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 Do your eyes get worse if you wear glasses when you don't really need them?
I have a bet with my teenager who thinks glasses are cool and wants to wear them in spite of his 20/20 vision. Do your eyes somehow get weaker because they grow accustomed to the magnification the ...

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 Can you tell if someone is wearing contact lenses?
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 How long do glasses take to get in?
i have bad eyesight. over the summer it was 20/70 and 20/50 and it is worse now. I want them in about 5-6 days do you think i would be able to get them in my the end of my spring break???

 Why is there more than one type of colour for eyes?

 if i hold my eyes open when i sneeze will my eyes pop out?

 what happens if I don't wear glasses for 3 days?
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*I can't see very clear without ...

 i have goo in my eye and its all puffed up?
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 What is my eye color? Please awns-er!?
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 What am I seeing?
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 How do a blind person know when to sleep?
How do they know when it's night or day, when it's dark or light.
Additional Details
listen, our body's biorhythm depends on outside stimulants such as dark and light, and ...

 Eyes changed from grey to brown when I was a baby. Is that really possible?
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 Should I wear glasses all the time? I'm short sighted.?
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 I am sacred that I will need glasses. Please Help!!!!!!?
I am sacred that I will need glasses because I have heard that they can be very annoying and that everyone would take the mick out of me. And OUCH the price of glasses.

Even though I haven&...

 What's wrong with my eye!? (pics included)?
OK, so yesterday while I was watching TV, my eye started to hurt. Not my actual eye, but my lower eyelid and the area under it. Then it slowly began to swell and get all puffy. Now, almost 24 hours ...

 I can't stop blinking my eyes.?
lately, for the past two days, i have been blinking soooo much. Like twice every second. Literally. It feels my eyes are cold, and there is constant blowing. Like its the feeling when you stick your ...

 can one eye be bigger then the other one?
not the pupil, but the whole eye itself?...

 Is it weird that one of my pupils is bigger than the other?
I've noticed for the past couple weeks or so that one of my pupils is bigger/more dilated than the other. It doesn't matter what light I'm in - it doesn't change (the other one ...

 Caffine makes me cry?
as in, when i drink soda i always get teary eyed. it happens for a lot of things. i really really hate it sicne when a friend sees me she goes, "are you like crying?" and i'm always ...

Are eye donations to blind people possible?
MOVIE SPOILER: I saw Seven Pounds last night, the Will Smith movie, and at the end Will's character donates his eyes to a blind man, making him able to see again.

Is this even possible in real life?

Alice! :D
lol i dont think cuz if you could you could kill an eagle and put its eyes in your head and then you'd have like perfect vision...you've given me an idea lol


Fork UK
Eye don't think so

Bad joke, sorry lol

No, the surgery would be far too complicated to connect the optic nerve.

For some forms of blindess, where they just replace the cornea, yes. For most forms of blindness, no.

Brandon D
I don't believe so. In saying that i mean it has never been successfully done yet. When eyes are donated as organs...i.e. drivers license's etc...they are used for scientific research. Our current technology hasn't yet been able to connect one persons optic nerve to the other and have them work. There is just to much damage done on the removal procedure. By the way..thanks for ruining the end of the movie for me..lol...i shouldn't have read it. My fault.

Yes i have herd about them in reallife.

Mary Bea
It is possible to transfer the eyeball into another person's socket, but the eye is useless. It will only appear to be a functioning eye; a surgeon can't reconnect the optic nerve to the eye itself.


u could probably put one persons eye into another persons eye socket

but i doubt its possible to connect a new eye to somebodys brain thoruugh the nervous system so that it would work

the person with the new eye would probably just get an infection

Yes...Jerry Orbach the actor (who was treated in the hospital I work for) and the father of Vanessa Williams donated their corneas (which is what they mean by eye transplant) when they passed away and they have been transplanted into recipients who can now see as a result.

This type of operation does not work for all blind people though because many cases of blindness are not caused by a problem with the eyes but by problems with the optic nerves or the brain, neither of which can be transplanted...yet

(Thanks for spoiling the movie for me by the way.)

No because inside ur head there r things attached to your eyes and if u cut those u might die and they can't attach those to the other persons eyes.

i doubt it, maybe in the future, yes.

Yes, it is possible. It was in 7 pounds, and I've heard of it before. =)

they have been very unsuccessful, but yes it is possible.. they have restored sight to One lady.. her sight is still very bad.. but was improving still when I heard about it about 4 days after the surgery. I will try and find the article.. I heard about it on the radio.

You can leave them as part of your organ donation when you die.

i love tht movie!
it made me cry....lol
yes, i think its possible
i heard its a very tedious and difficult transplant tho

you can't donate your entire eye, but you can donate your corneas.

Judy B
If the blind person was blind due to a corneal problem that could be fixed by a corneal transplant, yes.

Cthulhu's Spokesman
I believe so, being that I asked this same question a few weeks ago and people told me it was. Even if I can't give a working eye, I'd at least like to donate one to science.

Edit: Who the *^%$ thumbed me down for wanting to help society? Go to (*&^% you mother&%$##$s. *&^$ on the sidewalk.

Paul D
No, because the optic nerve is part of the central nervous system. Peripheral nerves (those that arise from the spinal cord and travel throught your body, can recover if damaged, or severed. However those belonging to the central nervous system (spinal cord, all facial nerves including the optic nerve) will not recover. Another factor is the sheer amount of vasculature to deal with, the eye is very "blood rich" if you will and though capillaries may after a long time grow back, the optic nerve will not. Therefore you can have an eye - but it won't 'work'.

I believe you can choose at your death to donate your cornea's which I think in certain cases are needed as transplants so yes you can.

they have been arround for years, look... http://members.tripod.com/manisha_b/Eye_Transplant/EyeTransplant.htm

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