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what's wrong with me?
in fifteen.
- sometimes im really happy/excited... sometimes im really sad/unhappy
- i pick my skin, so i have.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skin_picking [i often bleed becase of it]
- i cut myself when i get overly un-happy.
- i dont like myself.
- i have friends, but no close friends.. none of them really know me, im scared that if they do.. theylle be judgmental.
- i was almost raped when i was about 9 [i got felt up] by a close friend of the family that i still see.
- im not particularly good at anything, i dont really have any hobbies.
- i hate ny family at times , at other times i think theyre 'okay'.
- i have a whole other life for myself in my head that i know will never happen.
- in my head, i cant control seeing whats happened in the past so i often just get out of reality and sit down and go into another madeup world im living in.

no mean comments please :)

i just want to know, overall whats wrong with me?
and what do i do to help myself?

juliette; je t'aime <3
Your most likely just a normal 15 year old girl. Except for the cutting, get help with that.

I honestly think you should see a doctor or therapy .

I think your like this because of when you were 9 .

you should have at least one close friend ; that you could trust . Maybe they will help you .

Its not that you aren't Normal ; its just that you need to learn how to trust other people ; and control your emotions .

and stop picking your skin ; something terrible could happen .

I repeat go see a therapy ; no offense .

Jill :)
hunny it sounds to me like you just have a low self esteem problem.
or it can be depression.
id try talking to someone about this.
try talking to your mom, im sure she'll understand..
if you feel like she's no help, talk to a close relative or something.
try to be a little more confident.
maybe try some new techniques when you're mad.
like instead of picking up a razor try relaxing or try calming yourself down, or squeeze something really hard.

im sure this will pass, just give it some time.
i have a similar problem. :/

if you need any help or any advice, feel free to talk, im always here!
[email protected]


Hope you feel better!

It sounds like you are depressed, bipolar, or you have an anxiety disorder. It could maybe also be that you are traumatized from what happened to you when you were younger. I would talk to a doctor, it's nothing bad tho. I have anxiety and it's something that I have learned to live with.

That one person
you need to see a psychologist, they help you with this. as for that friend of the family, bring it up asap! he might be the reason for your behavior.

Miss Honesty
you are young and unable to properly cope with the things that have happened to you. which is understandable. youre not crazy and im also going to say im sure you dont have some personality disorder....however i do suggest perhaps speaking with someone about how you feel. seeing a therapist doesnt mean youre crazy- in fact MANY sane people speak to someone to sort out their thoughts and put their life in order. we all face struggles -ur not alone in that - some stuggles are different than others. some worse some better. there are ppl out there who have been thru much worse than you...keep that in mind. if you are unable to afford it...find someone you can trust- maybe a school counselor or someone. dont think too into please...its normal for people ur age to start assuming something is "wrong" with u. i did when i was 15. i hope u take my advice.

lastly...here is the brutal and honest truth okay..???? if you do not do anything to help yourself then u have no right to complain ok? remember that. sitting, moping and constantly crying about it isnt resolving anything. make some serious steps to helping yourself. good luck to hun. take care

Kristy B
you should see a doctor you may be clinically depressed like much of the rest of the nation but it could be a different kind of mood disorder.

I don't know you or your family but family usually equals love. What I'm saying is that they love you and probably want to help you, if not talk to someone your positive you can trust. You have had a traumatic experience in your past and it's understandable to be unhappy. IT's good that you want to help yourself. I think it would be best for you to see a psychiatrist. you have a lot of life ahead of you so don't give up on yourself.
:) I hope I could help.

you know what, i find good in everyone. try to ask god for some help.

Arctic Wombat
You're depressed. I know how it feels like. The thing is, you have to think about the bright side of things. I'm still recovering from my depression ((was clinically depressed)) but life will get better. You should start doing things that you like doing, don't be afraid to be your REAL self, not the person that you became. Make it like 3rd grade when nobody was afraid to say anything, just go with the flow. If you have your own little world, start writing. I did that and life has never been better. It lets you express your feelings along with making it interesting :) Reading also works. If you pick your skin, stop. Instead, buy glue or nail polish and put those on your nails. When they're dry, pick that off. I bet you're a guy, but either way you're going to get it off. That should help your skin picking. Instead of cutting yourself, turn to cooking. That way, you're still going to be cutting something, it's just not going to kill you :) Don't be afraid to open up a little bit, the best way to get people to know you is to be vulnerable. Good luck, email me if you have any further questions.

Ya think
Maybe a school counsellor, or your parents.

I think that u should maybe try to make some friends and dont cut urself honey. thats not good. u could kill urself. and thats y nothin good comes to u bcuz u dont treasure ur life.
good luck honey. if u need a friend, email me [kiss kiss]

[email protected]

Let Meat Live
I hope you aren't goofing around.
If what you say is true, you need to talk to a psychologist, and soon. You can't "work out" these issues by yourself.

Some people have a chemical imbalance and it leads to depression and thoughts of suicide.

Talk to a pro.

You're normal.
Except the cutting.
I don't know why people do it. Probably because they think they're different and don't realize how much better than most people they are.
For instance: You're lucky to have a family. Some people don't even get to choose to hate or love theirs because they don't have one at all.

alright first of all dont listen to that ******* sucideforum answer ****.







[email protected]

[email protected]

~Just Me~
You are just like me.Its from being mad at life life.Meaning you aren't happy with yourself so you do things to hurt your self.Try working out or something productive to take your anger out on.Also listen to good music to block out the bad thoughts and negativity.I am suffering from this exact thing.These things I just told you to try helped me alot with over coming these mental issues that scarred me mentally and physically.Also see a good friend or professional to help you with problems or be there to comfort you at these times!

Mm, as you were nearly raped by a person you still see, I can assume why you feel these things.
Nearly everyone goes through stages when they are depressed or angry at the family.
Non medically, I would say you are perfectly fine, but still might need to see someone about those memories. The only thing that worries me is the cutting...try to find another way to channel anger..maybe a martial art? Tae Kwon Do is amazing, I've been doing it for a few years. Or piano, it's a beautiful way to channel all emotions.

Medically, I might think you are depressed.

My suggestion is to go see someone, it'll help.
First, though, talk to your parents about it, there are no better people to talk to.

Shady Lane
you're either really depressed, bi-polar, or just going through a teenage phase.

stop the cutting.
if you think you need to, seek help,
and just know, that life will seem horrible before it seems really good again.
hope this advice helps, best of luck

Shady Lane

A lot of teenagers have problems at your age. Don't cut yourself, please don't think I am mean I am only stating what I read in a psychology textbook: anyone in their right mind will not physically hurt themselves. You should talk to your school counselor since they are often easier to talk to than people you don't know. Surely there must be something that you enjoy doing, try yoga it will make you feel good about yourself and make your body feel better. Try to find something to occupy your mind so that you are not so likely to think unhappy thoughts. Your family loves you, and whatever they do to make you not like them, know that they are trying to look out for you. Try this, it works for me. When you are happy, buy yourself a ring and tell yourself. I am wearing this ring to remind me that when I put this ring on I was happy and whatever upsets me will pass. Get a lot of pretty sticky notes and everytime something happens that makes you happy write it on the sticky note and put it in a scrapbook to look back on later, everything that upsets you write a letter about it and put it in a lockbox, so you can't look back at it but still get it out of your system. I hope I helped, I don't want you to get hurt, people like me are praying for you.

[email protected]
iam so sorry that you feel that way, does anyone knows what happened to you. i think you need to talk to a counselor as soon as possible or a physciatrist(no you are not crazy) but it helps, they listen and they give you advice.
and please email me i think i can help you. and i know iam a total stranger but i can help you ok..email me if you want

[email protected]

seems to me like you may be Bi-Polar
i put a usefull link in my Source for you mate, the best of luck.

Edward's Emily
Your just going through a phase.
Common with teenagers.
But the cutting yourself worries me.
Talk to someone about it before it becomes more serious.
It sounds like your on the virge of depression.
Just talk to someone before this gets worse.

You're a teenager.

Jason Li
You sound kinda emo, no offence tho. i think you should pick the nicest one of you're friends and try to get closer with him. for the raping problem, just talk to the guy that did it and talk to him about it. when you get that 1 close friend you should play with him some. if he dosnt have much time, get closer to some1 who seems like he has the least friends. for ur last 2, its completely normal and try to steer you're life to that for example, if u want to join the navy, start working out at a local gym or something.

your perfectly normal...if you think about it...is there anything wrong with anyone

live your life

Things are always gunna get bad before they go better

it sounds like your bipolar. dont hurt yourself. just go see a psychiatrist.

Eimear D
You sound depressed

http://www.suicideforum.com/ might help

Kristen C
you are either depressed or bipolar

broke ez with ambition
NO, you are neither average NOR one of the many:
you are a gifted individual who will ultimately experience more of the world (from "both sides") later on. Don't worry about your place in the world. Please trust this: if anyone is completely content with the flow of the world at your age, or ever, there is something very mundane about the person.

When someone like you, and do trust that there are others, begin thinking more consistently GREAT artist or poet can be made. Rely on your own interpretations of the world, be unique, but you will inevitably see from at least two different sides. People such as you will question the world in deeper/more profound ways compared to your peers. Note that curiosity makes all the difference in life.

Seeing how you are able to be honest with yourself -it isn't easy to write such descriptions about oneself; do keep a diary- you have more strength and courage than those whom ignore their conscience. Even if you cannot accurately hear it, just knowing of its existence is enough to distinguish you.

It's ok not having people to be close to. Some people couldn't understand you because they couldn't understand pretty much anyone, including themselves. You will experience tons more harrowings times in the future, trust that, but then you will -often times better with education- truly understand such works as Beowulf, the Canterbury Tales, etc. Just because you get to read them in high school does not mean they are any less significant. In fact, they may be very close to the Apex.
In college -forgive me, I don't mean to impose this fact- I learned from biography of most gifted minds; MOST went through such enlightening experience.

Please note these:

Be careful when experimenting with drugs, because they must be used with greater purpose than just escaping or fitting-in. I'm sure you'll be able to understand what it means.
Talk to SOMEONE about the abuse. I know, easier written than done. But if there is just one adult whom you find more thoughtful than others, talk to the person/teacher or even a random church minister/priest. (FYI I am not a religious person.) You do not have to tell anyone else, but just the person. Heck, you may even ask the person not to tell another living soul. But you MUST talk to someone.
If you were nine, or at any such tender and impressionable age, it could not have been your fault. Whether what happened is abominable or not, I assume you do feel threatened in the person's presence. Keeping it inside, like many other feelings, will be just as good as your self-esteem. Again, you must talk to someone.
If any of the blogs gave you some positive reinforcement, again, talking will help in ways anyone could count. Just have the courage once.
If you wish to converse please email me. Cheers!

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