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 What eye colour do you like the best ? Should I turn my green eyes blue -pic?
Oh hey there I really love the image or deep blue eyes and was wondering If i should get contacts ? I have green eyes now : http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/ll197/HaStrawberryGirl/Greeneyed.jpg

 if you put your own poo in your eye, will you get pink eye?
is it true if you get pink eye, you will have eye sight problems after, and if you wear glasses already, you will have to wear thick ones??...

 Can I get my eyes tested for no cost?

 I just got contacts and my eyes are burning...?
they burn, and i just got my contacts 4 or 5 hours ago. should i use some eyedrops or something? Is this normal?...

 Should I wear my glasses all the time?
I can't see things long distance but I dno I just feel more comfortable always wearing them. I was told not to wear them all the time, but I have a feeling it'll be really uncomfortable to ...

 Do I need to wash my contact lens case?
I have daily disposables, and I haven't used my case in two weeks. I want to use it tomorrow for a short time. Do I need to wash the case before putting in fresh solution?...

 I can't open my eye!?
ok so, ive had a bad cold recently but it's starting to go
but yesterday i noticed my right eye hurt when i blinked or w.e
now when i woke up i couldn't open it at all! it was ...

 Would I need glasses or not?
Since Ive started school, whenever the teacher puts something up on the overhead, I can barely see the words.It looks blurry, and I always squint to look at it and my head hurts
I can read just ...

 I wore my contacts to long and eye is sensitive and sore what can i do?
I wore my contacts to long and now one eye is senstive to light and sore. Can i do anything to help it?...

 How do you know if a contact lens falls out or is 'stuck in your eye'?
I have soft contacts. i can't see the contact at all but i feel like there's something there when i try to grasp the contact. do you think it fell out? i just all of a sudden couldn'...

 If you loose your glasses do you need a new prescription to order a new pair from the same place?
It has been a little over a year since the prescription was written. Will I need to visit the optometrist again inorder to replace my lost glasses or can I simply reorder my original glasses? (...

 Can contact lenses really improve your eyesight?
Or is it just a scam to get my mom to buy me contact lenses?

Yesterday my mom took me to the eye doctor because my eyes were red and infected. The doctor gave me eye drops. My mom told the ...

 is my eye color special at all?
ok i dont want any negative comments about my eye color. that will just make me feel terrible.
they're brown. but in the sunlight they're the exact color of my hair (i have red hair. ...

 How can this be prevented?? any experiences? ?
My eyes seems to be feeling weird these days. Everytime, I look towards the sun, street lights, or bright lights, I tend to have migrane? it doesnt hurt or I dont feel dizzy... but I tend to see ...

 If you were blind, how much would you be willing to pay, to be able to see again?

 Can you take this eye dominance test for me?
I'm doing a science fair project on ocular eye dominance, testing if being right-handed means you have a dominant right eye, or vice versa. Although I already know the answer, I need more ...

 i have an eye lash stuck in my eye... how can i get it out?

 My Pupil Keeps Getting Bigger And Smaller!!! help!!?
i noticed just before that one of my pupils was noticeably bigger than the other :O! then as i kept looking i realised the pupil keeps getting bigger, then smaller again! this is the pupil in my left ...

 Contact lenses: If I wear them for too long will they damage my eyes?
Your Question
Contact lenses: If I wear mine for too long will they damage my eyes?
I wear hard lenses and fell asleep with my lens in the other day, and had to keep it in when I got up in ...

 Do you need a prescription to get colored contacts?
Question explains itself..

Can you get colored contacts without a prescription?...

Are glasses the reason I have dark circles under my eye?
It seems like the only reason cuz, I eat healthy, get lots of sleep, drink lots of water, am healthy.

How can I fix it???

if possible try switching to contacts or simply just wearing your glasses less often. maybe you'll be able notice if any changes occur after taking a break from glasses.

No. glasses would not give you circles. Some people just have them. Take my sister for example. Try potato's under your eyes, ice pack. Some people have to even get botox to fill in permanent bags under their eyes.

Cannibal Emma
Dark circles are usually caused by lack of sleep, but your glasses can make them even more noticeable.

Big Boobs Mcghee
vitamin C deficiency or iron deficiency.
lack of sleep or sudden stress.

Most likely not the glasses. I've had surgery twice to open up my airways to be able to breath at night when I slept. I never felt tired or didn't feel like I wasn't getting a good nights sleep, but I always had very dark circles when I was a child because I just couldn't breathe at night.

Are they full circles? If not, yes it is glasses, If they are, i dont know

rachel r
it might just be your skin, i had dark circles under my eyes before and i used a certain lotion, if i remember correctly, i used st ives lotion. and i did it right before i went to sleep

Read below website.

milton b
The dark circles can be a symptom of allergies. Allergies cause nasal congestion which causes blood to collect in the large sinuses under the eyes which causes dark circles. You can try taking an over the counter antihistamine such a loratadine for a couple of days and see if the condition clears up. If it does you will need to see a doctor about managing your allergies.

Some people just naturally have dark circles. The best thing you can do is wear concealer and a confident smile!

I doubt it as glasses are worn right on your face

Hey there, I had the same thing happen to me a few years ago. I believe it ended up having to due with allergies. I also had a friend who had a low iron count that created a dark circle under her eyes.
I tried some of the remedies on this website http://altmedicine.about.com/od/drcathywongsanswers/f/darkcircleseyes.htm .... and if that doesn't work maybe you should go see a doctor, they would most likely know.

same thing happens to me. i think its hereditary

you had a fight yesterday?!!

Judy B
The main reason for dark circles is olive skin and genetics. Do you have relatives with dark circles? The other reason would be allergies.
Glasses would have no effect.

There is no fix. The best fix is to embrace your natural appearance and celebrate your dark circles as your heritage. Second, you can use under eye concealer make up. But it will look fake.

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