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An eye problem, does it sound serious?
My dad is 47 and he has a lot of throat pain. Now his eye is really hurting him too for a couple of weeks now. Both eyes are very yellow. Now he has a "growth" that was tiny and has become very long on his right eye. It has grown to the green part, heading toward the pupil. Can someone with knowledge tell me if it is serious. Can anyone guess what it might be so I can research that. Thank you so much. (It is an off white color, not quite the regular white. Now most of his eyes are yellow)

he needs to see a doctor soon because it could be hypotis. Please get him to a Doctor ASAP

Diana r
Are you serious?
Go see a doctor.
"Is it serious?"
Gosh, there are some weird people in this world.

Aren't all problems serious?

I heart beets
he needs to go to the doctor immediately. His vision could be at stake.

some kind of disease, i guess, but I am not sure. I think its very serious. Ask suggestions from the doctors immediately...

i would honestly take him to an eye or regular doctor, it seems pretty serious, i've seen it before, but im not sure what it is, so i would see a doctor, or, just try waiting to see if it goes back to normal,

You poor thing I feel sorry for your dad the best thing to do is to go to the doctors because i have been to college and i have studied it and I think it sounds serious. The best thing is straight away go to the hospital or the doctors to get it seen at.

Good luck I wish u all the best.

Joe D
could be liver failure, if his eyes are yellow take him to the hospital RIGHT NOW

I'm not exactly sure of what it is, but when the skin turns yellow, it is called Jaundice. You might consult an eye doctor or have your dad see his regular doctor ASAP.

We only get one set of eyes and regardless of age, we need to take the best care we can of them and whether your dad is 27, 47 or 67, it could be serious or maybe it's nothing at all.

go to webmd.com and usse the symptom checker that will help u

It sounds serious...tell him to go to the Clinic..

I'm not really a professional, hehe... but it DOES sound serious. I suggest going to the eye doctor immediately.
good luck to your dad. hope he gets well soon. :)

Kira R
Well yellow eyes can possible be jaundice but the growth could be (if it is on the eyelid could be a stye or a chalazion. If it is painful he def. needs to go to the dr.


okay now that you're back, yellow eyes, aka yellow sclera is usually caused by bilirubin in the blood. this isn't exactly harmful, but it's certainly a sign for something, maybe even a disease.

has your father been feeling nauseous? any other pain besides a sore throat? has his back been hurting as well? any other joints?

in one of the worst cases, your father might have hepatitis or cirrhosis. maybe even spirochetes disease. the description that you gave is too vague and no one can really tell without a physical examination.

so go and get him checked out!

hope that helped, keep me posted this is interesting

Go to a doctor. You shouldn't screw around when it comes to things that could, you know, screw up your vision.

Nana to TWO
Eyes are nothing to mess around with. He needs to see an ophthalmologist as soon as possible and find out what's wrong.

go to the doctor... it could be cancer.

Indiana Jones
well the yellowing of his eye is called jaundice. it is usually associated with liver problems. i'm not sure what the growth on his eye could be buy i'd say this is pretty serious. you could play the wait and see game and if it gets worse or doesn't get any better than call the dr on monday morning. but personally i'd get him to the ER ASAP! and if he won't get in the car and go i'd even go as far as calling 9-1-1 and maybe once the ambulance gets there they can convince him to go.

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