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є l l ι є ♥
self esteem problem.....?
ok so, something has been going wrong with my self esteem. like b4, i was a reallllly happy person. i loved to go out with my friends and just be around people. and i was kinda full of my self, i thought i was really pretty, smart and just fun to be around. but like a couple weeks ago, everything is just going down the drain. i dont find myself pretty anymore, and i dont feel like im smart anymore because i have been having a lot of trouble in school at the moment, and i just feel like a boring person. and also before, i always went out with my friends and now i find my self ALWAYS in the house. idk what to do! im not depressed, but im realllllllly scared that im going down that road. and i dont know what to do "/

thank you♥

See your doctor as soon as possible. The earlier they start treatment, the better. This does sound like depression, even if you do not feel it right now. Or you could simply be in denial. Either way, you need to be examined by a professional.

o shizle gizingar u got a problem u need anti-depresents, xanax, and the occasional sip of lean.o i almost forgot oc 30s. does this help at all?

You think your not pretty and but yet you have your picture as an icon. How convenient. I think you just want everyone to tell you your pretty. So ok I'll say it, you're pretty.

You have minor physical depression. As you go from being a kid to an adult, you will find that you cannot simply sit around the house and feel good anymore. You have to make a concerted effort to move your body, eat healthy, and exercise. Because unless you were hit in the face with a car, you are just as smart and pretty as your were two weeks ago.

If you are a eating foods that are high in fat and sugar ("comfort" foods), you could be getting depressed.

If you are not exercising for at least 20 minutes four times a week (to the point where you break a mild sweat) you can be depressed.

If you are not getting 8 hours of sleep per night (maybe more since you are growing) you could get depressed.

In short, take care of your body physically, and you will see a miraculous change in your mental health.

Sweetheart, if that is your photo here, you are Beautiful and yes, you are having some depression problems and I think that you need to discuss this with your parents and get you some counseling before it gets way out of hand. It is not like you to be this upbeat person then all of a sudden that person is gone. Something definitely going on. It may be something such as hormonal changes, something wrong with your thyroid, your pituitary gland, diabetes, or some other health problems. You do not have to have a mental health problems to be mental. There are alot of physical things that can cause you to have a mental problem. Please discuss it with your parents, make a doctors appointment and rule out the physical and if it is not physical then maybe just some counseling sessions will do the trick. Don't be ashamed. There is no one in this world that is normal. Its just a setting on the washing machine. good luck and God Bless.

The Awesome Vampyre 1
No matter how far you've gone down the wrong road, always turn back!

because school sarted

Shakeel A
sounds like to need to talk to someone you should tell your mom or dad to see if you need help im kind of like the same way sometimes by the way your a pretty girl

shika dapa
you said you were kind of full of yourself, there you go. people like that are happy when things are going good, and when they go not so good (inevitably) they will feel like crap. you should find inner peace and not let external things dictate how you feel.

John M
ok. from your picture you seem like a very gorgeous girl. and anyway, if you are so in key with yourself, you must be smart, and maybe you don't get along with your friends, that doesn't mean you are a bad person, just that you guys don't really get along. if you are a boring person then work on that, take up a hobby or do something weird. i think you are a beautiful person, inside and out. just remember that somebody loves you. always.... parents, good friends, that special little boy (lol). be happy

you're welcome<3

its fine just look at the positive side of it.

i know this isnt really helping out but same.... i guess to be liked alot you just gotta be loud,funny,and flirty....i know it sounds stupid but ive been having the same problems but if you do that and talk to like everrryyone it gets better


Dear One, Sounds like you are developing some depression. Get a hold of it, the sooner the better. Talk to your doctor asap, or a couselor at school who you trust. Also, self esteem evolves as we evolve and grow wiser and older. As you get to know yourself better, self esteem grows. Social anxiety also is out grown. Please get help with those depressed feelings. You will be o.k. if you do.

The problem with being young is that you don't have a foundation to build upon. You have to create that foundation. Unless there was something that happened that made you lose your self esteem, it's all in your mind. You would not be the first person to have this problem. If you're a good person, you can get your self esteem back, but don't expect things to be the same. Change is a part of growing up.

Life is a series of ups, and downs. Your not always gonna be Happy. Maybe you should use this time to evaluate your life, It's in times like these you should figure out things, figure out yourself..

alot of it has to do with your age. i know what im about to say you have heard, but from looking at your pic you are about that age when your hormones go kinda out of whack, it happens to everyone, but i think some times i causes depression. at least that happen to me when i turned 16. my parents had me talk to a therapist and slowly things got back to normal. good luck.

Jason G
The key is not if your pretty or not. Not if your smart enough or fun enough. It's simply about being confident and happy with who you are. There will be people that will find you hot, some that will find you ok and some that won't like you at all. That is just life. I would focus more on just being content with the attitude of, "hey, this is who I am" those that like you for who you are great. If not, tell them to take a hike. You really only need a few friends, in the true meaning of friends. I find that many kids struggle with self-esteem because they want to have everyone like them and be popular. Just be you.

dont be emo..your cute

Typical. I cannot believe that people that are way more attractive than me have self esteem problems. Just look at your profile pic, you're gorgeous. I wish I could date girls as pretty as you. And I mean this in a non-pervy way.

Hugo Stiglitz
S'okay honey. You'll be fine.

You must be a teenager lol. Nothing is wrong with you, it just happens. Don't try going back to normal, try finding yourself, think about what you like/liked and do it. Make a list of things you love to do and just let excitement come over you! If you don't think of it as a task you'll find you'll start getting excited about these things again. Plus friends can really get a person down, feel good hanging out by yourself for a little bit then go out with a group of friends cause it's easier to be cheerful in a group. Just remember who you are and feel confident.

Judging by your profile picture I really don't understand why you wouldn't think your pretty. You're really good looking. (I'm 15 btw so I don't sound like a creep lol). And everyone struggles in school at times, just try your best and thats all that counts! =] And you don't want to be depressed so you're not going to. You don't have to be anything you don't want to. Just smile more and look to your friends when you're not feeling so hot.

I hope that helps. Don't be sad lol. Being happier is 100 times more fun.

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