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 Can a 13 year old get contacts?

 What is your eye color?
mine is blue/...

 Why does everyone say contacts hurt?
My mom says contacts hurt, is she just lying so I won't get them? Also my friends say contacts hurt. Is this true or is their contacts noot in right, the wrong type of contacts,wrong ...

 Contact lense question?
I refuse to get glasses, so I will be getting contacts this week. My eyesight is 20/50 and 20/60. But I have alot of questions bout contacts! My mom has hard contacts (or gas permeable?) but after ...

 What's your eye color, and if you could change it would you?
Mine are chocolate brown, but I wish they were hazel-green what about yours? If you could change it would you, if so to what color....

 Is it okay to squint to see rather than wear glasses?
I have glasses but can improve my vision by squinting to see the clock, faces, the tv etc. I don't want to get dependent on wearing glasses so is there any reason why I shouldn't do ...

 For how long can you see when your eye is pulled out of your head?
When your eye is scooped out of your skull, hypothetically, like in fight or something, but your optical nerve is still connected, can you still see out of it?

If so, for how long?

 Can I get colored contacts if I don't have seeing problems?
Can I get colored contacts if I don't have seeing problems?...

 Eyes red from contact lenses?
Okay, so I've had contacts for about 4 months now and I'm using Acuvue 2 and they've been great. Now all of a sudden my eyes are starting to get red around the iris along the whites ...

 Can you wear contacts if you don't need them?
Can you wear contacts with perfect vision to change your eye color, or are there side effects to it?
Additional Details
1) I haven't bought them yet, so how can I take them out :)<...

 is it true that if you keep your eyes open when you sneeze?
your eyeballs will pop out of your head?...

 How to stop laughing so much?
I laugh so much! i usually find things funnier than others. someone does something funny, everyone laughs for a while, then the laughter subsides. i'd still find it funny the next 5 minutes and ...

 my eyes go blank when i stand up?
sometimes when i get up from sitting down black starts its way from the outside of my eye and makes way inward it only lasts a few seconds but sometimes it goes completely blank and i cant see. but ...

 I cryed alot and now i cant cry!?!?!?
Yesterday and the night before i cried more then ive ever cried in my life, and now when ever i tried to cry my eyes just got wet and when i look in the miror the corners of my eyes look weird and ...

 eye color question just curious?
if i have browns eyes and my bf has blue eyes what color would our kid ...

 Green contacts on green eyes?
I already wear contacts and I have murky green eyes. In darker light they look almost light brown and I want them to be greener. If I were to wear green contacts over my dark green eyes would that ...

 Just recently I've been having a very "Twitchy" left eye - should I be worried?
I think it is the nerve in corner of my eye and I know it probably doesn't look like much but from where I am I feel as though I'm involuntary winking at people!!

Is it stress ...

 I'm nervous...help!?
I have an eye exam today and i am almost positive i will need to get glasses or something...i have to squint to see the scores of sports games on TV!! I am nervous so does anyone have advice?

 What causes your eye to twitch?
no one in my family has a twitch and mine comes and goes.
its not very visible, im the only one it bothers.
any theories as to what causes it?

my cure is to drink water with ...

 how do doctors fix lazy eye?

Am I an ****** just because I won't let my girlfriend get laser eye surgery, glasses or contacts?
She is as blind as a bat, and I am afraid that she will fly away just as fast as one once she figures out that I look like Quasimodo after a car wreck.
Additional Details
Wow... Yapoo censored "A - Hole"

you should let her, because its a gift to be able to see and she shouldn't kept that from her.
i doubt she'll become shallow enough to leave you on just your appearance and if she did well obviously shes just as shallow as a shower


Yes. Plain and simple, yes.

This question just scares me to begin with. The fact that you would even try to control whether or not your girlfriend can see or not. That is not your decision to make.

I would have left you already in you tried to impair one of my senses in any way regardless of what you looked like. So I am sure you figured out that my answer for you is, Yes you are an "***Hole"!

I'm told bad eye sight is normal for most sheep. I really wouldn't recommend laser eye or anything else just for that statistic.

Paul MB
Part of being in a relationship is to promote your partner to be or do or achieve the most they can possibly achieve, and help by giving them the tools to do so. That can be in the form of helping with books, tuition, ride to school, clothes, computers, glasses....

In near sighted people, the power of the lens system in their eyes is way too high. The light rays bend so much that all they can see beyond a certain distance is a blur. My sister didn't know trees had leaves till she was 5 years old!

These people can see up close well, without any effort. But beyond that, not so well. To 'stop' her from being able to see by not 'allowing' her to get the help of glasses or contacts or whatever, is, well.... cruel at the least, and very controlling a bit beyond that. Seems you don't love her for her, but for you and what other people think about that cute lady on your arm.

If you love her, for her, do everything you can to help her be the best her she can be.

She'll fly away if you don't help her, not because of what you 'look' like, but because of what you 'really are inside'.
Love her for her. She won't stay in love with someone who is cruel to her. Eventually she'll run, no matter how handsome you are, or aren't.

Hey you dont give yourself much credit on how you look..So what if she has laser eye surgery.. if she loves you at all she wont care what you look like. Ummm they say love is blind after all ..Wish i could have that eye surgery but at least i got my glasses..

Duncan w ™ ®
The horror that is your face must remain a secret. Spare her the torment, make her remain blind.

Dump her. Join Quasimodo.com.

Way Out There
Looking like one of the gargoyles, she must really have a nerve to tell you something.

Well Blind People have Good Senses in other respects-if she hasn't flown yet I don't think she will even if you do look like Quasimodo after a Car Wreck-it will give her something to laugh about at least. If you can hold your own and I'm pretty certain you can.

tyler durden OĆ’Ć’icial
You're the one in need of laser surgery.......... right through the middle so she can have two for the price of one.

Wonder Cat: Nut Lover
Wonder is much more attractive to blind and far-sighted cats.

Boo Black
she won't Mr. Ultra, i know bats and they like sound not appearance.

Sour Girl™
hey, i keep my boyfriend in a cage under the bed so who am i to judge

Dark Angel
Well if she got eye surgery she would only find you more handsome' as i seen your picture 1 time awhile back and you look really hot and are really a handsome man really ' and no he didn't pay me to say this' but stooge when is my new 1967 bike going to get here' that you promised ..lol [kidding ]

I need more Cowbell!®
I wouldn't let her feel your face either if I were you, not hating, just saying....

Lady Annabella-VInylist
Quasimodo after a car wreck is probably better than before.

No, I don't think you're an a hole, I actually think you're doing her a favor. Geesh, what the hell is Jenny's problem?

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