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what can i do about my fear of kissing?
yup, strangely i have a fear of kissing, the problem isn't me kissing, but seeing other people kiss, any ideas on what to do, i was considering seeing a therapist about it

ignore them. if you have your GF with you just start makeing out with her when you see others kiss.

just dont kiss.

kissing is wonderful, you probably just get uncomfertable watching other peoples PDA (public display of affection) youll get use to it.

go to a hypnotist or just dont watch people kiss


Ronney 3
Just practice with the wall or a pillow sooner or later you wont be afraid!!

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yes, a therapist will help because this is very strange and one for the books

If you have no problem kissing then I don't know what the big deal is?. If you don't like seeing other people kiss then just look the other way. Maybe you think that other people are better kisser than you and you probably envy them.

get over it and just do it

Phill T
Yeah you really should, thats just wierd. I could understand if it was a concern about yourself kissing but other people? For gods sake don't watch an over 15 movie or you might explode!

watch kissing movies and do not be afraid

Irish Rover
I came across this before doing some research in counselling. Your concern is very real. What might seem completely natural for some, is fearful for others. We usually develop our fears because of what happened to us in our childhood years. It wouldn't hurt having a chat with someone about your concern. Good luck!

John B
what is the most she can do to you?????? I wish I new than what I new now

Adan R
Well when your kissing don't think about that fact think about how lucky u are to have this person in your life. also maybe practice by yourself it helps.

I don't exactly have a fear of seeing others kiss but often it does make me feel awkward if two people I don't know in a public place start kissing each other for long periods of time as I feel intrusive, perverted almost even though I know that i'm entitled to be there, if its people you know just jokingly tell them "to get a room" and then they may realise your feeling rather uncomfortable about it and stop, if its a quick peck i'm not bothered but some people go overboard and you can hear the saliva in their mouths making squishy noises and that's gross especially if your sat in a canteen trying to eat your food, if its strangers just walk away if you can or divert your attention elsewhere.

- Riley‹з
Somehow doing what you hate makes you like it more. Like flying lessons will help your fear or heights. ect, idk but seeing people kissing makes me really embarressed idk why.

I think it's sick also and I am normal it makes me sick to watch others kissing.

★♥=) ♥★
yea mayb u should see a therapist

its normal and natural

Well, the problem is. Alot of people have fear of kissing. I mean if you don't mind kissing other people, then I don't think there's any need for a therapist. What may be happening is, when you see people kissing you just feel awkward cause you remember the weird feeling everyone gets when you kiss. So whenever you're watching a movie, or your walking out in public and you see somebody kissing, just try to think about something else and next thing you know whenever you see somebody kiss your mind will immediately think of something else!

Hope this helps!

The Fox
It's some thing I don't like looking at ether, I suggest that you try not to look at the people when they are kissing..

nah..maybe because you haven't experienced it yet..lol
once you've tried it you'll over come your fear..~_^

well do you know why you have a fear of looking at other people kiss? i could help you then.

Hmm do u feel nervy? Coz i do, just dnt look
I always look away

It is a bit disgusting when you're looking at it happening.
But anyway, I would try and see a therapist if you could (if you have insurance and everything) as your fear may not be the problem but instead it may simply be whatever reason you have the fear that's the problem.

To be honest I imagine this is quite a complex fear, don't take advice off here for something like this. Go see a therapist. Good luck :)

just dont look...when u see them turn away

I duno, I have the same problem. I wouldnt say I have a fear..but its some kind of weird problem I have. I cant stand the noise of other ppl kissing! it drives me crazy.. Nor can I stand to watch them.. So I duno, if ur fear is pretty severe and u think its causing u lots of problems, then a therapist wouldnt hurt. But ur not crazy! haha.

That is a good idea. I wish you the best of luck.
Whether others admit it or not, we could ALL use a good session with a GOOD therapist, from time to time for a variety of reasons.

Please do not think you will find your answer on this silly site.

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