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just to let ...

kit kat
what's the way out of loneliness?
people keep telling me to go to groups but i never seem to meet anyone interesting there. only people who already have friends/family. or otherwise how do find contentment in solitute?

just be your self or maybe go on speed datin or just go down the puband randomly get chattin

Try reading the book of John in the Bible or Psalms in the Old Testament. It has a lot of insight into life and healing the human heart.

Also, you may try doing some volunteer work in a field that interests you. They usually post a volunteer section in the newspaper. Helping someone else can really help you focus on the bigger picture, instead of being so focused on your own problems.

Lastly, get out there and get busy living life.

keep busy,
you are only lonely if you have time to think.
So if it doesn't work out for you right now, start something which you like to do. Best several something. Pick at least one thing you can get really enthusiatic about. Then go to classes/groups, not for the people but for the subject. Chances are that you meet more interesting people if you meet doing something you are both interested in anyway. Try to become expert about your subject, that usually will require you to learn from other people and maybe one day you can teach yourself classes in that. Could be sports or arts, whatever makes you enthusiastic.
Actually volunteering is also a very good suggestion. Everybody loves a volunteer!

If you are mainly looking for romance and soon, don't go to the church social but to a singles club...

you need to like yourself more ,
this way you will show confidence and meet people .
hold your head high , go on do it !
you are worth so much more, than you think!!! !
achieve something,is really hard to succeed in !
take an art or math degree. Be bold and help people
believe me, when you have some self esteem ,
the whole world will be at your feet and you will be so busy,
you will find, you are not lonely anymore
very best wishes

Awesome Bill
Before you can be part of any relationship, it is essential that all persons have a relationship of respect with themselves.

Shockey Monkey

get friends, dates or something else - completly free

First you've got to be happy with yourself and know how to keep yourself busy. Also, you've got to be comfortable doing things by yourself. Your outer appearance and confidence will show to others - which in turn will draw people to you. Take a class in assertiveness. I took one years ago and it helped a great deal.

make friends with yourself, i'm serious, it worked for me. i mean learn to enjoy yourself and your own company when you are your best friend.

get a hobby, volunteer at your local library, humane shelter, etc., start going to church, join a book club, etc., clean your apartment/house from top to bottom, hang out with your parents or siblings, visit some far away place, join the peace corps, just get off your keester and do something!

Solitude is enjoyable when one fully understands ones self. I suggest a few counseling sessions to get yourself in tune with body, mind and soul. Then, find what motivates your interests and go after a hobby associated with that interest.

I personally like to be alone since my imagination is so vivid, I can write a story in my head while driving in silence and entertain myself for hours. I can lay on the couch alone and visualize what I want to do in life, then do it!

I met my hubby on the Internet. I suggest if you are determined to have a relationship, join a chat group and work hard at fitting in.

I feel lonely sometimes too even though I have may man right here in the house. We are at the end of our relationship. I love him but I feel so all alone unless my kids and grands come over.
You could go to groups and just meet people and talk. Don't seek companionship. It will come to you when least expected.
You left out a lot of detail. Email me.

Red Rooster
Find a pet like the dogs you can see on tv that are at the pound waiting for an owner to save them from extinction. You not only gain a friend to care for,but have the good feeling of having saved a life! You will not have the time to sit and think about your lonelyness.

learn to like your own company and remember that there is a difference between being lonely and being alone

sugar n' spice
going to new places you've never been before to meet new people attend social events, mingle at parties and stuff. don't worry eventually you'll meet someone interesting. they're out there, you just haven't found them yet. =D

well do u like the groups, go 2 a certain kind of group of something that you enjoy and mayb u'll meet some1 there

you need to learn to love yourself and then the friends will come. If you can't stand being alone how will people like being around you. Keep telling yourself the good qualities about you and believe you are special. Everyone in life is special.

go clubbing
go to the gym
go to the park
go anywhere

find someone
like them
love them
never let them go.

end of that story

You need a significant other. Plain and simple. A group can't show you real love. Love is the only way out of loneliness. I'm there myself, and still looking.

Muy Buena
find a hobby , you will meet friends that like the same thing you do and if not you will have something to keep you busy and happy . or adopt a pet. it is harder to meet friends when you are already out of school but it can be done just put your self out there.

I wish I knew

River Runs
get a hobby

get a dog!!

Finland Red Egypt White
Just don't hide away. It's your world out there too ; you have every right to enjoy every joy it has to offer as much as any other person on this planet --- even if it may be by yourself.

camille s
I'm afraid you won't find it here. Get off the computer and get out. Go places where there are people with your same interests. Poetry reading, coffee shops, museums, etc.

Take your time! You can't always meet intresting people right away. Keep going to groups or get involved with an activity that you like, try taking a class somewhere that has something that holds your interest!

When its the right time with the right place with the right people, then you will know!!

van kedileri
group meetings are tough, better one on one stuff. Do you have hobbies and interests that can fill hours of solitude? patience will help you outta this jam, too. Be calm and outgoing

well you obviously can't find contentment alone...try taking as many "adult education" or "continuing ed" courses as you can fit into your schedule. Learn subjects that really excite you. You'll work on projects with other people and discuss something you have a passion for- a PERFECT way to cultivate friends.

You have to just start PICKING friends and understand that THEY aren't any kind of "key" to your happiness. It's ok if they have other friends/family- you should also.

Kate B ♥
I dont have many people who understand me, we sound pretty similar, lets me and you be friends, sorted - we'll never be lonely again!

If you like and can keep pets,get a cat or a dog. I am alone and I have a cat.It helps me alot. I also read,go to movies by myself etc. Ask God to ease your loneliness.Good luck!

loneliness is a state of mind. you can still be lonely when surrounded by friends and colleagues only you can cure your loneliness nobody else.

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