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sad songs about depression?
for some strange reaosn all i can listen to is sad, depressing music. even when i'm feeling relitavely happy.

how do you know when you are medically depressed ? if theres such a thing.

i have everything going for me yet i always seem to find something is wrong.

x help

Drink alot of beer and listen to the song feelings

Auron P
well there is nothing wrong with liking sad songs, i love them.as for being depressed i have a light touch of it myself but i try to ignore it. and soon i'm having fun!there are all kinds of sad songs out there like songs about breaking up."Be a man." or if you like final fantasy,"1000 Words." hope i helped!

Unfortunately I do the same thing, life for me is very depressing. All I can suggest is you except it and live with it I did not find medical help any use.

In a perverse way you can "enjoy" sad music

REM everybody hurts. listen to the bit HOLD ON.

Have you listened to "Leonard Cohen"

listen to pink flloyd - comftabley numb

Winston Smith
johnny cash - hurt, otep - buried alive, tracy bonham - mother mother, flyleaf - i'm so sick, rage against the machine - beautiful world, tool - sober, nirvana - all apologies, tool - aenema, deftones - my own summer.

This is interesting.
If you like to listen to 'deppresing' music when your happy it just means you like the music and if you ask yourself this question, i'm sure your not medically deppresed.
But life has upsides and downsides. and music helps getting through. but if you really are concerned try seeing a phsy
but i doubt you have a problem.
good luck

sounds like thee old i cried because i had no shoes until i seen the kid with nofeet

If you're seriously concerned go and talk to your GP about it.
I think though in life some people are pesimistic and others optimistic....... half glass full etc. nothing wrong with that as long as you can see things for what they actually are.
I'm a pesamist and sometimes cannot help but look at the negative side; I think its a human way of pretecting yourself.
David greys albums and Coldplays first album are great to make you feel suicidal at times!!!! Stick some don't stop me now queen on and go for a run; great fun !
Hope that help s:)

This may sound a bit crazy,but go to church and join in a sing song IT HELPS.yea i know but.. realy nice the songs give you a lift, try it.OR are you chicken?

Maybe you have a need to express your emotions in private and music will allow you to do it. Sometimes we can't express our emotions any other way except through music. A song about depression is "Fire and Rain." If you listen to the words, it is just plain sad. Check out the version by the old artist James Taylor.

Seek therapy if you continue to feel this unhappy mood. They will help you learn ways to deal with this by teaching you how to adapt to a positive attitude. You very well could be clinically depressed, but at least it is treatable.

if you have som eof these symptoms then go talk to your doctor.
*Exhaustion on waking
*Disrupted sleep, sometimes through upsetting dreams
*Early morning waking and difficulty getting back to sleep
*Doing less of what they used to enjoy
*Difficulty concentrating during the day
*Improved energy as the day goes on
*Anxious worrying and intrusive upsetting thoughts
*Becoming emotional or upset for no particular reason
*Shortness of temper, or irritability

Are you on here and think everyone else has the answers, do you think your answers are not worthy and why should you bother to post them because "Hey what's the point??". Do these sort of feelings affect the rest of your life????

If so, I suggest you speak to your GP about cetting some councelling to talk through lifes issues!

Good luck my friend, enjoy the journey as there is light at the end of the tunnel


treving 42
There are(as I have found) several different types of depression - Bi-Polar seems to be the trend at the moment and I as a sufferer would not wish it on my worst enemy (that is a lie).
You just know that when at the height of intense euphoria(natural endorphins induced) the black side of the coin is still to be reckoned with and wont be far off.
Medication helps me find a 'balance' of these two Extremes and helps me to understand the workings of my reasoning that much more clearly.
I was treated at first for Clinical Depression which had little or no impact on my daily drudge, however after attending counselling and a referral to a specialist Life these days is bearable and now my cup is half full not half empty nor empty nor overflowing and I am not a zombie to boot.

Ask for help from the people who can give it to you - be brave.x.

∫e mousquetaire XVI
julie cruze~ 'falling'~ theme from ' twin peaks '

Try listening to some relaxation music instead-also regular medition is a great way to deal with anything that makes you feel depressed.

Don't get too down, try some retro Beatles music, Seargent Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.
I remember the 70's Leonard Cohen's Songs of Leonard Cohen, guranteed to clear a party, the house !!!

Kalvin G
I think anything by Alice in Chains "Dirt" album is really depressing.

try Down in a hole, Dirt, Angry chair, and anything else by them.

The only way to become clinically depressed is to pay money to see a doctor with a prescription pad ready. But if you truly feel depressed and down, then chances are your depressed. you don't need a doc to tell you that.

So I suggest, no one knows you better then you, take advantage of this and get some rituals going to make your life more manageable the way you want it to be managed. not some doctor, or peers, etc... But if you ever encounter a serious problem that could threaten your life and people notice, then change that ritual.

I wish the best for you, have a good, happy, and healthy life!

cognitive behaviour therapy is to be applied. keep on correcting thoughts by looking everything in a positive way.when negative thoghts come tell ur mind that itis not so. things are better. always think positive. thoght process would get changed over the period of time and u would begin feeling better.

1.) You probably are medically depressed. This is probably one of the early symptoms. Been there, done that.

2.) Not to egg you on, but I think that the saddest song ever recorded is Elton John's "Sorry seems to be the hardest word." That song just makes me BAWL. The melody is more depressing than the words even!

Only a Psychiatrist working in conjunction with a Psychotherapist can determine if you are clinically depressed. This condition can be hereditary.

The Psychotherapist will sit down with you and ask you key questions about your childhood and current emotional state. The Psychiatrist will write you a prescription for anti-depressant medication (if he deems it necessary).

You may want to schedule an appointment first with the Psychotherapist (or counselor), and just talk. Maybe you just have issues at the moment bothering you, and these feelings you have will pass or you will outgrow them.
Good luck to you.

Try this link to the Mind website:

Understanding Depression


it is easy to read and understand and should give you the information you want.

I would also suggest, if you are in the UK, seeing if there is a local mental health charity in your area:


they are easy to access, it only takes a phone call, and they are much less formal than the health service.

It would also be a good idea for you to talk to our GP about how you feel, as they can assess you and decide on what is the best course of treatment for you. It doesn't have to mean medication.

Hope this helps.

Listen to Amazing Grace

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