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What do you call depression?

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what is the worst evil drugs or alcohol???
or a combination

curious rachel
neither are evil
if the drugs are illegal than obviously you should know better
alcohol should be enjoyed its people who abuse it
its about the person and self control

Not much difference unless your talking Meth.

jasmine k
Drugs.They kill your brain.

if they're evil or not evil depends on the reason why you're taking them. if you take any intoxicant to enhance your experience of reality, it'll enrich your life. if you take it to escape from reality it'll ruin your life. that applies for anything, drugs, alcohol, sheep-shagging, whatever you do to cope with life better. also, you can't look at all drugs the same way. weed works differently from lsd which works differently from opiates etc. some make you feel good, some make you see things, some pick you up, some calm you down, some close you to reality, some open you up, some are addictive, some aren't and so on and so forth. so really, the question is a little beside the point.

they both do alot of damage.
In my experience of working with drugs and alcohol, id say people on drugs are more mellow and cause far less problems tho.

heroin crack cocaine and weed and brown and speed and vodka and jds

They are both just as evil. You should never do drugs and if your gonna drink make sure your either at home where you do not have to drive or that you have a designated driver.

depends what type of drugs youre talking about...alcohol is worse than weed, but not worse than heroin or cocaine
And alcohol is a drug by the way

Alcohol IS a drug, but I see where you're coming from. Alcohol can ruin lives, but not to the same extent as hard drugs do.

they are both evil, but the worst has to be recreational drugs.

Aslan, reborn
Alcohol kills brain cells immediately. Dugs kill people over a long period of time (except for overdoses which are quicker) So both are pretty lethal - that's why I don't take either.

By the way Mark_D looks like Martin out of Eastenders.

The worst is the one you get hooked on. Simple. You should feel it in yourself, as a person, when it goes to far and you "need" it to operate.

It takes a very strong person to accept that it's gone too far, it's far to easy to go back into escapism until it wears off.



excess is the only evil. excess. Excess causes addiction, excess causes problems, excess causes health detrimentation. Excess causes fatness, anorexia, chronic diseases. Excess causes greed and oppression. Excess. Excessive consumtion is.... the the ultimate evil.

[email protected]
HEROIN, my brother has been addicted to it over 13 years,, it kills my mum nan,, etc.. and totally ruined his life... hes in jail again through it,its totally EVIL;.. and the date rape drug i think it disgusting that people drug people and rape them,it needs banning..

mark d
dope and booze dont mix I'm reformed drugs so they are bad they scar your mind permanent but the alcohol will get me in the end!

both are equally addictive,but drugs can set off brain problems that might not have been triggered otherwise like psychosis

Evil Drugs are worse than Alcohol, cuz they are ... well ... evil


They both corrupt your mind and body.

Spike Spiegel
Which drugs? be more specific.

alcohol because it is legal and easily accessed many people think alcohol is no big deal that is why it can be so evil

Drugs and alcohol cannot be considered evil, no more as they can be considered good. Just like a knife or a gun, they are innate and insentient, possessing no more power than their existence. It is the inability in ourselves to control how we use them, together with our inbuilt death instinct, which determines how we deal with them, and to what extent they cause us harm.

Bryn H
on an individual basis drugs tend to be much worse, but on a society level alcohol is much worse. I work in the emegency room at weekends and at least 70% of my workload is alcohol related. The thing about alcohol is it is very insidious, it sneaks up on you and then one day ten years down the track you discover you have liver problems or some other alcohol related problem.

I reckon it depends on the type of alchol or drug. for example drinks like vodka and gin are superficially made(vodka was first produced in prisons, made from potato skins. some even used as airoplane fuel). so this is lethal. but a dink like cogniac is made with apples and if drunk properly, can be good for you. Class A drugs= bad for you
weed spliffs, smoken in moderation can be quite good for you.

Phil S
Alcohol is evil? Its always been a friend to me..


Combination and both in separate ways too!

I completely agree with claytonc22.

When discussing drugs many people forget that Alcohol is a drug, as is nicotine - which, like alcohol is considerably worse than weed.

People die everyday from overdoses of numerous drugs - however, nobody has ever died from a weed overdose (http://www.ukcia.org/culture/effects/myths.php#overdose) whereas overdoses from most other drugs are commonplace (eg alcohol poisoning)

Steve R
Alcohol. It's legal, so the people using it feel they are not doing anything wrong. There is also the inability to determine if you have had too much if you have had too much. It is also easily accessible, making it much too easy to consume. At least with drugs, you have to go out of your way to get them.

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