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Melissa A
Brown eyes turn to blue????
Is there a way I could buy light blue eye contacts if i have dark brown eyes??? How much would you estimate they cost? (Without the actual magnify lense... I have good vision... Just the colour change...) And where would I get them? Please help, thankyou.

Additional Details
I'm not saying brown eyes are bad, I like them on other people... Just wanna try something different.

Does anybody have any pics of them with their BEFORE and AFTER shot of lenses? Even of random people...

Alica S
They only cost about $15 but you have to take a eye test
to get contacts which costs 150 !!
Atleaste in canada

Let's Get Physical!
You can either throw some chemicals in your eyes or you can get bit by a werewolf. Both are pretty inexpensive

Changing a dark eye color to baby blue, for example, requires an opaque contact lens. Opaque lenses have a solid colored portion that covers the iris so that none of the natural color shows through. If you want to completely change your eye color, opaque lenses are for you.

Try Illusions by CIBA VISION

Agree, brown eyes are the best!!!

but, Chrystal Gayle (singer ages ago) did a song that people always thought said "Donuts make your brown eyes blue" LOL, try that.

Actually the song was "don't it make your brown eyes blue"

Brown eyes rock... much deeper and meaningful. Keep the brown!

You can do it, but it won't look natural.

You should just be yourself.

There are many companies that make color contacts for brown eyed people.

You would have to make an appointment with an optometrist. You can only get them there. They cost about $100 for a 6 week supply, if you are doing disposable lenses. Plus the optometry fee...which is going to cost you out of pocket $75 to $200, depending on where you go. Unless you just bring it up at your next scheduled appointment, and ask your Dr. about it, then.

I am not sure about changing brown eyes to blue. Though I am sure they can do it to some extent.

Not sure why you would want blue eyes, though. I would love to have brown eyes!! I am sure they are gorgeous!!

If you really want them, all you have to do is get a contact lens exam (for the fitting, not for the magnification) and order them from any optometrist. Target or Sam's Club/Costco are usually pretty reasonable. I don't know about Costco but with Sam's Club you don't have to be a member to use Optical.

yes you can. I bought some online about 2 weeks ago and they just got here.... they were only 20 dollars a pair...

search colored contacts on yahoo and there will be plenty of sites to choose from! and very cheap fast shipping...

Hope I helped

Why would you want blue eyes? Brown eyes are the best!!!

There are websites that sell this kind of thing. If they're legit and good they require a prescription from your doctor (they know you don't need them to correct your vision, they just want to make sure your eyes can handle contacts).

They cost like 70-200 a pair. Pretty DANG expensive.

And some chick at my school had them and although they made her eyes blue, it was obviously very fake.

So I dunno, I have brown eyes too and I understand how boring it is! (brown hair too- double boring) but maybe just trying to make other parts interesting (uh, like your personality, interests).

My friend has brown eyes and they always look relly fake when she puts light colours in...just doesn't look right and she's used all kinds but if you really want to try then ask the optician but they probably won't look blue blue or real

Fresh Looks for disposable ones.
For non disposable.
You'll need to go to an optometrist and be fitted for the lenses.

casey s
Like you I have dark brown eyes to and as far as I know its impossible to get light blue eyes with contacts. The brown always seems to show through. However you can get some really nice contacts by Freshlook and change your eyes to dark blue, bright green, purple, teal, and a grey color that I personally think is beautiful and ware myself. You can get contacts through your local eye dr or you can order them through 1800contacts.com. However even if you dont't need a RX you still need to go the eye Dr. and get a contacts fitting. This is just where they will see what the curvature is on your eyes so whatever contacts you do get will fit properly.

I have dark brown eyes and wanted light blue. I got Innova colourmakers, which are an opaque lens, from novavision.com.au. They cost $41 (Australian dollars). You don't need to get an eye exam or prescription for these, as they're purely cosmetic and plano (no strength). They definitely change them to blue, but little bits of brown still peek through, so they're not exactly "light" blue.
Before and after pics:

I hope this helps :)

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