times. When swimming i generally keep them in because im ean you close you're eyes, but jsut don't rub them . If you sleep in them , or just fall asleep like me they don't get stuck, just feels a lttle gross, cause there is alot of build up on them. Well godd luck and hope i helped.

I've had contacts for about 10 years now. Start off wearing them only a few hours a day, and then build up. Lately I was having problems with corneal ulcers because my contacts wouldn't be clean enough and so stuff would rub against my eye. They were SO painful, so be sure to properly clean your contacts. My boyfriend can wear his contacts for like a month straight, never take them out, never clean them. I'm not sure how he does that. I would say take them out every night. Let them soak in solution for 6ish hours.
Try acuvue oasis, easier on your eyes. I just switched to dailies because I can switch them out everyday, which is nice to always have a new pair.
I've swam with mine in, but not for very long, I was afraid that they'd fall out.

Josh J
well i can't answer the first part of the question.. i do know you Can swim with them in (at least i do.. ) you Can sleep with them ( its not really recommended, though..)

I found some website...

why do you refuse glasses... or not get both. Contacts are great... but your eyeballs definitley need a break now and then. Anywho...check out this video page on contact lenses


Daily Wear Soft Contact Lenses

Soft contact lenses are made of a soft polymer-plastic material combined with a percentage of water. Water allows oxygen to pass through the contact lens material and increases comfort. Many soft contact lenses also provide UV protection. Soft contact lenses are more comfortable than rigid gas permeable contact lenses when first inserted into the eye.

Many soft contact lenses are disposable and can be thrown away after a short period of use. Being able to have a fresh pair of soft contact lenses means less chance of infection, less cleaning, and more comfort, especially for people whose eyes naturally produce more protein that clouds contact lenses. Other soft contact lenses are worn on a yearly basis and are not disposable.

While most people choose soft contact lenses because of their benefits, there are also some disadvantages. Soft contact lenses easily absorb pollutants like lotion or soap from your hands, which can irritate your eyes. Soft contact lenses are also more fragile than hard contact lenses and can rip or tear easily.

The most recent types of soft contact lenses to hit the market include:

* Daily Disposables. These soft contact lenses are only worn for one day and then thrown away. The benefits include not having to clean your contact lenses on a regular basis, convenient replacement schedule, and reduction of dry eye and irritation related to contact solutions. If you are an allergy sufferer, these are the contact lenses for you.
* Silicone Extended Wear Disposables. These soft contact lenses are made with a new silicone hydrogel material that can be worn for up to 30 nights and days. The new silicone material also prevents deposit build up and reduces dry eye irritation.

Shawn C
I fall asleep all the time with my contacts in but my doctor told me it's not healthy. My friend Alyssa puts in her contacts and doesn't take them back out until the 2 weeks is up. You can't swim with them as they can easily fall out in water. Also if you shower they get a bit stuck to your eye from the steam.

LOL.no need to use the caps :)
first thing first
1) can you fall asleep while wearing them
NO, absolutely NOT. you can take a 5 minute nap with them, but sleeping while wearing them..its a definite NO. (UNLESS you buy those contacts lenses where you CAN wear them at night, only if your doctor says so)

2) will they stick to your eye
of course they are going to be sticking on your eye, or else, it will fall off. :)

3) can you swim with them?
NO, and you can not shower in them either, bacteria might get in them, and then cause infections

4) can you feel them while wearing them
NOPE :) you are not going to feel anything while wearing your contact lenses, but only if it gets dry.

5) make sure:
1. you wash your hands with soap before handling your lenses
2. your solution is new everytime you use them
3. you dispose them at the right time (some are 1day disposable, some are 2 weeks, monthly, and yearly)
4. dont rub your eyes to much, or else your contacts will fall off =O

thats it! hope you enjoy them<3

Soft contacts are very nice. You can swim and shower with them, but don't open up underwater. You can slep in them once and a wile, but not all the time or you will get a bacterial infection. If you need anything, email me!

No you cannot swim with them, the chlorine in swimming pools breaks down the compounds in the lenses, therefore they must be taken out prior to swimming unless you dont plan on getting your head wet.

and there are special lenses called " Focus Night & Day " that are made so that you can sleep with them in. They're paper thin and very comfortable. I love them. Gas Perm. lenses are the " older " generation of CL's and arent really used that much anymore.

You can pretty much do anything else you want with them!

They also come in some cool colors if that's something you're interested in

I have soft contacts and they are the way to go.
First of all, if you loose one it is no big deal because they come in boxes. In fact, If I am at school and one is bothering me I just take it out and throw it away on the spot.
Second they are very comfortable. I have activeu (idk about the spelling, the ones in the commercials) and they are very nice. My mom has a different pair of soft contacts, and by the end of the day her eyes hurt. But not me. I wear them from 6 am to 10 pm everyday.
At first I was afraid to touch my eyes, but this is my best advice- don't be. It does not hurt at all. Trust me.
Hope this helps!

edit: I have slept with them many times, but you are not suppose to, and no problems yet. I have also swum with them with out them falling out, but like I said if they fall out it is no big deal. My eyes never get tired or irritated.

yes I know the rules but I thought you would want some personal experience.

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