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was it a suicide attempt?
my mate.

took 13 paracetamol
night nurse
broke his knuckle
cut his wrists
got drunk

cutting his wrists didnt work as the blade was blunt and when he pushed hard it broke in half.
the pills didnt, he just threw up in the morning and was ill for the day.

as he didn't die, and didn't need to go to hospitol, was it just self-harm?
he felt severly down when he did, despair, empty, like there was nothing in the world, he wanted to just die, but i dont think he intended to, he just wasn't thinking, just pure angry. yelling at himself as no one was there. he felt out of it.

hi there i think your friend was looking for attention remember people who want to kill themselves normally see it through. if he was going to do it he would have bought a lot more pills either way the guy needs to talk to someone did you find out what has gone on in his life that makes him think this is his only way out. and don't mind them talking about damage to the liver,the liver is the best healing organ in the body and is designed to fight of toxins........

i would class that as self harm as its very diffucult to die from all that stuff

tongue in cheek
was he trying to kill himself?

if he was then it was a suicide attempt

Linda Riced
i get the distinct feeling that this mate might be you...but anyway i would say it is self harm purley because things are not going too well in his life right now.maybe relationship problems or stress. i sugest he talks to someone about it or visits a phyciatris.

hope it helped :)

i think it was more a cry for help bcuz its not usually possible to kill urself wid 13 paracetemol unless your allergic to it or something((it could poison his/her liver))......you need to tell his/her family bcuz it sounds like he(r) is reli depressed...if
he(r) done that he(r) is capable of killing himself....He(r) needs to see a doctor immediatley as the drink and the paracetemol mixed together can have a delayed reaction.....Help him/her get the help they need....Goodluck x

What you first need to know is if he told anyone he was going to do it beforehand. Nine times out of ten, someone who is attempting may write a note for someone to find after they've gone, but they will NOT tell anyone, so that they cannot be prevented from doing what they feel is the right thing.
Judging by the way that your friend got drunk, though, I think if it was a suicide attempt, he wasn't 100% convinced that that was what he wanted to do. To get himself drunk in order to hurt himself, he would still have been ever-so-slightly reluctant to do so. If you're really going for suicide, you don't care how much pain or grief you cause yourself - as long as it's over soon.
Ultimately, if you feel you can, ask him. Whether it was self harm or a suicide attempt, I would advise some specialist help.
Good luck x

red robin
wasn't his time

get him to a doctor before he dose it again and it works.he sounds like he has manic depression,or do you know if he might be abusing substances such as drugs or alcohol?

sound like a cry for help, try to get him to seek help from a doctor, tell him your worried about his actions

sophie s
He was either crying out for help or it was actually a suicide attempt. i dont know who you are to him but you sohuld try and help him and be there for him or on day he might actually do it.

Dominik L
Yes, that was an attempt, which thankfully did not work.

He needs to get checked out by a doctor for one: taking a high amount of Paracetamol is toxic to the liver. Evidence of toxicity won't appear for one to four days. I'm guessing he took 6.5 grams which may cause toxicity. Tell your friend to get checked out immediately. Damage to the liver is not a good thing.

Two: if he is depressed to the point of suicidality, he should talk to a therapist.

yes it is

Chief Rain In the Face
Yep... voting for self harm here. -_-

The only person who can tell you if this was a suicide attempt is him. If it was, he may well try again and next time he could be "successful" in ending his life.

no slashing your wrists is a clear attempt to end life, but it down to the person, did they want to end it all? or just harm themselves

he needs professional help now, don't wait this person is in serious trouble.

I am the architect of lies.
I think I'd call that a suicide attempt. It didn't work out, and that's good. But it could have, and he could have died. He really needs help before he attempts this kind of thing again.

tell their family

he needs help either way

peace is the answer
He is trying to say he is so down, there seems to be nothing left to live for. Before he makes a successful attempt, get him some help. He needs professional help and he needs it now.

If someone self-harms they need as much help as someone who unsuccessfully attempts suicide. It doesn't matter which it was.

Many years ago, my friend tried to get her mother's attention with a suicide attempt. I really don't think she meant for it to succeed, but it did. Again, it doesn't matter if it's a cry for help or an attempt at suicide.

He needs professional help.

Yes it was a suicide attempt. I would immediately recommend him for psychiatric help.

Taking more than the normal or recommended dosage of a medication is worrisome. Self-harm is not the same as a suicide attempt and is, in fact, the opposite - it is a way of coping, a way of trying to stay alive. The fact that he cut his wrists sounds like a suicide attempt - not a method of self injury.

Your husband/mate needs immediate psychiatric help. I strongly recommend hospitalisation. If this is not feasible, contact a psychiatrist who can diagnose and treat this man's clear psychological issues. A behavioural therapist is also a must. Talk therapy is critical in the treatment of depression and will work in conjunction with the psychiatrist in helping your husband work through the underlaying issues causing his destructive and debilitating depression.

Do not delay in getting him help or his next attempt may be his last.

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