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 help i don't know what to do?
Recently i have started getting bullied at school because i am clever and the teacher have reconized that i have improved and my 'friends' are not happy because i am better then them. Also, ...

 how would you describe this girl?
there's this girl i know, and i think she has a problem..seriously! on her myspace, she creates fake myspace profiles and pretends that those people are her friends! like she made a fake profile ...

 Apart from shooting myself, is there any cure from absolute grief?
I'm looking for reasoned answers here, not from r&s people.
I'm losing control of my perception of reality. What is the point of stuggling on through a debiliating illness and ...

 im very depressed someone help :[
I am a 14 year old girl, im really depressed and just feel really worthless.
i feel like all my friends secretly hate me.
i feel very unattractive.
i feel that people find me boring ...

 Am I crazy, or do I have special powers?
One day when I was at work, using my calculator, I was about to press the 8 button, but it suddenly disappeared!
Later when I drove past Mobile 8 (As I usually do on my way home from work), T...

 i'm so unhappy, plz help?
i can't stop crying lately. it's like all my old wounds are open again. all i can think about is how horrible my life has been, all the negative, disturbing experiences i've been ...

 Self harm, Think i'm losing it?
i started about 2 3 years ago ermm it started off first time ever was at work. then when i started getting depressed and was numb and panicie. now i do it for them reasons plus i see the scars and ...

Honestly, today I was more depressed than I have ever been... I spent a good majority of the day thinking about how I would kill myself....came up with the sleeping pill strategy . Now I feel a ...

 I don't known what to do...?
My friend is in the hospital for cutting himself and it's all my fault. He has a history of doing things like this. I stopped him from doing it before but I couldn't stop him this time and ...

 Okay really embarasing....................shy.......… can't help it...
Um, I am like, mentally stable, don't worry.........but I am sooooooooo scared of people. Like, when I see people I don't know.I like hide, or totally try and ignore them. they just SCARE...

 I'm really scared please help - Am I going to hell?
I've been a devout Athiest for a while, I've lost my faith in God when I was 8, when my best friend was taken from me, my two dogs died, my other best friend died, and when I got addicted ...

 What's Bipolar Disorder?
I know it's a mental disease,but what does it ...

 Can someone feel suisdal and want to die for no reason? ?
because i do and i dont know why at ...

 My mom doesn't understand...?
I am having really bad sleeping problems and super bad anxiety attacks to the point where i just loose it and start balling. i told her i need to see a doctor and she doesnt believe me. she says its ...

 Ugh! I feel like crying?
It's Sunday and,yet again,Im scared of going to school tomorrow. I have anxiety and being in a classroom makes it soooo much worse. Please give me some ways of not thinking about anxiety or ...

 Is it wrong to feel happy all the time?
I know this sounds silly but my life has so much passion and meaning, sometimes I wonder if it's really meant to be as such. I look around me and see people that have so much pain and grief, but ...

 I think im Bi-Polar, how do i tell my mom?
UGH i feel really angry right now. And like 30 minutes ago i was feeling really good. Anyways i have been having constant mood swings, and haven't been able to sleep well.

I just took ...

 Everytime I look at the clock I see 9:11?
Its kinda weird. I dont really pay attention to it and doesnt really bother me. I just kind of forget about it. But I do notice it. And this has only started since a month ago.

How many of ...

 how is life 4 people out there?

Additional Details
for anyone and ...

 I'm so scared?!?
I heard pounding somewhere out of my house. What should I do?...

what's a good stress reliever?

If you can get up and go walk.

quitting your job and taking a long vacation

early bird
Anything that takes you away from the stress either mentally or physically. If possible I go for a walk, call a friend I trust and talk it out. Sometimes I write the whole situation down on paper read it out loud & turn it over to God. If you are involved in too many things it becomes very stressful. Main thing is figure out what is causing the stress & do something about it.

I use relora (a natural product) for controling my stress but when all else fails take a walk or get a punching bag. a good workout plus stress reliever.

this may sound silly to you...but I PROMISE it will work

sit in a chair up straight.....and close your eyes and take a slow deep breath in through your nose, as you are breathing in try to imagine the breath going through your body, and as you exhale through your mouth, imagine all the stress leaving through the exhale. imagine the breath in going all the way to your feet and up again. do that 4 or 5 times. and I promise you will feel better.

can I have the 10 points if it works for you? :-)

Beating up a nun always does it for me.

learn to be more relax.. calm and sleep! it work for me..

shooting guns at the range. I giant trampoline two friends and some alcohol you should be able to relieve stress and have fun.





I walk around outside and just relax or I might take it out on a pillow or squeeze a stress ball. :)

Stress is nasty! (Ask me! Ask my family!)

If you really want a good stress reliever....the best article that I have read on stress is here http://www.indiahowto.com/how-to-manage-...

Read it!!! And tell other stressed people to read it!

It coveres everthing you would ever want to know about the topic. Helped me a LOT!!!

sit in a quiet room and listen to your favourite musics. also drink lots of water


taking a nice hot bath with body and bath crystals. then wrap yourself in a warm robe(out the dryer). get ur favorite food out and listen to ur fav song.no tv. and if ur lucky ull have someone to do it with!

kiki Dee
Bubble bath!

Check out ( http://www.reducingstress.net ) there are really good articles and information on that site. Also the stresseraser is a great product, you can find it at (http://www.buystresseraser.com )

good old fashioned exercise.

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