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Missing U
Honestly, today I was more depressed than I have ever been... I spent a good majority of the day thinking about how I would kill myself....came up with the sleeping pill strategy . Now I feel a little better. I cannot believe it, but all of this was over some guy I barely knew, who really hurt me emotionally.....

I just dont know how tomorow is going to turn out for me??? Life is really stressful for me . Can someone offer any advice for my situation?

James W
get professional help.

suicide requires a lot of courage, if you feel like killing yourself go ahead no body can stop you, but after your death your soul should not be scolding you for killing yourself for something tht is so little importance... you are a good person rather you should be becoz otherwise you will not be depressed about someone cheating you... at the same time don't you think that it is useless to think about a person who is not able to understand you or for that matter who does not realise the importance that you have for him. life goes on despite what may happen,
the surprises tht life in has store for the next second are unknown, live to enjoy those suprises after we all are cheated ,loved by someone or for that matter everyone... if you still feel depressed go and talk with some one who is close to you, as that person will be able to tell the same in way that has an impact on you....
insult and deciet are there in everyone's life... real person will battle them.... one thing is for sure the gift if you win the battle is so great that your battle will be remembered for a long time, history has infinte examples for this...

No, pls do not even think about suicide in future.

Life is a challenge, it throws something new at us every moment. But I will come out as winner everytime, is something we got to resolve and fight the battle. Soon it becomes a game and we find ourselves gaining strength in each such instance.

Pls, this is no preaching but something I am practicing. I lost both my legs, 2 years back. Dependancy is a curse.

It was difficult but I said to God "No, I will not give in so soon. I have my parents to look after. Currently I am a worry for them but its upto me now to bring smile on their face." And today, evrything is just fine.

So these moments are temporary and human life is precious. There is no bigger goal than self-realisation for every person. So try and gain spiritual knowledge and you will soon find the right reason for your existence. Being emotional and getting hurt is not what we are here for.

Wishing you all the best for your life and may every moment of it be filled with joy and happiness.

woman prophet(resoola)
Don't think about tomorrow. think about that movement you stand and try to enjoy it. Life is to enjoy and use it to enjoy. You have to decide it what to enjoy. Practicing Yoga may reduce steresses of mind . Involve in activities (nonstop) is the best remedy to avoid all stresses.

♥ Aussie Jo ♥
If you find out the answer, please let me know :))

Talk to someone close i know it's hard but you will feel better after you've told someone

dont do talk talk talk to people. You are here for a reason and you have to make the most of it and be happy. Your soulmate will be waiting out there somewhere for you!!! And maybe one day you will get married and have children and grandchildren,you have so much to experience all these things can be so wonderful,there are always ups and downs but just have hope and NEVER GIVE UP. People love you !

Plz do not turn to suicide, I find it harder to quit than to keep trying. Think of how many ppl will miss you, cry over your death, they'll be crushed. Your parents ,might feel guilty and wonder if it was partially their fault. Some innocent ppl die in this world not wanting to, and then you hear of ppl who end their OWN life. Its really sad that someone would want to kill themself over some guy. I suggest that you should tell someone close how you feel. I hope this has helped you, and plz don't do something that you'll regret...

suiciding over a guy is very sad and a sign of a mental illness called Personailty disorder. Simply puy you have trouble dealing with stress. if you do decide to kill yourself, do nto use pills in case it doesnt work, and you could have damaged your internal organs, then that is another reason to be depressed. I know the best ways to do it if that is really what you want, but I do not believe you want to die, but sleep a very very long time until the hurt goes away. Success is the best revenge, act as tho you could care less he has done this and it will confuse him and make him feel small.

World is big, huge!!!
Alot of bad ppl there!!
u got to change yo

watch this video hope it helps...

First change that negative Red Fury monicker. Then join a service club helping others. If you are a boozer - join AA.
Your question shows you to be an articulate, worthwhile human being so don't give another thought to depriving the world of the lot you can surely contribute.
Good luck.

Trust me going out like that is going to hurt everyone who knows you

if youre religious, now would be a good time to delve more deeply into what God plans for you and what life is all about. If not, think about happy things, get counseling, be more optomistic. Not knowing what happens tomorrow is the exciting part of life. In the words of Forrest Gump, "life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what youre goign to get...". Just also know that youre not the only one feeling that way, other people feel that way too. I would tlak to someone, anyone about youre feelings. Once you express them you will feel a lot better.

well you have hope -sine cyou are telling people your plan. Those that are ready to kill themselves will not tell people their plan. I would say talk to someone - social worker, counselor, therapist, go to the hospital

Breaking up can be very hard. I know how it is...me and my boyfriend just broke up. its not easy but i will take some time to get over. But no guy is worth your life. Try to stay busy so you don't have time to think about what happen. But suicide is not the answer hun

the fryster
yeah erm see a councellor. i have b4 it really helps :) yeah im like that too. i get attached to people so quickly and even the slightest things can realy hurt you. yeah i notice even the tiniest little things that my gf does can really hurt me. its weird its getting better tho stick with it. find a really good friend thatll stick by you.

Proud Mother of 3.
hey tell someone close to you about this so they can help you and good luck.

You really have to talk to somebody about these things. FIND SOMEBODY. There's no way that the guy you barely knew was the only reason for this.

You only live once!

Hope! Have hope! I'll go out on a limb and share my story (blog). It may encourage you. I've been there before...



yeah don't let a guy ruin your life. if he treats you like crap then get rid of him. you don't deserve that. stay strong.

Talk, talk, TALK. To anyone you trust. Find a way to get it out to at least one person. You need to be heard, held, and helped. I have been where you are...ended up in a coma. Get a counselor at very least...someone you click with..if you don't feel that when you talk with them, get a new one, until you find one you like or else it's not that helpful. There are crisis lines when you feel like that too that you can call, google it. They are annonymous. Best wishes (((((((hugs))))))))

I have suicidal thoughts too,especially on bad depression days,the only thing i can suggest is to try keep busy as possible and occupy your mind.

Bring It On!
Please, I don't want you to harm yourself at all. God made you for a reason and it just wouldn't be the same with out you. Your family and friends NEED you a lot. Think about how they would feel if they lost you and you weren't around no more. Of course, you know they would be sad. Things WILL improve in your life. You have to let go and let God. I'm sorry that this man has hurt you, but you have to maintain strength. If this man has hurt you in a physical, emotional way you need to tell your family and contact the police. No one in this world should sit back and allow someone to abuse or hurt them in any fashion. I want you to live and have an extraordinary life, seek out new places and have fun. Spend time with family and friends at dinner, go shopping. Do something that makes you feel great. Have you gone to any plays, concerts, museums, something that makes you happy. What ever you do don't give up. I want you to read this poem Footprints. It has open up my heart to realize that I'm not alone, that God is with me. This is very beneficial



Good luck and God bless

silver bells
dont kill yourself for a man who cheated you.........

most men were always so....they were deceivers ever...I shall try to console you with a song...its about every woman's life...written by great William Shakespeare

Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more,
Men were deceivers ever,
One foot in sea, and one on shore,
To one thing constant never.
Then sigh not so, but let them go,
And be you blithe and bonny,
Converting all your sounds of woe
Into hey nonny nonny.

Sing no more ditties, sing no mo,
Or dumps so dull and heavy;
The fraud of men was ever so,
Since summer first was leavy.
Then sigh not so, but let them go,
And be you blithe and bonny,
Converting all your sounds of woe
Into Hey, nonny, nonny.

tomorrow, life would be different....say a good bye to the one who cheated you....just let him go...please dont commit suicide....life is precious....so much of your life is left....everything shall be right with you soon......

no name
i feel that way sometimes myself but its amazing how a good nights sleep can make your thoughts seem stupid the next day, if your thoughts are frequent or regular you might try counseling or if you just need someone to vent to contact me

Angelika G.
i was like this a lot of last semester, I was residing at the residential Illinois Math and Science Academy and basically everything just hit me hard, the work load, the stress, some boy troubles. I went to their school psychologist and basically as soon as your mind begins coming up with plans on how to commit suicide, it becomes serious. I'd really suggest you talk about these thoughts to someone you trust, and try to think positive when you can. Tomorrow may or may not be better, seeing as depression and suicidal thoughts vary day by day, but if this persists for more than two weeks you should really seek a higher help, it helps a lot.
I hope this helped.

I was like you a few years ago where all my free time was spent dreaming and planning about the ways i could kill myself. Life was real tough, with problems with my peers and there was this guy i liked...but i thankfully did not kill myself. Today my life is running real smoothly and i makes me think how close i were to that give everything my life had in store for me just for a stupid guy who did not deserve me at all!
Had I committed suicide at that time, well, then i would never have lived the magnificent life i have today. I found love and the most sincere friends to match!
You say that you don't know how tomorrow is going to turn out for you...well that's the best part about life's surprises don't you think so? Trust me, hon, IT WILL BE ALRIGHT. All you got to do is be strong during these harsh times. Your friends and parents are here for you and you can't inflict pain upon them by taking your own life can you?

Be strong, I know you can get through this!

Do you believe in Murphy's law? This is a great convincer. Think of it this way: any attempt you make can't go smoothly, nobody is that lucky. People who try to overdose on sleeping pills tend to suddenly wake up vomiting and actually die (fully alert) from suffocating on the vomit. A similarly unpleasant death is experienced by way of hanging or drowning. People who shoot themselves in the head don't die instantaneously, they acquire a permanent brain injury and spend the rest of their life unable to make another attempt for lack of motor ability. Same goes for building jumpers and people who leap in-front of cars. What I'm saying is that any way someone can die is infinitely more horrible than the pain you feel now. Also, there will always be time to change your life, but only if you are alive to do it.

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