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♥♫ஐ ن٥ﻻ ﻉ√٥ﺎ ٱ ღ ஐ♫ ♥ Gianna♥
trouble sleeping because of huge worry help me please!?
after a car accident in july 2008, i wasn't hurt but it made me worry greatly and caused me to only get about 2-5 hours of sleep each night for 6 months. i go to bed at about 9pm but can't fall alseep until 3am or something. help me please! it is affecting my life badly. and plus i worry and stress over things a lot. i got 6 colds in this year but usually i get 1 cold per year only. i am only 14 years old. when i don't worry I get to sleep easily and normally.what should i do

hot s
i am confused

mental help is a good idea, but so is taking one excedrin PM or tylenol PM per night ... i know if doesn't sound healthy, but it is perfectly healthy according to the research I have read.

After you have done this for a bit and your body gets used to operating on 8 hours of sleep or more, then you can stop taking it, and your biological sleep schedule will have probably adapted.

Shakib Pourifarsi
hire a psychiatrist. you really need mental help

You are 14, I am 55. Worrying about something doesn't help believe me, I had that problem for years. Just take it easy, ok? I tell you what helps me is to take long hot baths and relax awhile. Everything will work out. I am a Christian so I pray for strength and guidance. I hope everything works out, if not talk to your doctor. This is too much for a 14 yr. old.

Jane P
Obviously the car accident has effected you very badly and despite not being hurt of course it could effect you long term. It doesn't happen to every 14 year old girl. Obviously it's important to talk about what happened and the lack of your sleeping and extreme worry to somebody, if you haven't already you should really confide in your parents, family or friends just to get anything caught up in your head all out in the open. Telling your worries to someone as soon as they get into your head or just before bed may mean you could sleep easy and quicker because you've released it. Sleeping remedies could help you or making the space you sleep in more relaxed and comfortable, but you've probably tried all of this. Stress at this age can't be easy so if nothing gets better make sure to tell someone and then go to a doctor or proffessional for either sleeping pills, medical or mental help, and don't be afraid to ask, this isn't normal for anyone.

Sounds like you have a little post traumatic stress disorder. this may need to be treated by your doctor or a councillor. if you want something mild and natural to help you relax try Valerian Forte, it's a herbal tablet you take an hour before bed to help you sleep. I do night shifts and I take it to help me sleep during the day. it has little or no side effects but do consult your doctor, esp if you are on any other medication, to make sure it won't react with it. set aside a time each day to call your "worry time" use that time say an hour a day to worry about things and if you find yourself worrying outside your worry time, stop your thoughts by telling yourself, "No I'm not going to worry about that now, I'll worry about that in my worry time." and distract your thoughts with a cross word puzzle or soft music or read a book.

You probably have post-traumatic stress disorder. You MUST talk to your parents or guardians about this (it will be difficult, you will have to!) because you will need professional help.

Don't worry, you're not losing your mind or anything, it's a very common condition. Looking it up might just increase your anxiety, but if you would like to understand the condition more here are some links:


A lot of people are going through the same thing, I once did. You will get through this. :-)

Talk to your parents about this. You have been traumatized and need some help to get past it. If left untreated your problems will increase due to sleep deprivation. These problems can be life threatening. But they won't happen overnight. You may also develope irrational fears. Get some help as soon as you can.

Is your worry that you cannot fall asleep? If this happened soon after your accident, then it may be related. Did you hit your head or do you even remember hitting your head? You may need a scan of your head to see if there are any abnormalities.

You went through a very traumatic thing babe. It takes time to heal. Count your blessings that you weren't hurt badly. Time will help take care if this, and talking about it would help immensely.

The Past Recedes
It sounds like PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). The good people before me were right, you should go to a doctor and talk to someone. You cannot live like this.

Go to the Doctor!!!

What worries you about the accident if you weren't hurt? 14 is one of those ages where things can seem extra stressful, I know you wont want to hear but your hormones are seriously all over the place. But really you may even have insomnia. Have you tried herbal remedies or tees? If that doesn't work out then there is no harm in informing your doctor, I imagine that little sleep is making things harder.

Do NOT go on sleep meds. You're far too young, and those meds are habit-forming.

Try natural sleeping aids, like camomile tea and valerian root (available in any health food store).

You might also want to try St. John's Wort, which might help lower stress. Good luck.

i'm overly stressed and worried too.
but i try to just lay there and relax and not think about anything.
if that doesn't work then try writing about it, just keep writing until there is nothing left to say, and try sleeping
or.. i know this sounds weird but talking to yourself outloud might help
or listening to music low, but not hard rock music just some light stuff to help you relax.
hope this helps.

Life doesn't stop at any point,we've to move on.

just concentrate in yourself

i had a head injury last month,i thought i would sure get dead or something,it just ruined my days,
i had lost every hope i was running on drips,my haemoglobin went low
everything was out of flow..lol
but some how i managed to live up 2 d spirit,.

am good today,,

i can understand what you are going through,you might be thinking
"what if something got wrong that day"
you are just thinking about it all the time its not moving of your mind,

I've heard of yoga n thats beneficial meditate by now..it will make your mind peaceful,.

Rachel B
When I was 7, I was in a sever car accident. We were driving, and an 18 wheeler hit us from the side (right where I was sitting). My mom had a very severe brain injury, and I broke my leg in 4 different places and damaged 2 nerve bundels. Our car leaked out gasoline, and it is a miracle that the car didn't explode. I am very sorry that you had to have a car accident appear in your life, but focus on doing something posotive for people who have had that happen in the hospital, maybe start a toy donar organization to collect toys for the sick and hurt. I am very sorry that a car accident had to affect your life, I know mine did.

That one
Yes, sounds like you need to talk to someone in Behavior Health. You need to get a good night's sleep. You are under way to much stress and that is not good at all. Please, get some help so that you will be able to enjoy life again and most of all get a good nights sleep. Take care.

Happy Holidays, to you and yours.

The Sleepover freak
talk to your doctors and family and then you'll probably get sleeping medication which helps people :) good luck!

Post traumatic stress is very common in people that have gone through issues like this. I can offer a few suggestions that you might want to do, that might make it a bit easier for you to fall asleep. Some of them will be very easy to do, and then some of them will take you a little while to do it.

1) Keep a detailed journal of your feelings. Record how you have felt that day, and then also describe how things have been going during that day leading up to your sleep.

2) Meditation or Deep Breathing

3) Talk with a counsellor about the problem.

4) Info regarding post traumatic stress

5) Support Groups on Line

I always worry when I go to bed - things whizz around in my head and it makes me feel panicky and I feel wide awake.

The best way I've learned to cope with it is winding down for bed early. I get a warm bath, have a hot drink and then read. I write down all my thoughts in a book and promise myself I'll deal with them in the morning. Then my mind is clear and I sleep fine. It's a tactic that works for a lot of people - writing it all down and promising yourself to read it in the morning.

Try to calm yourself down before bed. Maybe you could talk to your parents about this?

Julie T
you have been through a trauma and it seems you havent dealt with your emotions towards it.i would advise going to your doctors and asking to get some councelling it will work wonders good luck

Sorry about your accident. I used to have trouble sleeping and would be up for hours during the night. I take 75 mg. of Seroquel at night and it helps me sleep. The only way you can get perscription medicine like Seroquel is by a qualified mental health professional writing the perscription. In my case, a psychiatrist wrote the perscription. So you have to see a mental health therapist first. Maybe Seroquel won't be right for you. Not every drug works the same way for all people. Go to your school counselor or check your local phone book for a mental health place, and they'd be able to advise you whether you should take medication for sleep. There's also over-the-counter medicine that you can buy at Walmart or Walgreens or CVS. Good Luck.

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