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 does your eyesight get worse if you wear your glasses?
i keep hearing lots of different answers. some people say no! and others say yes! so please only answer me if your sure.
and is there anyway you can get your eyesight a bit better like eat ...

 Why do my eyes sting every time I close them or blink?

 what is 20/20 vision?.?.?.?.?

 Do you wear glasses or contacts?

 Do you HAVE TO wear glasses for sometime and THEN wear contacts or just wear contacts without wearing glasses?
please tell me. I dont look good with glasses....

 Hazel or Green contacts ?
Hello[: My mom wants to get me Contacts. She's tired of me wearing Glasses and so i'm i. I don't know what color to get, though. Hazel or Green ? Here's a picture of my Actual ...

 does your eye sight fix itself?

 If I buy bread and keep it in the fridge for a week or two, and then eat it and it tastes odd will I get sick?
Basically bread lasts me a long time, so I keep it in the fridge, however maybe the fridge is slightly moist, when I ate the bread I didn't see any obvious signs of mould, however it had a ...

 Starting to wear contacts?
I might be getting contacts soon and I had a few questions. Could contacts hurt my eyes if I start to wear them at a young age? Are there any contacts you could sleep with while they are on? Can you ...

 can I lose my contacts at the beach?
i just got contact lenses on Wednesday and I'm goin to the beach tomorrow. I usually don't go all the way in the ocean, but I go sometimes when it's around a little bit more than my ...

 new to contacts!!!???
any tips
way of putting contacts in

and in one of my eyes it blurr y than the other one and the other one is fine?
im going to doc next wed i have to go back for check up should ...

 what is the minimum age to wear contact lenses in the uk, from specsavers or anywhere else?
I am 14 , and going onto 15 soon. Am i the right age to wear contact lenses, or do i have to wait untill i'm older?...

 Should I go see an eye doctor?
My contact fell out during school, so I went to the nurse's office to get solution to put it back in.

I think she gave my the wrong solution, because as soon as I put the contact in, ...

 Im going to the eye doctor ?
Tomorrow at 5. I had my eyes checked aobut 3 years ago. i was given glasses but my eyes wernt to bad so i didnt wear them. now my eyes are worse.
Im going to the eye doctor in walmart.

 I got shampoo in my eye what should I do?

 Why do your eyes hurt after you cry?

 Do you find that your contacts start to irritate you at the end of the day?
Or is that just my wierdness?!
Additional Details
Oh you're all really funny...I meant my actual contacts that I put in my eye....hence it's in optical. Ha flippin Ha!! :P...

 Why do my eyes change from brown to green when I am drunk?

 Is it dangerous to swallow a contact lense? HELPPPP!?
I have disposable contact lenses and accidentally swallowed a half of one. Is that dangerous? Please help meee!...

 what causes your eye to twitch?
cos mine is going fricken crazy and twitching so much my eyeball is being twitched by the crazy twitching eyelid! It's been going wild for about an hour!
how can. I stop it and why does ...

Can you wear contacts if you don't need them?
Can you wear contacts with perfect vision to change your eye color, or are there side effects to it?
Additional Details
1) I haven't bought them yet, so how can I take them out :)

2) Haha, I obsess over no one but my doggy :)

Valerie :)
yes you can!! but they still make you get an eye exam because not everybody can wear contacts

you can wear them. I don't think there are any side effects.

well yes you can,,
there can be side effects if you dun maintain them or clean them properly pluzz dun sleep in them or there gonna roll back in your eyes

persoanl experience

Yes you can, It just can't be those prescription ones and such. There are these special ones that can change your eye color but do nothing to your sight, they're called fresh look contacts. [:

cut-in UK
Most people are able to wear contacts, whether prescription or cosmetic. Some types combine these two functions.

However a proper examination by an eyecare professional is essential. They will confirm your suitability (or not, if there is a problem,) but more importantly direct you to the make, best suited to your eyes and degree of use. Provided you have a check at least once a year, you can order replacement lenses on the internet at HUGE savings. If you stick closely to the hygiene regime you should experience no side effects, and the choice is amazing.

yea you can buy non prescriptions contacts at just about any eye doctor or some beauty stores sell them.....there are the same side effects all contacts have but if u take care of them u will be fine.

U can even get crazy contacts like cat eyes or all white.

You can, why not, but it causes irritation and redness to your eyes. So, you need to rehydrate it with eye drops every now and then.

Better remove it after use and keep it in its case. Clean it before using again.

you can and there are no side effects

Yes you can get contacts that dont have a prescription but is different from the colour of your iris. However, as most other people here have said, dont keep them in for too long (specially if your like 10 and your eyes are still developing) and dont sleep with them.

But if your really concerned, go see an optomotrist. (sorry for spelling)

Hope this helps.

yes you can, but be sure to tell your eye doctor that you are to wear them for fashion's sake not for correcting your vision =)

pss si .. yo tengo unos white-outz..

You can wear color contacts without a prescription but you should go to a reputable ophthalmologist or optometrist to order them and have a eye exam, just in case.

you can get contacts that aren't prescription they are just colored. so you can look on the internet for some or go to your eye doctor and ask for some colored contacts that aren't prescription and they should be able to hook you up!

Hope I Helped!

Those are beauty contacts.
You can get them from the optomertrist. =)

Sarah C
You can wear them as long as they are prescription-free, I used to have a pair of purple contacts when I was a weird junior higher.

jeff f
yeah,it causes incredible stress on the corneas and screws with your brain,you better take them out now.

Mustang Nik~Mikey's KittyKat
Sure you can, you can wear colored contacts for aesthetic purposes only. You'll be wearing soft lenses which are comfortable, but know you need to take care of the contacts since you are putting them onto your eyes. You can still get an infection if you aren't careful, so just take the proper care.

I wouldn't do that, i mean you could yes. But it's not the healthiest thing for your eyes. also, what happens when the boy you obsess over says you have beautiful eyes or loves you for your eyes. Ahha then your screwed.

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