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 I'm tired, should I go to sleep?
I'll stay up waiting for a few answers in the meantime....

 Why do we bother living?
When everything is ****, we have ultimately no control over anything what is the point
Additional Details
Cheers for telling me to kill myself i just wanted some reassurance but thanks ...

 When you've hit rock bottom (emotionally) what brings you back?
How many times will that same stimulus, or strategey work?...

 What's the best way to de-stress from work?
What's the best way to de-stress from work? Or even what are some ways to de-stress in general....

 am i showing symptoms of anything?
my symptoms:
not sleeping right, waking up in middle of night
not eating right, not gettin my three meals a day
not doing hw, i feel like i cant even do one problem
keep looking ...

 If you had to be mentally ill what would you prefer?
Additional Details
i think i have ADD...

 How can i tell my parents that i think im depressed?
im enbarassed and i dont think they will believe me. how can i tell them? i promised the school nurse i would.( were pretty tight)...

 i want to kill myself?
life is very miserable, 2yrs ago i was in the same kind of misery and i had decided to live but nothing good came out of it i became more miserable then before. i was bullied as a child now whenever ...

 I need help...I think i'm going crazy?
This is a very fragile subject, but my whole life is crumbling around my ears. My family hates me, my mom wants me on the streets, and the only person who truly cares about what happens to me is my ...

 how do you not feel bitter and angry if youve had a bullying past where twisted people have hurt you, and?
infringed upon you as a person?
theyve devalued you demoralized you, and basically ive encountered lots of bullying and abuse in my past growing up, other peers and kids making me feel bad ...

 trouble sleeping because of huge worry help me please!?
after a car accident in july 2008, i wasn't hurt but it made me worry greatly and caused me to only get about 2-5 hours of sleep each night for 6 months. i go to bed at about 9pm but can't ...

 What do you think Mark Speight could have done over the last fortnight that would have stopped him...?
...from taking his life?

He was obviously very tormented. But what do you think he could have done to turn his life around from the point of dispair ?...

 I'm looking for something..can you help me?
I'm currently looking for a pale guy, he has golden eyes that tend to be dark black [depending on his mood]. His hair is bronze. he has a sharp jaw line, and his teeth are perfect.


 why do I feel anxiety for being gay?
I mean.. I feel worry and bad.. when someone called me to act like a man.. and I don't say anything.. I just laugh but I don't want the people in my university in my city in mexico know ...

 I'm so bored and depressed. Any suggestion to entertain myself?

 Have you/are you self harming? How does it make you feel?
Only answer if you understand plz!

How does it make you feel? For me, it feels it helps just feeling the pain on the outside and seeing blood, it make me feel alive, a way of dealing with ...

 i need to get away from him! please help!?
I am in a relationship for a year with what i though was the man of my dreams. Everything changed when we moved in together and he is totally different. He always wants to know where i am going, who ...

 Who's crazier...Yanni, John Tesh, Bush or Michael Jackson? Who'd I forget??

 What one word best describes your life at the moment?

 Should I tell someone about my self harm issues?
Ive been self harming for about two years now, and it's really gotten out of control. My two best friends know, but I really think they just don't care, and think I'm stupid for doing ...

ok do u think this is strange?
i can be doing anything and these poems just come to me like out of no where and usually there good.
Additional Details
others think there rele good its nt just me

Considering your butchering of the English language, (there should be spelled they're, nowhere is one word, I should be capitalized, should be a comma after and, like was unnessecary, title should have comma after OK), I doubt your poetry is any good.


If its so good, then why didn't you post a piece of you work for us to review? Its late here as well, and I am also tired. Yet, I can still spell. Lame excuse. Stop fishing for people to stroke your ego.

Joseph A
like a silky echo parading the reflection of a distant euphoria the glistening weeps of an endless sea sung out to the tiring stars in a gentle chorus of hope. The majestic golden gleams of fate glided in a dancing descent to an endless cave of cold.

I DO The same thing. its like a release of trapped feelings every sylllable has meaning. Whteher or not this poem is good is your decision.

wish i could do that! lol

It's called talent.

no not strange

no thats great

no that's great! you have a talent....a gift to write poetry.
write down your poetry and publish it one day. make it your life career.

nooo write themdown :) im the same way!

minus 10
No, its not strange. You probably have a gift for poetry. You should write down your poems and share some of them with everyone. Also, explore the possibilities of developing and perfecting your talent. I know a lady who has this gift and after reading several of her poems she was awarded membership in some national poet society.

Heres one of her poems...i tot i taw a putty cat...i did..i did

no, just kidding, that wasnt one of hers.....

Then you're a poet. Sometimes I think about raps and they just come to me but it doesnt happen frequently.

nope! good for you, that you are creative. keep it up.

free spirit
write them down

Nope, not bad for you at all. Your expressing yourself in a very positive way.

nope its not strange at all! Usually I just get inspired to write something randomly at any time :]

not strange at all
you're lucky actually
it's talent!

are you a jonas brother? OMG! if so run to a bridge and jump!

Daves Girl
You must be an Artist. Try writing them down when they come to you and see what others think.

aaron t
idk that i would say strange but if you have random poems coming to you that in your opinion are good i would say you would be a good song writer that's all a song really is is a poem with musical intruments added

no... same thing happens to me its weird

They are Good?? Then try again.. Make it a PERFECT.. You have the talent.. So motivate yourself to make PERFECT poems.. Then please let me read it.. Keep it Up friend.. ^_^

Anna Marie
thats not strange. unless they are actually horrible and your the only one who thinks they're good. lol. If you're a good writer than it probably does come pretty naturally.

Dude, your a genius, just remember to always have pen and paper so you can write them down!

Steve J
I think its strange that you think its strange.

P. Bruce
Not if you're left handed, because left handed people think with the right side of the brain which is the creative side which is natural but if you are a right handed person then that's a good thing, shows that you can use your right side as good as your left.

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