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 i hate wearing glasses so i wear my glasses when i study and in other times i take them off... is this bad?
i hate wearing glasses so i wear my glasses when i study and in other times i always take them off. does this affect anything with my eyesight and am i hurting myself or anything? Is this bad?

 survey about butter: can my real contacts separate themselves from my not so real contacts?
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bonus question: what should the teams be called?

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I have been hearing through the internets that some of you may not be ...

 i just got contacts....?
so i'm going on my first plane ride
with contacts. i've heard that contacts
can irritate your eyes while on a plane.
do they? what can i do to help them? tnks!...

 If I've never worn contacts before, is it possible for me to get contacts online?
I've only worn "glasses" in the past. Can I still order contacts online or will they expect me to have worn contacts in the past? I've wanted to get them from my optometrist but ...

Lily Powell
Can a 13 year old girl wear contact lenses?

Samantha R
Why not?

I started wearing them with 12 :)

Xx Waitng On Change xX
I am not EXACTLY sure if it is okay. But sooooo man people that age do wear them, they are really cool looking :)
I love them!! :D

sure why not?? i no alot of girls our age that do that

Rukia...no not really
well dur

Corporate Mom
I don't see why not.

Yes your actually aloud to start wearing them around 12 or at least my sister is

I've been wearing contacts since I was 11 and a friend of mine's been wearing them since 4th grade. 13 is deffinately old enough.


I don't see why not

.... Okay I am a guy but I have been wearing contact lenses since I was 11 and I've never regreted it

Alli M
ive been wearing contacts since i was 11...i love them, they are a billion time better than glasses

Jamie's Mom
I started wearing them at 13 and it was the best thing i ever did. glasses are ugly and a hassle


My daughter did at 12 years old, but we as her parents set ground rules for her because of her eyes. Just making sure she keeps up the cleaning and anything else she has to do.

Basically yes you can, it's up to your parent(s) and eye doctor whether they'll let you or not. As long as your willing to take responsibility for the care of the contacts go for it.

Michelle N
Yes its fine, just be careful with them and follow instructions.

Of course My friend wears them she's 12 but she started wearing them at 10 =)

Ryan h
my brother wears contacts and his 15 he got them when he was 10
but i wear glasses and i love them i wear big black ones and i love them

Yes, I started wearing contacts when I was 13. But, it all depends on your eyes, most girls can start to wear them at 13. Most eye doctors suggest you have worn your glasses for at least a year or two. Other than that you should be able to, just talk to your eye doctor.


Bethy [so loverly]
Yes, I got them when I just turned 12, so 13 is old enough! I wear my glasses more often, because they become a nuisance when you are in a rush or something, but they can make you look more classy if you have some weird glasses! (:

Yes,Im 13 and I where contacts.

Lizabeth C
yes sure i am 15 and i use them since i was 12

Paige S
yes, but your dr. will usually say to wait a few years untill your eyes are fully developed. Because your vision may change and your contacts will no longer work for you.

I first started wearing contacts when I was 15.
I have astigmatism.

Of course! As long as you master "the art of inserting contact lenses" (took me quite a while, my eyes were red all the time), it's fine =)

In general yes, but it depends on the person, try them and if they irritate you don't continue with them. But to be honest, I love glasses!

Yes. Have your parents take you to an optometrist. Contacts aren't cheap though and you will have to be very careful. Good luck!

Tyler C
yes, you can wear contacts at any age, as long as you are capable of putting them in.

It should be fine but you should probably consult your optometrist just to be safe

Yes, of course. You just need to be responsible with them, and care for them and your eyes as your optometrist tells you to.

Fallen For You <3
Yes that is old enough. I asked my doctor and she said 13 or 14 is a good age to start wearing contact lenses.

Its recommended to 16 and above but yes you can if you really want to.

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