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Scene Queen
never sleeping??????
Ok so I almost NEVER sleep and if i do i sleep for like 4-5 hours and im ONLY 12!!! What will happen if this still continues??

you have too much energy.
do you eat before bed? work out? because that will keep you up. stressed out? noisy sleeping area? alot can effect sleep, especially if you're a light sleeper.
after school, try taking a jog or a long walk. and try not to lay in bed until you're ready to sleep that way your brain can focus the bed on sleeping and nothing else. light incense, read a book, turn on some peaceful music.

You could get really sick. Make sure you're exercising enough. If that doesn't help, go see a doctor.

You will get run down and it will lead into further health problems. See a professional, you owe that to yourself.

You should definitely see your doctor. Are you thinking about things over and over, like your brain wont shut off? Or you could have depression problems. You need to seek help, this is not healthy so dont let this continue.

have your mom make your a doctor appt. u might have a sleeping problem....
u can change your diet drink less soda
these things might also be the reason u might not be sleeping good

Go see your doctor. This is not healthy. I am 13 and I couldn't sleep because i was worried about school. Is that it? I also wanted something so bad it couldn't get off my mind. Is that it? You have something on your mind that is so important to you that it won't let you sleep.

Jess S
your immune system will break down and you will get very sick very easy

i'm 19 now n i used to be like u, it could bring serious health problem so i suggest u to see a doctor or try to sleep earlier. if u couldn't sleep earlier, listen to some slow instrumental or drink a glass of milk before going to bed. U mus take care of ur health especially at this age. =)

Exercise, but not within 2 hours of bedtime. Have a warm bath, or shower, an hour before bedtime, then a glass of very warm milk, possibly with Horlicks, or one of the herbal teas, below, and use dimmer lighting. Put your mind in a position where it wants to shut itself off, and sleep. See insomnia treatments, in much more detail than can be included here, in section 3, at ezy build, below. Use one of the relaxation methods, in bed, after lights out, on pages 2, 11, 2.c, or 2.i, but they can take some time to learn, (progressive muscular relaxation excepted) so learn and become proficient in their use during the day.

An alternative is to use the EFT, in section 53, and pages 2.q, and 2.o, saying to yourself: "Even though I currently have a sleep disorder, I deeply and completely accept myself." (or choose your own wording) while you use the acupressure tapping. Some more; quick, and easy to learn, are at http://www.umm.edu/sleep/relax_tech.htm The progressive muscle relaxation, (most easily learned) guided imagery, and mindfulness breathing are known to be effective.

Find out which works best for you, in the daylight hours, so you will be prepared, come bedtime. For many people, a good idea is to develop a set "wind down" routine for the last hour before bedtime, so your subconscious mind learns that it is time to put thinking aside, and prepare for mindfulness, (awareness, without cogitation/purposeful thought) or the EFT, in preparation for sleep, but the idea with mindfulness is to not even think about sleeping: just drift off, naturally, during exercising those techniques.

Avoid TV, computer, or anything exciting in this hour, although reading a BORING! book is a good idea. I suggest that you try using the EMDR variant, below, prior to the mindfulness, or the progressive muscular relaxation, but after the EFT, if that method is chosen. Experiment, to find which combination works best for you.

In section 3 at ezy build: INSOMNIA: PAGE O - INSOMNIA: A COMPREHENSIVE POST a variant of Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing therapy is shown, which has been used successfully for those people suffering from insomnia, depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and anxiety. It is easily learned, quick to use, yet can be very effective; although it is easy to be dismissive of such a seemingly unusual technique, give it a good tryout, for at least a few weeks, to see if it is effective in your case. I learned it from a book by a published clinical psychologist, on depression insomnia, and now use it every night, and find it works well.

No coffee, tea, or other caffeine (see list in section 7) within 6 hrs of bedtime! Try a cup of chamomile herbal tea, an hour before bedtime, and employ many of the techniques in section 3. Others may prefer Sleepytime, by Celestial Seasonings, Relax, Be Sleepy, or valerian root (valerian "hangovers" possible), from supermarket tea, or health food aisles. Milk, or cream should not be used with herbal tea. http://www.ezy-build.net.nz/~shaneris

take melatonin or drink warm glass of milk before bedtime. also, tell your parents and have them take you to your pediatrician

Hai-Son N
keep up the good work, it would get you well prepared for university life, and eventualy work life.. ;)

Um....have you tried asking your parents? Trust me, ask mum or dad. You will have a hard time concentrating in school, mood swings, poor diet...the list goes on. You need to sleep more.

Thats bad . whatever try to sleep how many hours you can at once. and visit a doctor a soon as possible.

you will get very ill so stop it and sleep

your body might adapt to that so when u get older your gonna b fine with just 4-5 hours. I'm just guessing tho cuz thats what happened to two of my friends.
xo Julia

Chelsea V
ahh I'm in a similar boat. I am 16 and I can sleep for four hours straight if it's a good night. Melatonin is a good thing to take. It is not perscription and it is just the natural chemical your body makes to make you feel tired. Honestly, the best thing ever that I have encountered is warm milk with a little sugar. My grandmother used to give it to me to help me go to sleep. It is very soothing and I've found that the more relaxed you are when you fall asleep, the better chance there is to a full night's sleep.

You will get tired. actually idk, but u should do something about it, do u try to sleep more?

You depressed?

Seriously though, not just 12 year old girl "depressed."

that happened to me when i was 12. i told my mom and she took me to the doctor. she gave me medicine that helps me sleep and it works really well. just go see your doctor.

ur be nocturnal........just kidding....i dont think any thing will happen...

This can affect your body in many ways, especially since you are at the age where puberty kicks in. Your body needs the rest. My cousin developed sleep paralysis from having such erratic sleep patterns. It can be very scary..Right when she would start dozing off she would have a hard time breathing and felt like a great force was on top of her. She even developed panic attacks. It was all gone once She got her sleep pattern regulated.
Try some techniques to help you sleep like reading a book (not a mystery one or anything).

Talk to a doctor who will refer you to a sleep doctor. This happened to my sister

i'm lucky if i get 4-5 hours

Is falling asleep the problem? If so, try reading a book to get sleepy. Or what I do, and this may sound strange, is I listen to comedy CDs. The sound of someone talking makes me sleepy.

you might have circulation problems later on, its not good to lose sleep at this age!

bada..boom. :)
get old faster!!

omg 12?!??!? tell your mom and doctor. take lunesta?? You may be a real party goer if you keep this up!


Derek B
I saw a show on a guy like that and he died a horrible restless death.

you can't shut me up
you must play world of warcraft

Suzie B
that's terrible. really.
your body needs the sleep. it needs the time to rest, and function on its own.
it's not very healthy at all to not get enough sleep.
you should be getting at least about 7-8hours of sleep.
my friend slept only 3 hours for two days in a row...
and she ended up fainting due to lack of sleep.
it's not very healthy at all. Try to get some more sleep hunn.

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