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So Lost
people don't realize how close i am ?

Im so close to taking my life right now. why wont people listen to me and help/

meeta bhar
There are millions and millions of people with problems and depression all over the world. If everyone starts to think like you, what will happen?

if youre as close as you say,
and noones listening, give them
something to listen to, walk up
to someone you trust and tell
them what youve told all of us and
that you need help. they arent mind readers

What's got you feeling like this? The reason most people don't realize it is because they're not very sensitive to other people's pain.

Young Mommy <3
i understand where you are coming from. Please don't kill yourself. Life seems bad now, and hard, but it will get better i promise. I know people on here can be mean and stupid too. There are tons of people that would love to listen to you. Life is precious and short as it is. I had panic disorder since i was 12 and no one understood and i tried to kill myself a few times. I got scared and never was able to do it, and i'm happy i didn't. I would have never been able to meet my little girl or husband. I still get depressed allot but i try to do things to get my mind off it. Play with my little girl or watch tv. Anything that can help.

Call 1.800.784.2433 its a hot line to help people that are suicidal. Please don't take your life.

Megan <33
you want to leave after being on yahoo answers? thats your big bang?

how do you know that next week something crazy good will happen to you. you will miss it.

I've been there buddy. I've been in mental institutions and been on medications for trying to kill myself and being bi-polar and a paranoid schizophrenic. I've been through it all trust me, what ever your going through it isn't worth taking your life. If anyone knows it's me. When I get upset and feel on the edge and like no one is listening, I smoke a joint. It centers me and helps me relax and realize the world is a better place and that things aren't so bad. I've been off my meds for over a year and haven't had any thoughts of suicide or anything since I stopped taking meds and turned to an alternative. Maybe you should try it. It really helps. If you can trust anyone about this kind of thing, it's me...

I went through a similar thing to you; it's important to realise that you are probably deeply depressed at present, but even so, you may still remember times when life was good. Well, it can be again, and soon: but you need treatment, which is readily available; all you have to do is reach out for it. See suicidal thoughts, and depression treatments, at http://www.ezy-build.net.nz/~shaneris... in sections 5, and 2. Contact the hotlines provided.

If the suicidal feelings become overwhelming, take a taxi, or call an ambulance, or use public transport, to take you to the nearest ER, or mental health facility, or call your local emergency number. 911 (USA), 000 (Australia), 999 (Great Britain), or 111 (New Zealand); see the phone book elsewhere.

Don't drive, yourself: you may well be a danger to others on the roads, in your current mental state. Too many people are found, and revived, but have suffered permanent mental damage, and live the rest of their lives in a semi vegetative state: their family, and friends feel guilty, and responsible, for not noticing the signs, and doing something about it.

It's a very nasty thing for them to have to go through, too, even though I appreciate that life is certainly no bed of roses for you, at present, so please, get help, right now: seek assistance, or use the hotlines provided.

It may induce those who cared about you to commit suicide, as well, or at least try, with undesirable consequences. Where suicide is involved, family, and friends often feel guilty, and responsible, for not noticing the signs, and doing something about it when there was still time.

See: http://www.cmha.ca/bins/content_page.asp... cid=3-101-103 Sometimes, if it induces suicide attempts from family members, or friends, it can result in either additional grief, for others, or horrible permanent consequences (see SUICIDE: ANECDOTAL, in section 5, at ezy build).

Consider this: people who have jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge and survived; unanimously say that during the fall they realized that all their problems were nothing compared to the problem they had just created by jumping. Try imagining, as vividly as possible, a time in the not too distant future, when you are happy (you may feel like dismissing this, out of hand, but you have changed in the past, so the possibility that you can change in the future also exists).

Please don't kill yourself. There are people out there who care about you. Even some of us strangers care! If you want to talk to someone you can send me a private message right now.

Why would you do that?

why do you want to take ur life?

old lady
Call 911 and ask for the help line. There are professionals who can helpp you deal with the crises in your life.
Hang in there!
Good luck to you

People will listen to you if you believe in your self and are confident. Have you seen anyone stopping to listen to a homeless guy at the corner of the street begging for a coffee !!!! Dude you need to grow up, taking your life is not the solution, be practical, confident and rational.

you should go seek help yourself...find a therapist...or a good friend or family member to talk to

it sounds like you need to talk to a professional. once i attempted suicide and later realized how hard i was trying before i took the pills to find somebody to listen to me. nobody would listen. so i took the pills. After I took the pills was when somebody would finally listen and they called an ambulance. You should be smarter than i was. take my advice.....get professional help. go to an emergency room wherever and they will follow with appropriate actions to get you the professional help you need and deserve.

Lloyd G
No one will help you...because everyone else feels the same way, and doesn't know how to ask for help, or wont for fear of seeming weak. All I can say, is that you can't rely on other people to help you get through your hard times, they will either come willingly or not at all anyway. The only person that you can rely on in life is yourself, keep that in mind.

that guy
what do you want us to say...don't do it? .....get some help ,taking your life is not the way to go

Sara M

there are people to listen, and taking your life isn't a good solution, if you really need someone right now... as much as no one wants to do this; call the suicide hot line, they are very helpful and they just talk to you and make you see things in different perspective!

When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on!

look even iam having the rght 2 take my own life but pplz wont listen 2 me 2 ...... itz tht bcoz we r maybe the right age 4 us but not 4 them or if u still wanna do by self hanlde in 2wayz like do it in ur way n do it there way like how i do !!! turst me it will work or if u didnt understnad this email in [email protected]

every phase in your life WILL bring a new beginning. i promise u that! see what fate has for ur future and wait out this time. u are strong enough to get through this and to many people that love you...some u dont even realize....This too shall pass...

Hang on, you never know what the tide will bring!

Hayley B
you can talk to mee..
i dont know you, but sometimes strangers can be a great help.

Yes...you could be pregnant!
if u want someone to listen to u ring 1800 SUICIDE

damn dude relax, go get a beer and watch some "late night with connan obrien"

Call me Meg Griffin
your lucky, how do u plan on killing yourself, i am very close myself...life is not worth it anymore

call a crisis/suicide hotline....those ppl have to listen and do want to help

The Future
You need to go to a better source than friggin' Yahoo Answers. If this isn't a cheap stunt for attention talk this over with someone close to you or call 1-800-273-8255.

Why would you want to take your life? I know there are people out there that would more than willing listen to you! You can send me a e-mail i will talk [email protected]

Don't kill yourself it may seem hopeless right now, and I know I have been there but as hard as it seems and though i'm sure you have heard this before. You have a purpose and a meaning don't through it a way.

I will listen if you need me.

you need to find strength in yourself and not neccesarily other people. Go somewhere that makes you feel happy or connected, even if it's going by yourself

you can talk to me! i am AAALLLLL ears ! : ) email me please!

If you want help you have to ask for it. As you said, "people don't realize" so if they don't realise they don't know. Talk to someone you trust or go and see a doctor who could refer you to a psychologist. If you want to talk to someone you don't know you can email me.

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