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 Is it weird that i talk to myself?
like i do it all the time and sometimes i play the role of other people
sometimes its out loud other times its in my head

am i crazy or am i just blowing this out of ...

 What should I do if someone is threatening my life?
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 What's so bad about cutting?
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 What do you do when you can't really think of anything positive about yourself?

Additional Details
My physical looks are fine. I'm thinking of my personality....

 How to improve my self-image. Hating the way I look but not doing anything about it!?
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Some random days I will see it though and I'...

 Name as many thing as you possibly can that you can get addicted to?
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what does a lack of sleep do too a ...

 Can Depression Cause These Symptoms?
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 I truly felt alone in school. Please help?
I was pretty social in middle school and then highschool was a mess. I was going through alot of things and I didnt talk to anyone for a year. They didnt talk to me. It made me very stressed and ...

 Do I need to see a preist??
I am a nice happy-go-lucky person who is quite creative and artistic. Yet i seem to get horrible images smoetimes that flash through my head. I know it sounds mental but its uncontrolable...for ...

 i have sick imagination.....?
help...but please dont tell me: "u need help"or something like that!i have sick dreams and imagination......

 I really want to hang out with this friend. but i can tell she doesnt want to. help me! what should i do?
ok so im 14 and this girl i know quite well is 17. i told her one of my big secrets/problems and we met up to talk about it. at this really nice beach. so we did. but i wanted to meet up again and ...

 Crying- Someone Just Called Me 'Butt Ugly'. Am I?
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 How are you supposed to work when you suffer from severe depression?

 my therapist says I am " horrible" how can i work with her?
She is an NHS psychotherpist and a consultant, she said I was horrible. I have borderline PD ( she actually speaclizes in that) she thinks she is justified in in telling others ( my CPN, social ...

 I need some cheering up from anyone willing to help?
I am going through a really really rough time in my life. I won't list the things that have happened and still happen because thats not why I am here right now. But things have gotten so bad ...

 Where do you go when its 1am & you just want to run into the night to "escape"?
haha Y!A wanted to put this in marriage & divorce, at least i dont have that legal problem!...

 ok do u think this is strange?
i can be doing anything and these poems just come to me like out of no where and usually there good.
Additional Details
others think there rele good its nt just ...

 Nervous About Going Back to School...?
Ok, i will try to make this short. Im a junior in high school this year and i have been unable to attend my regular public school for the past semester (i was put in the hospital this fall for my ...

 Will this effect me emotionaly??
Im in 7th grade and I ride the bus from school everyday.. but today was the worst day ever.. these 7th/8th grade guys call me bad names like (dumb ho.. a hor) and worse. I don't no what to say.....

what are good ways to "de-stress" yourself?
things that don't take very long, but can still make you less stressed.

Charlene H
a nap. bubble bath. quiet time alone. listen to music. get a massage or pedicure. just take a drive.

For me it is looking at water or the mountains. If you can not do that try going to a park with your dog (if you have one). Open spaces help clear my mind. Then treat yourself to a warm drink like a hot chocolate or Irish coffee. You will feel better.

To me, I like to draw or play the acoustic guitar (I couldn't really relax while playing my electric guitar solo into a huge amplifier)

It depends on who you are with and the situation several things are good for releaving stress.
If you are by some one close to you like a boyfriend- husband- family member etc.... give them a hug.
If you have a pet spend some time with it (clinically proven to lower heat rate unless it scares you then its not recommended for stress relief.
Take a break from what your doing for a moment
close your eyes count to ten
drink a glass of water (your body needs water and water can help in so many ways)
Clear off your todo list and try to move something your stressing over to another time.
Calm down and relax. Stress is usually not worth it. Besides stress is a good thing it keeps people going. With out a little stress we would never succeed.

Practice a little Sensory Depravation. Lie down or sit down somewhere comfortable, turn off all noises and sounds, shut your eyes, and think of nothing. After a few minutes, let your mind unravel. Picture in your mind's eye that your brain is wafting on a rolling wave upon the sea and let it just drift and dip and rise all over the ocean, to and fro. Use surreal and outrageous mental imagery like that and just feel it more than think it. Or visualize in your mind that your brain itself is going abroad for a vacation on the deck of a quiet cruise-ship, surrounded by only salt air and blue water with gentle waves. Let your imagination take over and reality slip quietly away on these types of mental excursions.

Try drawing with colored pencils, crayons or other mediums about very odd or strange things. The more outrageous your drawings are, the more calming and stress-relieving in the end. Don't just draw a Rhinocerous... draw a Rhinocerous playing the Tuba in an orchestra! Especially if the Rhinocerous is preposterous! The more zany it is, the more you will laugh, and laughter is the best medicine for all of our stressors! Ha, Ha, Ha!

Learn to rely on the creative mind and not the cognitive mind to eliminate stress or at least greatly reduce it. It worked well for us when we were all children, but we have stifled that important part of our healthy mind since we grew up. Now go...... Take the cat in the hat for his walkies again! LOL


sleep, eat, take a bath, exercise, meditate, read a romance novel (it'll certainly get your mind of YOUR stress!!! lol )

Focus on a spot slightly above eye level. While continuing to focus on it, allow your vision to expand to notice all the stuff on the left and the right, as far back as you can, allow yourself to notice the ceiling and the floor too, all while still looking at that spot. This activates your peripheral vision which in turn activates your peripheral nervous system, effectively switching off the 'fight or flight' response. You'll know when it's working because you'll be very aware of any movement around you. Taking long deep breaths at the same time is also good.

Good luck


take your shoes off/rub your feet
get a warm coffee/tea/beverage
stretching-whole body

Shaima Q
Take a deep breathe, and remember that there's nobody is better than you

do things you like doing
go for walks
have a smoke
buy a stress ball
take deep breaths

Kyle S
play guitar (acoustic), or sing (or both) with and without music. try good heartfelt/emotional songs with lots of strumming like "Cry" by The Veronicas (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uh-VVgxnmzA) and "The General" and "Hey, Hey" by Dispatch, maybe even "Everything Changes" by Staind, just something you can let out all your stress and tension and just get really into it, and get carried away


craftsmanship or building are the best.

Carly T
xanax ;)


Say the alpahabet backwards, take deep breaths, count to 10 before you do whatever you are going to do. the day before whatever you are going to do happens make a plan in your head and follow that step by step

Listen to music
Play with your dog/cat

Exercise is a proven way to release stress. Find some physical exertion that you enjoy and do it for at least 20 minutes, four days a week - upto an hour seven days a week. The body creates natural endorphins that make you feel better.

- Bubble Bath (1 Hour)
- Light Some Candles (2 Minutes)
- Read (30 - 60 Minutes)
- Rest (30 - 60 Minutes)
- Drink Some Tea/ Coffe (10 Minutes)
- Spa (1-2 Hours)
- Hottub (30 - 60 Minutes)
- Steam/Sauna (20 - 40 Minutes)

Hope This Helps. =D

miss anonymous
listening to my ipod and reading

Derrick Zooolander
mastur.. uh..sleep

Eve 5
A brisk walk while listening to music. (10-20 Minutes) I know it doesn't sound very appealing when you are stressed, but it works. Try it.

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