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suicidal thoughts, got out of the hospital for attempt in december?
I am feeling suicidal right now.
I have called my therapist and talked to her.
She asked if i wanted to go to the hospital.
I was hospitalized for a suicide attempt mid-December.
Im 17.
I hurt myself today and im just not in a good place right now.

What will happen in the hospital?
Does insurance cover the stay?

They'll probably admit you to a mental ward. Which is what they should've done if the first place. You need to seek professional help and admit yourself if no one else will. There's no reason to kill yourself. You just need treatment.

Handsome Chuck
If you are seriously considering killing yourself, you need to get yourself in immediately. It is a life-threatening medical emergency. You can worry about the money later.

all you need to do is get though these awkward years and you'll see life is worth being here.

at this point who cares about the expenses...think about your well being...not your bills.


I dunno but you prolly shouldnt worry about that if you really need to go to the hospital.

You should write down all of the reasons you have to live for. I'm not sure what will happen in the hospital, but they will help you. I'm not sure if this helps, but I did find this article. I guess it depends on what you're experiencing. http://www.emaxhealth.com/7/11101.html
I will pray for you, and hope that you feel better soon.
God bless you, and give you strength.

go to the hospital. you should get the help you need there. and insurance shoul cover it but your still a minolr so what are you worring about that part for? You need to worry about getting the help that u need.

Kirk W
Please don't be suicidal! Many people have died this way. God does everything for a reason. Perhaps if you get over it, You could help other people that feel suicidal.

Go get help right away!

ER Bunne
if you were in the hospital before, you should know what will happen. it won't be much different this time. you'll get treatment, group and one on one. you'll get your meds checked. you'll get help. as for insurance, usually.

Mr. High
dont kill ur self there are people that love you

depends on the insurance

You without any doubt go to the hospital. The easiest way is just to call 911 tell them you've made one suicide attempt and are feeling suicidal right now. Don't wait and don't worry about the cost. I have been in the hospital for attempting suicide and my first reaction on being admitted to the psych ward, after the ER had dealt with the overdose, was that I was finally in a safe place where people, the staff and the other patients understood me. It was at least a week before I stopped having suicidal thoughts but all the outside problems and people were officially out of my hands and I was encouraged to concentrate only on myself without feeling self centered. Suicide is the most hurtful and selfish act anyone could do to those who care about them. It's cruel and everyone who knew you or loved you will feel at sense of responsibility. Don't let that be your legacy to the world.

try doing something to occupy your mind (for me writing and listening to music).... if you want to, talk to a friend about how your feeling. those are much better ways to vent than hurting yourself. trust me its really hard to stop self-injuring once you start.. sorry for the cliche but dont kill yourself - i know its easier said than done but please dont.. if you want to talk - [email protected]

Well the obvious thing to say is not to do it. Hurting yourself will not solve anything. I would imagine that insurance would cover it.

Hello. My name is Hayley. Please email me anytime you need to talk. [email protected]

I can't say about the insurace it varies by provider. But this is something you need. You NEED to go to the hospital an dyour parents wont care about the cost. Remember you've got people looking out for you. You may not just know it. I wish you the best.

they may put you in a mental institution. and it depends on your insurance. listen if you just want to talk to someone my screename on aim is TheBTPYoda. hang in there.

i say go to the hospital, i dont know what will happen exactly there, but i can tell you that people who care for you will take care of you!
please do not end your life, you where sent here for a purpose and God loves you so much!
suicide is not the answer for your questions! i am the same age as you and you have SO MUCH life ahead of you! you have so much potential and opprotunities to live a full life! dont take that away from yourself!
find a good church and start going there regularly. talk to the pastor or something! God loves you and cares for you!

Honey you don't need to go to the hospital they will treat you like crap. All you need to do is go to a family or friends house or talk to your counsiler again. You can also talk to me I am a lisenced theripest and I would LOVE to talk to you so email me at [email protected] Hope you feel better!

You better talk to an adult really quick. One in real life, not here.

If you've already hurt yourself today and you are feeling suicidal, go somewhere where you will not be alone. If you feel that the hospital is where you need to be, then go check yourself in. You are better off checkin in willingly, then them take you off and keep you against your will.
As far as the insurance thing, it is required by law for insurance companies to have a mental health section/providers. Now, it also depends on your coverage. I have bluecross blueshield and because of the severity of my case, I have 100% coverage. My psychiatrist put me on zoloft for my depression and anxiety attacks. IT HAS SAVED MY LIFE!!! Talk to your doctor and see what meds can be used concurrently with your sessions.

Im glad your trying to get help for yourself. That shows yyou have the will to carry on, and not give up. You should be proud.
Yes insurance covers that. Good luck and God Bless.
Trust me hun, things for you could be worse. You are doing the right thing..

In the hospital/rehab, whatever u want to call it, they will put you on meds, do classes with other people that feel the same way as you, and also may have a school program there, depending on the place. It is a good place to be. It isnt scary or anything like that.

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