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 I cut myself and nobody helps me even when i do get help from doctors it just doesn't work for me it just hurt
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Moo G
seriously, i can't do it anymore...?
i feel like sh**. all the time. im 16 and really depressed, i guess you could say. today i passed out in school, not fun. and im always tired, im constantly falling asleep in class. i cut my wrists and stomach almost daily. nobody cares about me. i have no friends. i really hate my life. my parents are always yelling at me and telling me i am worthless. my dad is heavily addicted to pain medicines. i hate him. i hate my siblings. i hate my mom. and most of all i hate ME. screw life. im done

you are beautiful just tell yourself that finding happiness is to find it within in yourself i know how you feel i feel like that everyday but you know what i don't think about the bad stuff i think about the good stuff maybe you need to change your attitude towards people maybe they are scared of you find people that match Your personality and become friends with them act like everything is okay when it's not until you get really close to them then you can spill your guts..........things will get worse before they get better but hang in there okay just know that there is always someone out there that loves you even if you can't see it


you can start by cleaning your act up, its not to late for you, start going to bed at a real hour if you can't handle not having the sleep... my secret is that I sleep when I get home, from work or school. stop blaming other people for your problems, its done, it happened.... get over it, the only way to fix your life is to do exactly that, change your self completely, who knows maybe you'll have fun in the process.

Sandra D.
you need to talk to some one

your life is worth something.
the website may help you; the stories have helped me through so much.

hey hey hey.chill out.i feel like that too sometimes but that dont stop me.going on walks help.and bubble baths(yah it sounds kiddish but it feels amaizinn).your never done.try doing fun things on the weekends to take your mind of things like going to da beach or bowling, or even a nice movie.im guessing ur going through a hard time so i hope his helps atleast a bit:)

Everyone is put on earth for a reason, you shouldn't hate yourself, but if there are problems at home you can always free yourself from them. Have you ever talked to a counselor or anyone like that? Even talking to someone about it so they can assist you in what to do so you dont keep feeling this way helps. don't worry though things will start to pull through and you just need to look at the bright side but you should get some professional help.

lala land
omg dont hurt your self just think of the good things in life btw hurting your self will just make it worse if u cant find things to make it better do something about it aloe btw hurting yourself like tht could lead to somthing worse

lady murr
aww baby please dont do anything bad to urself :( whether you know it or not theres someone who cares deeply about you. talk to a guidance counselor or your doctor. do you want to take your life when tomorrow something amazing could happen? being a teenager is tough as nails. but if you can get through it, you will have so much fun. if family is the problem, do what you need to do to fix it. people care about you more than you think, and you would hurt so many people if you took your life so early. if you cant stand your family, dont spend as much time with them. i have faith in you and i think you can make it. you dont knwo what your future holds and once you get past teh obstacle that is holding you back, you will be able to experience the amazing aspects of life. <3 i really hope this helps

King Soji
You should buy him a card or write him a note or something. Find something that he's interested in that you wouldn't mind doing either. If nothing works, then just try talking to him and tell how you feel.

Or you can just start going on dates and calling him...

Jake M
their are classes like group therapy that can help you, there are hotlines like COPE and whatever you do stop cutting yourself try your absolute hardest to make friends it doesn't matter who they are if you have friends you can get through problems a lot easier. also whenever im sad i just go in my room and play guitar or listen to music which calms me down alot!

weeelllll.....you did not really ask a question, but i'll give you advice anyways.

you really should get some help. i know it will be difficult, but if you tell your parents that you really think you need help, then they should listen. however, if for whatever reason they dont, or you are just to scared to tell them, then the next best place is your high school guidance counselor. or anyone at the school. if there is a teacher you like and trust, the principal, anyone that works there. hell, even the janitor would know what to do. it will be extremely hard, but that is the first step. you need to be able to love yourself before you can love anyone else and the best way to do that is to open up. you need to go to a counselor. i know it sounds dumb, i have been there recently, but i went to counseling and i know have my life back, and it is better than ever. you are to young to have to go through this. please, please, please seek help. some other great techniques to work on while you are not in counseling to help out with the home life (til you get back on your feet) is try working out regularly. dont overwork yourself, but working out is a great way to relieve stress (works better than cutting i promise). yoga is a fantastic way to stretch out and relieve your stress and tension without over working yourself. also, when you are able to find help, you could also get on anti-depressants. i understand you may be worried about getting addicted to pills since your dad is, but remember you are not your dad. this is something you NEED. sometimes depression runs in the family. you should ask your parents if it runs in yours. even if it skipped your parents, you could have it. but it is something that can be managed!! you do not need to throw your life away. i know it may seem hopeless now, but i promise if you are able to find the help you need, which is the easy part, you will be on the first step to getting your life back. also, even when you are getting help, do not be surprised if others do not notice right away. they wont. so dont get discouraged and give up if your siblings or parents or friends or even your enemies do not notice that you are changing. cuz trust me, they will. they will. just stick with it, i have faith in you.

good luck!

You should go talk to a psychologist (if you aren't already). You should also talk to your parents about how they're effecting your life. You can tell them and the worse that will happen, is they won't listen. In which case, go talk to a school consular.

Please stay safe hun. Life is worth living. There are supportive sites out there that you can use to get over what happened to you. I have been through a lot in my life and I made a support site so i could help others. I hope this helps you.

I am so sorry you feel like this.... what do you hate about you. Everybody else is not your responsibilty to fix, but what do you hate about you. That is what you need to figure out so you can fix it or accept it and start to feel better.

you are obviously reaching out, wanting help. otherwise you wouldnt be posting here.

talk to the school counselor, thats what they are there for.

go to a hospital and tell them whats going on.

talk to someone about it, someone outside your circle of pain. they are going to be the ones that can help

i would suggest finding a different place to live because it sounds like around your house there is negativity everywhere and i would also consider seeing a therapist

i wish u the best of luck

no your not done. fight for it. find whats worth in the world. for me its nature and animals. i love them, they are worth living for so i can save them when im older. believe me. you just need to find your something to live for. i have hope for you.

[email protected]
Do you have any relatives you could stay with for awhile? I want you to speak with your school counselor OK? Please do this. Believe it or not I care. There are things that can be done and people who can help you, please seek them out. You are only 16, there is a whole world you have yet to experience, don't give up. When you talk to your school counselor tell everything, every detail, leaving out nothing. Believe it or not they are there to help not hurt.

you know you could be tired all the time because of blood loss from the cutting. doesnt that hurt?

if you hate your family, try for emancipation and go live on your own. you can get help.

you can always make a complaint to the dss dand see if they don't take you away to foster care or something.

don't give up just yet

Do you have any interests in anything? Keep your mind focus on what your interest in. Having problems? Fine. Write poems about them. There's a reasons for everything. It's a call. Answer it. We're here for a reason. Use your anger constructively. It's energy. Trust me. I've been through it. (Still going through it actually) When ever I get yelled at by my mom or dad I just laugh now. :-) They can't break me. Can they break you?


Everyday is a new life to a wise man

Motocross aint a fashion show
You can't give up on life, even though they make rude comments to you and disrespect you, they still have a deep, deep love for you, if you were to get kidnapped, they would put their lives on the line for you, even though it may not seem like. Stay positive. Please

just keep venting. try keeping a jornal to right down how you feel. if you vent the anger will be placed into that. try talking on chat boards with people who feel like you.

You are just stuck in a crappy environment at home, that's all. You need to get out of there and find someone who cares about you.

chrissy s
well i guess if you say you are done there is nothing i can help you with

is this a cry for help?

if yes, call the suicide hotline, 911, or anyone.
People do care, I know it doesnt seem like it when your a teenager, but they do. You need professional help, especially if you are cutting.
Call 911 right now.

good luck to you

This sounds familiar, I understand what you're going through, as a child of abuse,I know that sometimes the pain is too much to handle,when the ones you love treat you less than human it's easy to view yourself that way too, but your not. Don't let these people drown you in sorrow. You have to be strong, do not let them bring you down, let it make you stronger. The need for a permanent escape may sound like a relief, but believe me it's not. I know you feel empty inside, and completely drained, I really wish I knew what to say to take it all away. I don't know you, but I know the situation, and I know that this pain can be turned into strength. Look within yourself and find all the positive things you can possibly think of,and try writhing them down so you can read them any time you need to. It may sound stupid but it helps. I can promise you this isn't forever. Hold your head high, and remember you are not alone in this world. You sound exactly like I did when I was your age. It's not easy,nothing in life is, but that doesn't mean you should give up. Try doing the things that make you happy, get out of the house for some fresh air and seriously contemplate your positive aspects...and yes you do have many. Please know that there are people in this world that care, and understand your pain. Don't ever give up, you are way too important!!! Take care of yourself, because there is only one "you", and you are a wonderful person.

I'm sorry, why don't you speak to a school counselor they can get you in relatives home or foster home...not all foster homes are bad...You should atleast go to therapy...What is it that is wrong...? I mean your fainting and falling in sleep in school because your cutting yourself and loosing blood. We know that now what else>?

Trust me, it will get better. It doesn't matter that you don't have friends, that your parents are fucкheads, or that you cut. When the only place to go is up, you find that it isn't as difficult as it seems.

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