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why is it so bad to cut yourself. if it makes you feel better isn' that good?

yea but it affects ur physical part of u, and then other ppl will notice and think how stupid that looks no matter of feeling good or not, ppl would think ur physcotic

No it is not good just because it makes you feel better. It is a quick fix for a problem. It is like drinking alcohol to feel better. It is all self destuctive behavior. One of the problems with cutting is the more you do it the more cut or deeper the cuts need to be to get the same effect. This could lead to cutting veins and arteries and bleeding to death. If you are cutting to feel better death would not be what you want to accomplish. I know cutting is easier and quicker "solution" to whatever bothers you. (I imagine it's emotions you can not deal with that cutting helps release the emotional tension). It is best to seek a therapists help to learn new ways to cope. Trust me it is better than having the scars later in life and people always asking what happened there or thinking bad things of you cause you used to cut. Bottom line if you have to do harm to yourself to feel better it's a good indicator to invest in a good physiatrists.

its not healthy for ur skin.

Hi hon I am a cutter, and I have been since I was 8, (I am now 13) and I used to have that same question when people told me it is soo bad, or whatever.
1. Because if you are not being careful and cleaning your wounds or blades,the cuts may become infected.
2. If you're cutting your wrist and the blade slips, you could hit a vein and bleed to death.
3. If you cut deep enough, need stitches and don't get them, you could go into shock, and if it isn't treated, shock can be fatal.
4. It worries people who love and care about you. they don't want this supposedly happy girl hurting herself. Most og their mindsets will be "HOW could she do that to herself?!?". They just don't understand, and therefore think you're doing something wrong.

I hope I helped hon and good luck!

I'm no expert, but the thought that cutting oneself could make your body parts get infected, turn gangrene, and fall off is enought for me not to want to be a cutter. EWWW

Not at all. I don't understand this. You need to seek professional help. It is not normal to get pleasure from cutting yourself.

Winter Glory
the good feelings are only temporary, it's like a drug, you start with little cuts, little cuts turn to big cuts, and pretty soon you're into self mutilation which can do irreversible damage. once you start it's hard to stop, get some help honey,


How does destroying your physical body ease emotional pain?It doesn't.It makes the people around you feel bad for you.THIS is what makes you feel better because you are making them feel some of the pain YOU feel.The only time when emotional pain is linked to physical pain is when someone who you love hurts you physically, like an abusive parent or spouse.You get both hurts then.If your hurting emotionally, turn to the LORD, HE loves you when NO one else does, and HE knows everything about you ,all your bad habits, thoughts, deeds, and loves you in SPITE of all that.HE wants to show you HE loves you and how to be a better person and all you can be and most of all HAPPY.It IS possible.I learned from experience.If you get a chance , visit a United Pentecostal Church sometime.I think you might be surprised.

Slomotion Like Snail
besides the cosmetic issues surrounding cutting, cutting does not solve the reason why you are cutting. basically, it's a temporary bandage for your problems. these problems need to be address for your overall well-being.

Because it is very dangerous and it could lead to you cutting a main artery. Forget the cosmetic part and all of the hideous scars it will leave behind, you can also cut yourself and bleed to death. I suggest you talk to a theripist who knows about this kind of thing. Be careful.

Although cutting may provide some temporary relief from a terrible feeling, even people who cut agree that it isn't a good way to get that relief. For one thing, the relief doesn't last. The troubles that triggered the cutting remain — they're just masked over.

Even though cutting yourself might make you feel good, it physically damages your body, in a way that might even kill yourself. If you want to cut yourself, try doing something else to make you happy, besides, if you cut yourself, people might bother you because of your "social and emotional problems."

Are you being serious or is this a joke?

Cutting is self damaging violence. It is a major sign of depression and mental illness or instability. A person who is cutting themselves in major need of help.

Besides all that, you can die from cutting your wrists.

It makes you feel good because it releases endorphins. But it is not healthy. It will lead to infections. There is an underlying cause for your desire to cut. This reason needs to be found and you must learn healthy ways to deal with it. You need to seek professional help ASAP. Cutting will also lead to other unsafe behavior.

...Maybe it could be the fact that it could get infected...Or maybe because it usually, if not always, indicates an underlying psychological problem which is never good...Or maybe because most people find pain to be a BAD thing.

becuase dont you just feel guilyt afterwards?
and then you are scarred for life.
dont cut yourself please.

It's the fact that's what you have to do to feel better that's bad. I know it gives a sense of control, but there are better ways to get that feeling, that don't hurt yourself.

Serial killers feel good when they kill people, does that make killing good?
The thing is you are causing harm to yourself, and that is not good. The fact that it makes you feel good indicates there's some underlying problem you need to deal with.

All you are doing is trying to replace emotional pain with an external pain. A pain that you have control over because you are the one holding the knife. It is a vicious cycle. You have to learn how to deal with the emotional pain. See a doctor as soon as possible, please.

Cris Tee
That is like saying drugs make an addict feel good, so what is wrong with herion..... It may alter you mood for a short time, but it isnt a real solution. Other than the obvious (deadly staph infections, scars etc.) it does not help the problems that make you want to cut. Personally, I have never done that, but I have been in enough emotional pain to understand why people do. You need to address the actual problems causing this behavior, or find a more healthy coping skill. Sometimes it takes a lot of strength to ask for help, but that is really what somone in that situation needs!

It feels good? I think it hurts...ouch.
Are you cutting to make yourself feel something? Like when it heals, so does the pain..until you do it again? Love yourself, because if you don't, how can anyone else?

Try taking some b12 vitamins and see how you feel.
I hope you feel better love.

dont do it , there are people who love you , i love you , look outside yourself instead of inward

Please don't harm yourself. You have to remember that you are a good person and are a being of extreme worth.

You will see or realize sooner or later that noone benefits from you hurting yourself.

If you feel that you can't stop, you need to talk to someone, and admit that you have a problem.

It is very common for people with borderline personality disorder. You can google it, and see if you you might have some similiar symptoms.

Join a forum, and talk about it. Get suppot from others that know what you are going through. Some people do it because they have an impulse control problem. Similiar in a way, to a person that bites his nails, or pulls his hair, or picks at his face etc.

You have to realize that no good will come out of cutting yourself or hurting yourself in other ways.
Also, try to understand that the feeling for wanting to do this is normally just a "symptom", so to speak, as to what is really going on emotionally within you.

Be honest with yourself.
You deserve love.
Love yourself for who you are.

Say to yourself, I am lovable as I am. Over and over.

It takes time to actually believe the words , but little by little, you can start healing all your pain. It is really possible to feel true happiness. (Not the fake smiles for everyone kind)

You can do it. Believe in your ability to feel truley good.

At the end of the day, we have to realize that we have to take control of our emotional happiness, we will be the greatest ones to suffer if we don't.

All the best, and take care.

No it is not good if you do that even if it makes you feel good. It is a sign that you have low esteem for yourself and need help in learning what is good about yourself so you can feel good about what you are and not about what you think is with wrong in your life.

Asskick M
you dont know why thats not good? it makes you feel good for not cool reasons. its not like you cut yourself and you feel an orgasm. its all symbolic feeling. cutting is not cool....unless your cutting a fart. then its awesome.

...see you in therapy...

it is bad to cut yourself and that is not just personal opinion it's self-multilation and though you are saying or implying that it supposedly makes you feel better which can't be true.. you know it seems to me even you are trying to convince yourself of that lie.. you don't believe it and you are looking for affirmation on something that is pretty much a lose-lose situation.. perhaps if you really felt that way REALLY badly then we all wouldn't be answering this question.. and might I also EMPHASIZE that is a good thing for us and YOU especially you haven't completely lost it.. your going through something that you have no idea how to deal with and need help.. looking for a way out or a temporary fix that really isn't solving anything.. it is creating more problems and at the end of the day more pain.. THINK about there must of been something once that really really made you feel great.. happy.. that no matter what happened was worth it all. and nothing could make you stop smiling even.. what you are doing to urself if it is something that you have to keep doing believe me that is not it... you have to look elsewhere.. PLEASE get help!!! because then maybe the worst could happen and just might miss out on the things that life has to offer. Don't give up and don't waste ur life in misery instead fight to better yourself and be happy. Don't start acting like something your not. because like i said before.. I don't even know you and believe me if you were sure about something you wouldn't even have to ask.. you sre looking for attention and help but i think somewhere where none of us could really reach out to you and help you.. so you gotta make the decision and change your life. GOOD LUCK and LIVE STRONG!!! despite the many flaws there are in the world.. life is a beautiful thing to miss.. don't miss out on it- since you have been given a chance to be a part of it. =]

Curious Orange
hmm it could get infected. its hard to cover up. when i was doing that i had to stop going to badminton club because i couldnt play in a long-sleeved shirt. youd also have to explain it to anyone who might be seeing you naked. :s
there are certainly benefits though. sometimes depression involves a loss of sensation, a feeling of detachment, and pain, physical or emotional can take the edge off. It reminds you of your humanity, your vulnerability.

Please get medical help as soon as possible.

You need to see a psychiatrist.

Cutting can and nearly always turns into addictive behaviour. It's maybe the 2nd or 3rd most addictive drug.

It is like a drug in that it screws up your mind. A friend of mine who was a former cutter, in a state of hysteria when she found out her boyfriend was cutting, told me, "It's horrible. It makes you feel like your dead. I felt like I was dead, everything seemed dark and he can't start. I can't do this. He can't do this to himself." Other cutters have reported that they cut because they feel numb and need to feel alive, but after a while even cutting doesn't help them and jsut continues to make them feel numb.

She also suffered from nightmares in which she was cut in places all over her body and was drowning in blood. She's been clean for about a year.

Cutting has an effect on people you love. I walked in on this girl once when she had a pair of cuticle scissors held against her wrist, prepared to slash herself. I just said, "Your boyfriends on the phone," and she put the scissors down and took it from me. Then I went in my sisters room and cried the hardest I had in a long time, out of fear for her and and her future.

Although most people do not cut with the intention of killing themselves, if you cut too deep it can happen. This girl passed out once from cutting too deeply, and went to the hospital another time to get stitches.

If you are a cutter, you need to get help. Tell your parents, and if they don't help, tell your school. Schools will assist you in getting help.

There is nothing okay about cutting.

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