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why is this ?
i feel at times that im ugly but everyone says i aint but i cant seem to listen to them so ive started to cut myself how can i stop i dont wanna do it put somethings forcing me what shall i do plz help .... im a propa nice person and ive got loads of friends and people know me so plz can some one tell me how to stop this

thnxs xxxxx

Skye's mummy Sarah
please please please go and see your doctor as soon as possible, it likely you have depression, the doctor can put you on medication and help you get counselling or psycological help. i had the same sort of problem when i was about 16/17 and i got help from my doctor and im fine now, if you are worried abut what people might think about you seeing a psycologist or being on medication then you dont have to tell them its completely between you and the doctor. you seem like such a nice person you just need a little help to get back to being yourself, you will enjoy life so much more. so please go see your GP and dont be afraid to tell him/her exactly how you feel it will help them to help you in the best way.
good luck x

talk to your doctor he is the only one that can get you a counsellor to chat to

Please see a qualified counsellor about these problems--they are not minor.
Best wishes:-)

Sounds like you may have a self esteem problem. People that keep saying things like they're ugly, fat, dumb, etc. are usually for confirmation from someone else that they are not any of those things. As for your cutting yourself, if you are doing this where other people can see them, then this also sounds like a sign of wanting or needing attention. Maybe you are a person who needs constant assuring that you are a good, beautiful person. I used to be a cutter, but I did it as a punishment to myself, whenever I got angry at myself, but I always did it where no one could see it. But with thereapy for years, I've finally quit doing self harming things to myself, and have learned to love myself, and not need someone elses approval of who I am. My therapist made me realize no one can make you feel good about yourself, or make you mad, sad, etc. You choose to do whatever it is you are doing yourself, and you won't stop until you are ready. No one can force you to stop hurting yourself, but seeing a counselor can give you better coping skills and let you know that you are a person worthy of being loved.

Sounds like your a young person to me, if so you need to confide in your mum or dad and seek help from them .
This may be difficult but you need to get some help and soon,
so tell them you need help now.
If your are a older person you know what you have to do !

it's how you feel on the inside thats creating this perception. I would suggest, reading some good self help books to address the way your feeling and each day set small goals to boost yourself confidence and belief in yourself. You can do it.
All the best!

Talk to your parents (mum/aunt)/teacher) and see a counsellor

Sheila D
You might be feeling lonely on the inside. It looks like you have a decent life, though. Did something horrible happen to u when you were younger? That could be the reason why you're cutting yourself. You should start talking to your friends about anything negative in your life.

I think you have to learn to love yourself as the beautiful child of God that you are. & no matter what anyone says love yourself. Everytime you think bad things about urself, go opposite to your feelings & say to yourself (if you can go in front of the mirror & look into your eyes & say I love myself anyways)..
this is a very powerful way to heal yourself.

i know you aint gonna be too happy wityh my answer, but see your doctor and explain the situation tell them you want counsilling its the best thing belive me, some people think that medical proffecionals will lock them up in mental institutes for such things but dont belive them they wont they want to help you not lock you up.

dont beleive you are ugly if people say your not, you may well be the most beutiful person in the world,

It sounds like theres probably a problem somewhere in your life...
you say that you have loads of friends but thats obviously not to key to happiness...thats not saying have no friends thats just me simply saying that just because you have lots of friends doesnt mean you cant be unhappy...
somethings happened to make you start cutting yourself and you say its because you feel ugly...so its good you have a reason as to why you think you may be doing this...do you know why you feel ugly?...i know that sounds like a silly question but what im going to say is you need to start looking at the good things you can do...and if your friends are saying you arent then id take there advice hun...i know thats easier said that done because once you believe something its hard to try and understand it from someone else but in order to get yourself back on track you need to stay positive and concentrate on the good things...
Have you got anyone you can talk to?...one of you friends? family?...gp?...
Feel free to email me if you would like to talk...i have a lot of understanding about self harm and am more than willing to listen to you...
take care and stay strong...
with a big smile and lots of determination you can get through this...

Mad piper
So With don't you like yourself? You know that you are nice and ppl like you for who you are. We all feel ugly or stupid from time to time and that's normal, we are our own worst critic. Hurting yourself is you punishing yourself for what ever reason you have. This must stop, talk to someone about this, be it a friend or family. You sound like a intelligent good person so there is no need to hurt yourself.

Same here. Just try and focus on your good points and remember that life is short and that you should enjoy it while you can. You have friends and everyone else thinks your pretty. Listen to their compliments. Don't compare yourself with anyone else and don't cut yourself. Make the most of your life and go out and have fun! You'll soon forget how 'ugly' you thought you were because EVERYONE is beautiful in their own right!

Good luck :)

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