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why am i fat and ugly? ?
i don't eat alot, around 900-1100 cals a day, and i walk everywhere and all the time, but my weight won't drop, 5'3 100lbs and its staying and my belly is really gross, i don't understand why i look so fat, my metabolism must be absolute crap, and my body shape, and DNA!

i feel so S-hit i don't know what to do, i just feel so depressed. i'm ugly too so i don't have a chance LOL

please don't be mean to me and help please, what do i do?
(i get like this sometimes i'm not always emoish, but my head feels blurry and my eyes are too)

CodeWhite [x]
maybe you have Body Dimorphic Disorder? Or low self image? Just take some time out and pamper yourself. Or try talking to a shrink, or see your GP. Write a list about things you like about yourself, your eyes? teeth? finger nails? or get friends and family to say what your best physical features are. Read the list out to yourself everyday! Just be good to yourself xx

christine,rice cake queen
Try not to be so hard on yourself; you're not over- eating and you do get some exercise, so at least you don't need to feel guilty. Think positive- we live in an era when people don't need to think they're freaks just because their body doesn't conform to a certain shape or type- look at all the big girls who are out there having fun and looking great. Stop obsessing about your appearance; focus on improving your mind, or developing your sense of humour, joining in, taking part, helping others.The only way forward is to try and rid yourself of these negative feelings by doing something that will make you proud of yourself; in my case it was becoming an artist, but you'll find your own way, if you have faith in yourself. Good luck!

I'm sure your not fat and ugly, i think your just a little depressed from something else that is going on in your life...
Or maybe your just having an off day?

jane k
You don't give your age but I bet you are very young. I think there are hardly any people aged maybe 13 - 18 who really think they are beautiful. When you get to my ancient age you will look at old photos of yourself and think -didn't I look young, thin and pretty!
Youth is wasted on the young.
Eat 3 meals a day and stop worrying.

The fiercest: Jenny
Try working the muscles in your stomach. Obviously 100 pounds isn't fat, but maybe you could use some toning up. Look up how to do Pilates abdominal excersises.

Growing up is a really hard time, it sounds as if you are getting it hard.
Can you chat to your mum? You really need a confidence boost and some reassurance that you are not fat and ugly. Can you chat to friends, family members perhaps if you are uncomfortable chatting to your mum?

You really need to share your feelings and get some reassurance from people that you are none of the above things.

Take a look in the mirror, smile, and see that lovely girl looking back at you - hold your head up high and have some confidence.

Good luck.


Do others see you this way?.. There are a lot you can do to change your appearance if your not happy with it..

There's ways to do make up correctly, sometimes less is more..

Hair styles can make a big difference to your image and look..

Cloths are another image enhancer, wearing the right cloths is a major factor..

Diets exercise and body toning will give you the body close to what you want..

But remember its hard work and you only can be who you are, if your 5'3 for instants you'll never be 5'8 if you're a pear shaped you'll never be athletically shaped but you can be athletically pear shaped which looks great to all men..

All shapes can look great though.. Good luck..

my friend just went through this last year; she had to go to the hospital for like this out patient support group thing where they make you eat square meals and stuff.
That definitely helped her as well as her friends and family. Why hasn't your family intervened? There's nothing wrong w/ your body, we all come in diif shapes and sizes; it's one thing that makes us unique. The problem is psychological and what might help is if you can go to a psychologist or therapist. I go to a therapist and usually insurance covers it if money's the problem. Talking about how you feel and learning to be healthy will make not only your body feel better but your mind as well.
Hope you get some help

ah thats so sweet to be so honest . however i bet you have exagerated a tiny bit and if by chance you havent . my bet is that you are very good natured very inofensive and are over self concious please dont forget that beauty is only skin deep . yes its a v big bonus to be born beautiful and attractive buy its not everything . much more important is the inner beauty which in the long term means so much more , meantime be confident think positive bout yourself dont worry their is always someone out their much worse off in those ways and they too get on with life good luck x x x ,

Kevin J
You are definetly not fat. You need to do things to help others. This will help you feel good about yourself. Life is not out of control and trying to starve yourself to get the image you want will not work. The only way to feel better is to eat right and try helping others. By helping others you put your attention on their problems not yours.

Get some help you are probably anorexic and need some therapy.

I always feel better by helping those who cannont help themselves.


Don't worry about what people think of you, if you want to lose weight continue eating food just don't eat junk food, for example instead of have a Chocolate bar have a bowl of grapes. Try doing a large amount of sit ups and workout. But really don't worry about what other people think of you.

First of all, no matter how much someone tells you that you are not fat and you are not ugly, that's how you feel, and how you see yourself, and you can't help how you feel. Unfortunately, for you and your situation, it is getting dangerous to your body health (as your mental health is already in a not so good state). My therapist has been working with me on my self esteem, and she said in order to fix my outside appearance, I have to fix my mind...my mind needs to become my friend instead of my enemy. This sounds like what you need to do.

My suggestion is to consult a therapist. If you are not feeling that is something you want to do, then my therapist has asked me to pick up a workbook called Mind over Mood. It is supposed to help you change your thinking.

I must repeat myself in saying that your mental image of yourself is becoming dangerous to your health. Please please know and believe that your weight is extremely low for someone your height. You must get your head fixed before your body shuts down on you.

Best of luck!

You sound like you are depressed or you have a body image problem. I think you should go see a counsellor or a Doctor. For your info. that is NOT to much weight for your height. You are way to body conscious. You need to like yourself for who you are, not what you think your body looks like. No one has a perfect body as a rule. As for the ugly part, I am sure that is also just in your head. So please, get in touch with some professional help and get better soon.

100lbs at 5,3 isn't fat.

I think you've got bad self esteem.

5'3" 100 lbs isn't fat. Who cares if your stomach is "gross," does anyone see it? If you eat right and get some moderate exercise, you will be healthy.

extremely studious i swear
talk to a therapist rather than try to get people on the internet to say nice things to you. you need to sort yourself out

James S
I bet your not.

Post pics.

100lb is far from fat.
all girls are beautiful but some are more beautiful than others

you should look up 'body dismorphia'
because 100lbs for some one who is 5"3 is NOT fat!! honest!

im sure you're gorgeous, beauty is skin deep.

maybe your anroxic my god your not eating enough and your burning it off go have a chocolate cake

Dont feel depressed. You just lack self confidence!
I'm sure your not fat and ugly.
Lots of women think this about themselves; dont fall into the minority trap. If your that depressed, send me an email, I'll date you LOL. Good luck!


100% salfordian - 100% mcfc
Sounds like someone is feeling a bit sorry for themselves are they? What you need is some chocolate!

jamie d
you need to consume more calories! your putting your body into starvation mode!which stores fat!

shamrock girl
Obviously something is wrong with your head (not your body). 100lbs is far from fat for 5'3". I'll tell you what to do....see a therapist.

I ♥ Purple
Jesus I'm 5"3 and 9st 3 which is 130lb...are you calling me fat?? I'm a size 8. UK

Too thin!

You need to focus on your self confidence. You aren't fat, and I am sure you aren't ugly.

Jess N
You have a distorted image of yourself, get some help.

ohmygosh, seriously? shut up.

Champagne 12
I have a feeling you're only fat and ugly in your own head.

Aww. Sweetheart. You are SO skinny. You are seeing yourself wrong. And do you know why you aren't losing? Because you are in starvation mode. Your body is fighting to not to lose weight. You need to eat more. When I start eating more.. I lost weight like crazy.. seriously. Not that you should lose weight. You need help. Eating disorders are so hard. I wish I could make it better fo you.

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