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why do i always sleep?
i sleep, wake up and eat, watch tv til i fall asleep again, and im only getting worse. im falling asleep typing this question right now? help me?
Additional Details
i sleep 12 to 18 hrs a day and im still sleepy. a few time i slept friday night woke up sunday morning. and im not overweight.

It's true, your brain needs activity, and your body does too.

Move your body, move your mind.


Because you're lazy (no offense) If you just lay around and do nothing your body will begin to go into a deep relaxation like when you go to sleep and you'll fall asleep. Also, make sure you get enough sleep at night, so your body doesn't have to "catch up" on sleep during the day.

Silent Angel xD
Either you have hypersomnia- a medical condition where you will fall asleep randomly, or you need to do something.

all of the things u do seems normal and ur probably fallin asleep right now b/c its 10:30 and your tired

It could be any number of things, like your age for instance, if you are going through puberty the changes your body are making require sleep, if you have already gone through it, it may be something that you need to address with your doctor.

if ur a teen, teens r like addicted 2 sleep:) u r probvably really used 2 it also. u should maybe change ur routine and get active. not jsut sit around all day. hope i helped:)

because you aren't being active. if you are past puberty you only need to be sleeping 7 to 8 and a half hours a night.

x K I2 4 z Y o
It's your body's way of telling you that you need to sleep longer at night. The typical amount of rest you should be getting every night is 8-10 hours. Anything lower from 7 down means you'll fall asleep. Anything over, say 11 and above means you will fall asleep. The reason you fall asleep when you sleep over the amount of rest you should be getting is because it has something to do with your immune system.

i get like that when i don't exercise and get into that kind of repeating circle.

try get outside and get sweaty at least. seems like the last thing you wanna do but you actually do feel more energize once youve done it.

...unless you're just sleep deprived? (party hardy? ;)
or stooonnedd hehe


caffeine levels not regulated... not enough energy from food... drink a MONSTER XP!! but use caffeine wisely, it is a harmless drug, but it can knock u out after the rush if u get to much...

This could be depression, you should see a psychiatrist who can prescribe you some meds.
Good luck!

Sounds like you may be depressed. I would go to your Doctor and have a good physical. Diabetics often sleep more than they should because the blood sugar is way up. Go and get checked out just to be safe.

Funny Girl =D
wow, i always thought sleeping beauty wasn't real, but now i think it is! LOL jk but i think u need to go to the doctor

You better be careful. You're probably gaining weight and your metabolism is slowing down...

Hmm sounds to me like your not active enough perhaps try getting out of the house. Or it could be that your not eating well. Or maybe you are not getting enough sleep.?

you may be depressed..or just tired?
haha..sorry if that doesnt help

Go to the doctor. That's what I did. I slept all the time because I was anemic and sleeping is one of the symptoms. They gave me these vitamins with iron and potassium and now i feel much more energetic.

Move around more. When you just lay around your body thinks your ready to sleep. Exercise, then you will have tons of energy. Also what types of food are you eating? Try to get a lot of complex carbs (rice, oatmeal) and protein (meat and beans) for the most energy. Good luck.

Dustin T
Could be an Iron Deficiency. Talk with your doctor to get a proper diagnosis.

depression.. see ur doctor... i have severe anxiety and ocd.. depression too.. as i get suicidal.. the other week i slept for 3 days.. not getting out of bed... it's a mental illness.. help urself..

You should go for a blood workup to see if you have anything physically wrong with you. Maybe you are depressed and should talk to someone.

Little P
exercise and eat right, it will get you on a good schedule and give you more energy

also get a job, that way you have a reason to get up in the morning and be out of your house all day

maybe you're in the sun too much, and the sun tires you out, so stay in the shade

only watch TV before bed, maybe that is making you fall asleep

get a job, car,friends, and a life or something that will keep your mind occupied

well one cause of so much sleep is because of depression. if depression occurs sleeping is an automatic brain function to help you "get away from it all" if you will.

get in shape. makes everything feel better. But if you are asking WHY people sleep, in general....no one knows! i read about this thing where u can sleep for 30 mins every 4 hours. so essentially you add like 4-6 hours per day on to yur life. my brother tried it for 2 weeks and it worked! he wasn't even tired ever. But then he get drunk one night, realized he was awake at like 4am with nothing to do and said screw this, and went to bed....

it could be depression.
try to go hang out with friends, and have fun often.

when you sleep your parents plug the ac adapter into the wall and connect it to your battery port, this recharges you. it must be done daily or else youll explode with youth

If this is a serious question then I would say that you could be depressed. Depression can cause you to sleep more. You need to be more active, that will give you more energy.

thats just the way that the human race has evolved

Try starting a schedule. (what time to: wake up, eat, excercise, use free time, & sleep.)

You may not be very healthy, so try a healthier diet.

Also, you may be depressed or have a sleeping disorder so i would contact a doctor.

Although, maybe you're just bored?

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