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major depression please help. ?
im 15 years old and have severe depression. i go to counseling. i basically cant talk to anyone but a few people. and i have really been thinking about taking medication. but im scared about the risks. any suggestions? do you know what any of the risks are and what is a good medication for a 15 year old to take?

please helppp

Medication is just a band aid.

You need to find the problem and deal with it. If your counselor isn't helping find the source of the problem, someone is wasting alot of money.

Tell your counselor you want to address the reason for the depression, not just cover it up with meds.

quit being a sally and forget what anyone thinks of you. you don't need any damn pills to make you feel happy. smoke a little W##D and just remember there is always going to be someone who will love you for who you are no matter what.

[email protected]
your doc will know. besides you dont have to takke it forever . most doc recomend taking it a year. why u ask? bc they have to gradually increase the dose when you use it then gradually decrease whn you stop taking it. otherwise if you stop abruptly thats when bad side effects happen. just take it like your doc recomends. then when you start to feel better tell ur doc you want to get off . i was in same boat. took it for a year and im fine now. besides just bc you take it doesnt make you a bad person or mean you have to take forever. just think of it as a helper for a while!! good luck


I'm not good psychiatrist, but I know that none of the drugs are good for people, you know even the pills for cold can damage the liver if it's taken a lot, just continue your consulting, you are a kid, and I'm sure you will find a way to go trough it. Remember one thing, your problem is the worst for yourself, but it's smallest in this entire world.

Jennifer T
take more vitamin D

you have to find what your depression is then you deal with it and see the results

Reiki Original
Hi Stephanie

From my perspective.
Keep the counseling, you'll get better.

When im getting depressed i do two basic things, 1 acceptance 2 Searching for thougths that make me feel better.

When I found one thougth that makes me smile I keep it on my mind an pay attention to what i'm feeling.

Then i try to make some more good thougths so I can keepp building up that feeling.

Depression I think comes from thougths of disempowerment, that makes you feel powerless, unworthiness, defenseless, and so on.

If you can make one thougth that feels good, then you can make some more, and discover that happiness starts with a Lovely idea.

First one could well be: I Can Feel Better. Maybe it takes you a little while to jump from depression to happines like a ladder, but If you keeo tinking good things, eventualy you will get to think on the solution rather than think on the problem or the depression itself.

You can check some very nice positive thougths in you tube or with Louise Hay.

You can do it. You deserve to feel good and be happy for Sure!
Don't dismiss the medication rigth away, sometimes you need all the help you can get anyways.

Don't give up on yourself, instead try to fill your head with nice tings all day long and you will soon see improvements.

Try hearing some nice songs, nice movies, comedy, get laughing!

You are going to be allright.

Andrew B
I was in your same situation a few years ago, but I made up my mind I would not rely on drugs. Sadly, one of the effects of many drugs is to increase your depression even worse and even create suicidal thoughts. And i didn't want to treat depression as a sickness. I found my way out depression through exercise. Running is good, and working out helps too. It not only causes your body to produce chemicals to get rid of depression, you will also feel more confident. Don't rely on drugs. There are easier, natural ways to deal with this.

Kris L
You should not be asking that question here. There is a psychiatrist where you go for counseling in most place, or you could ask your primary care physician. Both of those people would give you much better answers. You are right to be scared about the risks of taking medications at your age, since many teens actually turn suicidal on drugs that successfully treat adults with depression. I'm a psychologist, and a PhD is not qualified to prescribe medicine, but when I was your age, I was given a mile sedative rather than an anti-depressant, and did fine on that. That was many years ago, though (I'm now 58) and new drugs have come out that might do you even better ... but if your primary care physician doesn't know much, then tell him to check not just the 'standard anti-depressants' but also the drugs like mild sedatives and even the mild stimulants, depending on the type of depression you are experiencing, and the 'final effect' you would like to have while taking the drug.

Saint Joshua
listen to korn or somthing

Alex T
im 16 years old and i suffer with a list of things
i smoked marijuana on a daily basis

(for all you people who think stoners dont get anywhere)

i graduated high school at 16 and half i am currently a student and santa monica college majoring in fashion design hoping to go to otis located in los angeles

im pretty independent
i was suggested medication too but to be honestly i hate meds
marijuana has helped reduce my depression and has made me alot happier i have also made it my attempt to live on my own which i have done so successfully

my psychologist (NOT PSYCHIATRIST) has been pleased with my results and is aware that i smoke

there have been cases of people being prescribed weed to treat depression and its had a full recovery

only con is parents :[

but my mom minded and has smoked b4 she doesnt like it her self but completely understand

as for my dad i had to show him i was becoming alot happier and he wondered why and i told him and there you go :]

no one can help you only you can help your self

good luck stay happy

Ford Fan
the only possible side effects would be it would cause your hunger to curve. other then that there aren't many severe side effects.
hey and ya know talking to a few more people could lessen the depression....give it a try ;)

If your doctor & your parents say you shoudl take the meds, then you should listen to them, but remember the meds won't cure the problems underneath. They'll just help you cope. So don't forget to get some therapy to deal with the problems underneath too. Good Luck.

Not sure what the age limit is but cymbalta is a really medication for depression and anxiety.

Caylee L
try new fun things everyday
please dont hurt yourself it WONT help
tell your friends and family
they will be there for you

I would definitely exhaust my options with extra curricular activities or personal hobbies (if you're a loner like me). If you don't have a hobby (a hobby is ANYTHING you can do for extended periods of time and not get bored) then find one. If that doesn't work then hit the search engines for the best herbal remedies for depression. Do not fall into the sandtrap of chemical remidies. They mask the problem. They don't solve it. The only thing that can cure your depression is YOU. Find something you enjoy doing (even if it is embarrasing) and do it as much as you can. The point is to somehow squeeze some pleasure in your life.

just stick to antidepressants...stay away from all antipsychotic drugs

lady from mars
Well the reason that it's not exactly safe for a 15 year old to take anti-depression medication is because it can have reverse results in people under 18. Are you so bad that you're suicidal? A recent study showed that 4 out of every 100 teenagers became suicidal from the anti-depressants. It depends first of all if you and your family & doctor feel it is worth the risk because of how bad your depression is. If you're bipolar or have a family history of bipolar disorder or have a family history of attempting suicide, these risks are increased. I'm 15 also by the way, and I was depressed for a few months after a death in the family, but I'm better now. I didn't take medication but if I was really bad and felt like I needed to do something about it, I would do a lot of research first and talk to more than one doctor. Do you see a psychiatrist or psychologist? Because psychiatrists, since they are allowed to give medicine and go to school for that, they'll often times be on the side of giving medicine when it's not necessarily appropriate. They are specialists though so as long as you trust yours, then talk to him/her about it. Get multiple opiniions though before you start taking anything, just to be safe. I hope you feel happy soon :). Good luck!

I know the risks of drugs and medication can be dangerous, but I have to say my cure for depression consists of music. I was depressed for a while around your age (not to long ago). But what kept me going everyday was my music. I personally got into dance techno stuff. Keeps me happy, pumped , and motivated.

Earl s
I've taken meds for 5 years for clinical depression, no bad side effects.

The doctor will evaluate you & use his experience to prescribe a med he feels is best. Some meds you start slow & work up.

The first med you try may not work , it can take several tries.

Do NOT stop taking meds as soon as you feel better. People do that and get depressed again. I expect to take some of mine forever, I don't want to risk the depression.

Some people here are right, exercise helps. Getting out and doing anything helps.

The med student must be in Haiti.

lindy h
well there are herbal meds like st johns worth if that is too light you might need to try some serious meds.
Now i use to take zoloft and it made my stomach so upset but for my collegue it worked great. Your dr will have to start you on one that he thinks fits with you, but if that doesn't work you would need to tell him so he can switch it.
You will have to try a couple of different one to find out witch one fits you!
There are barely any risks just some sideaffects with some of them that might not affect you

Danny Lightning
don't know if this will work for you but it sure did for me.

i was depressed for a long time when i was younger and i had bad anxiety attacks, i couldent even work for a while the anxiety was so bad , I did not want to kill my self or any thing like that, just kind of down in the dumps and lost interest in a lot of things i used to like a lot i tried different types of medicine and it just made me feel like a zombie or made it worse so eventually gave up on that kind of thing and i took matters in to my own hands. this is what i did

i started working out 5 days a week,eating really healthy, like oatmeal and veggie sandwiches. no meet or junk food except for Fridays, i started taking a multi vitamin that has a lot of b vitamins in it and a omega complex vitamin every day,

in the morning i have shot of apple cider vinegar in half a glass of watter (look up apple cider vinegar for heath benefits ), I drink a lot of green tea and water through out the day, i eat bananas for the postaium, i also quit smoking cigarettes and drinking. every thing i mentioned here has excellent health benefits that should help with depression a lot, and just make you feel better in general and give you more energy..

some days i would get up and go back to sleep 2 hours later and stay asleep till i got up to go to work that night.. basically i was lazy,
pissed off, had no energy or motivation and was depressed, one day i
forced my self to start working out.. i noticed a big rush of energy when i was done.. and every day i forced my self to work out.. and felt much better every day after i had worked out. some times you got to make your self do things.. no matter how crappy you feel or lazy and mad you are.. just do it, you may halve to force your self to start doing things but you must start doing them or nothing will change...

start dressing nice and get a good hair cut you look good you feel good, also you may want to look up 5-htp its a amino acid you get in the vitamin section at wall greens or where ever that pretty much does what anti depressants do.. increase your seretonin levels... only this is natural and not a bunch of chemicals mixed to gather like the medicines..

some other alternatives to taking medicine, some people like st. johns wort a lot but it takes a while to start working, and there is also something called L-Theanine, its a vitamin that is kind of hard to find. its got some of the stuff that green tea has in it. and its purpouse is to put a person in a really calm mood, i hear a lot of people with anxiety think that helps out the most out of any thing they have tried

the anxiety attacks were scarry i thought i was gonna die and went to the emergency room a few times just to be told nothing was wrong with me. i would get really hot, my heart would pound, my vision would get crazy, my arms would go numb and all kinds of stuff, it was horrifying,

after i was able to assure my self that it was just anxiety and nothing was wrong when i would get a attack i was able to calm my self down and get rid of it in a few seconds, that took a while but i eventually got there and learned to controol them, i no longer have the attacks, it did take a while to get rid of them but i did it and they are gone.. mind over matter

go see that move yes man with jim carrye too.. it will really make you think about your life... and how easy you can change it for the better..

The risk of the side effects, which by the way are minor, are worth the chance. There are many different types of meds out there. If one does not agree with you then another can be tried. Many years ago the option did not exist and people did not have a chance at a normal life - thank God that is not the case today. Meds and counseling should always be combined. There are more people then you would ever imagine who take such meds and attend counseling for this very thing. You deserve to take your life back - you are young and have many years ahead of you. I wish I had been given this option as a teen. I missed out on those years. As an adult I do take such meds and attend counseling. One of my daughters is 17 and is also medicated etc. Good luck and God Bless.

porn is great.
Every medication has susceptibility to side effects.. though it does depend on the person, my mom took depression pills once and put on weight. A lot of depressive pills cause people to either loose a lot of weight or gain a lot.

It can help a lot if you take pills.. Do you have a history of depression? My mom has to be on pills for the rest of her life, because when she gets off them the part of her brain that makes her feel happy stops working properly and she becomes depressed as simply the only other emotions that work properly are sad, mad etc. Because my mom has this health problem, I may have it also.. Depression doesn't just occur when something sad has happened, it's to do with brain health.

You see a counselor, but have you been to a psychiatrist? A psychiatrist is different from a psychologist as they deal exclusively with prescribing medicine. Schedule a consultation with one, and they will be able to give you information and brochures about different possible medicines you could try. It's best to get information about medication from a trained professional, not the internet.

Don't let the doctor pressure you into making a decision on the first visit, though. Go in and get some information, then schedule another appointment when you make up your mind.

Talk to your counselor (I'm assuming that this is a professional, certified mental health counselor?). They can be the best able to recommend whether medication would help your specific condition (there are different types of depression, and different people respond to treatments differently). You might also consider talking to your regular doctor about your concerns, and they might refer you to a mental health doctor that's licensed to write prescriptions, if they are necessary.

As far as risks of medication, your doctor (be it your regular doctor or mental health professional) is the best able to advise you about this (much better than a forum like Yahoo!Answers), as they are trained in this field, and can also take your entire family medical history into account.

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