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 Is it normal to want to be alone?
I dont know how to explain what the feeling is, but i like being on my own and keeping my own company, but at the same time i want some1 to be there with me so that i can talk to them.

but ...

 I'm a loner?
I'm 21, but I have no friends. I don't like going on, I'd rather stay home. In fact, I stay home most of the time. The only time I'm out of the house is when I'm at school or ...

 Have you ever come to a point where you can't take anymore?
did you flip or did you just carry on i feel very weird today like just crying and crying i haven't got pmt i feel really scared at theese emotions i just feel like ...

 Is it okay to cry in therapy
Is it okay to cry in therapy. I mean like I hardly tell my problems at all I lie and say everything's fine. & Some Day's I feel like crying because my week has gone by so bad. What are ...

 How do i stop hurting myself?
I have a problem. When ever I am upset or someone is mad at me I have like compultion that makes me want to cut myself I have done it befor and swore I would never do it again but it got wrose I know ...

 Should I stop taking my antidepressants?
The CPN said I could if I got manic or the side effects got too bad.

Very high mood.
Can't keep still.
Talking really fast.
Can't ...

 Self-harm at 15. successful ways to stop and cope with life?
Im 15 years old and have been selfharming since october. Recently i feel like ive been doing it as an end to things rather than to deal with things.

I was recently dumped by a long term ...

 Can't believe I'm actually asking about this...?
Yep, I feel dumb for asking about this; I just don't really believe in depression. (I know people will say it's real and I just have to go to the doc). Anyway, there have been SO MANY ...

 Should I tell my mother or my grandmother first?
When I was younger, my cousin, which was only a year older than me, raped me...and this went on for a few years until he and his sister moved down to florida. They and my grandmother are on my dads ...

 I'm just plain depressed and i dont know who i am anymore. i really need some advice! please anything.?
Please do not give me sarcastic answers i just need serious advice. any advice you've got to offer. Anything. i think it might just help me. Here is my situation. I am 15 years old and I'm ...

 I'm 32 years old and my dad hung himself when he was 57, and so did my grandfather- both the same age?
and the same way-I have tried and even been in the hospital a few times because I tried to kill myself even before I knew about my grandpa, and my dad...am I a part of a legacy? Are my genes ...

 Autistic Kid Harassing me?
Okay, well, there's this autistic kid in my school. At first I felt sorry for him and everything since he was autistic, but now he's started harassing me.He likes to get his binder and ...

 I need to stop cutting but I dont know how?
help me ...

 How can i not be afraid anymore?
Ok so here's the story, issue, thingy.
I flinch a lot. don't mean to, but its really upsetting that people cant make a motion towards me without me jumping out of my skin and backing ...

 Will you ever be happy?

 does everyone do stupid thing's from time to time?
i feel like everyone on earth has done something stupid i mean look at history.....there were wars that were started and that ended with no succession. you could be smart as ever and forget where ...

 what does 'bipolar' mean?

Additional Details
okay, got it. thanks everyone....

 What is the best cure for the Winter blues?

 After you've been crying...?
Do you feel so much better? And for some reason i don't mind crying at all, because i feel like i'm getting rid of all the angry and upset emotions... what about you?

 I did doorbell ditch and now I'm guilt what do i do?
I am so ...

what do u do when you're irritated???

i yell and get mad sometime i try to paint any thing with in reach. That seems to help calm me down but most of the time i just yell and scream.

I usually cry, if I'm too irritated. Or just grit my teeth and go on.....

p&l 7
go behind close doors and throw a fit like a 2yr old ahhhhh

I change my activity!

make fun of what ever is irritating me.

play video games drink TAHITIAN NONI JUICE,sing

The Scott
smoke, play video games, watch movies, and destroy things

i fix things even if they dont need to be fixed hehehe

Man o´Low
Eat advocato to prove the myth. I´m still alive.

When irritated I eat people. Yeah. I start from the fingers then continue consuming the other areas of the body. Usually, the flesh from one average-sized guy can last me a whole week! That's great since I get to cut back on grocery shopping for a few days :).

play guitar or sumthing to take my mind off the irritation

Hippie Chick
Flip everybody the bird...

Punch the hell out of something. Like a pillow or something equally soft.

Listen to the radio really loud, play video games, breathe in and out, then I probably break something!!!

watch tv...play sports..aggressively

drink-then get on poker website and be a TOTAL Bic**

take a deep breath and calm down.

i just sit there quietly and don't talk to anyone and have a strop!

i snap at whoever it is that is irritating me...i hate feeling that way

count to ten, take in a big deep breath, drink a nice glass of cold water, then relax

go out for lunch, overindulge

I either smoke, cry, go For a run, talk to my boyFriend, do homework, get online, anything to get my mind oFF things!

Say URRRGGGGHHH!!! loudly with a deep exhale.

get on my pc

yell at everyone, then have a drink

i normally go for a walk or clean or something like that and listen to music that usually calms me dwn for the time being

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