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I myself have no ...

 Would really like a cuddle, even a virtual one! Please?

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 Used to cut, should I wear shortsleeves and not care what people think or keep hiding it?
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 I need help.....!!?!?!?
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yesh i been ...

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 Whoa....Im Scared..My Doctors scaring me.?
im worried.
becuase i went to the docotor and they made me pee tested.
and the docotr said my pee had lots of protein.
now my moms talking about it posssibly being benine.
or ...

 Can anyone give me some comforting words or tell me something funny?
Lonely and going through insomniac stage. Nearly 3.30 am in UK. Be much appreciated. x Anyone else suffer from same thing? x
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 if youve had a tough, hard life and you feel its turned you into a serious intense person, how do you undo all
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 how can i find if its true?.....?
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sometimes i just get sooo down. almost every ...

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 I want to commit suicide?
I'm a failure. I have no friends. I do poorly in school (I got F's in all my classes except for one in which I got a D-)
My life in general is shitty. Please help me, what should I do?...

why do I feel anxiety for being gay?
I mean.. I feel worry and bad.. when someone called me to act like a man.. and I don't say anything.. I just laugh but I don't want the people in my university in my city in mexico know that I am gay

you want be gay, duh.

dont tell them

ur not gay. ur mind is playing tricks on you

Johnny B
because your not gay

I see T-shirts with pictures of two guys kissing or two girls kissing and in big letters it says "NO SHAME"....

you know, its funny, because you would never see the word "shame" when it comes to a guy and a girl kissing... its just considered a symbol of love... but when it comes to gay people, its always a symbol of "no shame"

if there was absolutely NOTHING to be ashamed of, why do gay people have to always convince everyone around them that they are not ashamed...

If being gay was such a natural thing, why don't we see animals in nature doing it?

Just try to act not gay. I am a tomboy but i act like a girl sometimes.

i agree with kbo-

Um, then don't tell them?

i heart nick jonas!!
its peer pressure you feel like being guy makes you below every body else which your not. you worry people will make fun of you and they probably would but if they cant except you they don't really care about you now any way

Just because you feel different and you dont want others to know that you're gay, the anxiety creeps up then....just be yourself, no one is no one to judge you

KeeP iiT FresHy
just chill man. most straight guys are cool with gay people, even if they don't show it. in my case i am fine with gays as long as they dont try anything with me and you can still be manly and be gay. unless you are feminine then just hang out with girls. EVERY GIRL I KNOW would love a gay bestfriend.
hope i helped :)

Nick d
dude there is more to life than being gay. Theres no point.

Hey... I'm Gay, I only came out 5 years ago and i'm 29.... You can only come out when your comfortable! Don't ever feel pressured by anyone and don't listen to the narrow minded!! The only advice I can give to ya is just be yourself, cos only you have to live with you! x

WHOA! You're right. Even though there is a high population of gays in the incorporated areas of Mexico, it's still so taboo by custom. I think your anxiety is not from gay, but the societal repercussions. I picked up a Mexican paper in USA w/ story of the attacks on gays. Be very careful. I know that our USA universities have support groups on campus. Have you seen any fliers about gay meetings? -- I'm not gay & won't mislead you that I accept the life b/c of my faith. -- But I do worry for people that are in potential harm, just b/c others have not learned to have love for their fellow human. -- Cuidado por favor :(

Jojo M
aww i actually feel bad. i bet youre a sweetie. i know alot of gay guys and they are just fine. be yourself, people will appreciate it!

Ignore them. Life your life. You can't live your life if you worry about things you can not change.

Who cares what they say, I say be proud of who you are.

Lorna D
I'm sorry but i find the other answers very rude.
if your gay your gay.
if people have a probblem, its THERE probblem. not yours.
sweetie, i felt like that at first, i told my friends i was bi and they were cool with it, i felt better.

John Black
because of society's perspective and the belief it has imposed on many people

well dude there are many places that dont like gays if you really have a problem with that move to san francisco everybodys gay there. Its the gay capital of the world. But since this is who you really are if you really are gay and its not just a phase or something , then you should tell anybody who calls you homo to go **** themselves. Come on dude you gotta stand up for yourself. Now if you havent come out of the closet yet, thats a different issue. But from what I've seen and heard once you do come out of the closet it will feel like a big pressure has been lifted off of your soldiers and you will feel better. Become friends with some girls. Girls love having gay friends. And build from that.

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