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 Do people really think it's cool to self harm?
I know that it's actually a type of illness and people do it because of things going on in their life and stuff, but do some poeple do it because it looks cool?
Additional Details

 What's happenening to me?
I just went into the kitchen to get my lighter and came back into the living room holding a fork?????...

 My boyfriend is not sensitive to my needs and ignores me emotionally i'm not truly happy, any advice?
I've been with my boyfriend for 4 years. My mother just died and when i look for comfort in him he basically tells me to get over it and rushes the conversation to an end. Lately i've been ...

 how to calm myself and not feel so stressed out?
i really need to calm myself down, i am so worked up over stuff that i am so stressd out and feeling panicky..what is the best way to do this without medicine??...

 How do I cope with being tall?
I am only 13 years old, and I am already almost 5'10". I used to like being tall, but ever since school started I am feeling less and less comfortable with my height. I'm taller than ...

 How do i tell my Mom i need a therapist?
i tried to tell her that i think i have an anxiety disorder, but she told me i did not. She believes that i am lying, and i can't go to therapy, because we are really low on money. Plus, my mom ...

 I cant take it anymore? help?
well for 2 years now i've been feeling like this.. ( im 16)
i think people don't like me as soon as they meet me? but im always nice to them, i always compliment people and everything ...

 Why do we feel crap in the mornings?

 should i just kill myself?
my whole life ive been depressed but lately its gotten really bad. i NEVER feel happy anymore. its not the gloomy type or angry type ive always dealt with either it just feels like...like death or ...

 Do you think alcoholism is a disease or a character weakness?

 Am I a freak? really worried?
I get really, uncontrollably angry and sad when people kill bugs and other animals intentionally. It started when I was really little and my mom told me how to smack a mosquito on the window. I did, ...

 Please answer. Is this true?
i told my school counselor im depressed last month. i didnt tell her i think of suicide everyday since last year. so i was wondering, next time i see her, if i tell her i think of suicide, but i know ...

 How can the top contributers of Yahoo Answers possibly have a life?
One guy has like over 12,000 "best" answers. WTF???
Additional Details
They think they are like professional question answerers lol! They think it's a real job....

 I like this girl so much and she doesn't like me and it's driving me literally insane. what should I do?!
I can't do or think about anything all day but her....

 Help I am so stressed !!! How can I relax ?
What can I do other than the obvious glass of wine (or ten) LOL
I have a very full on job that makes me think about work 24/7...
Grrr Im such a chill bird and cant seem to switch off ....<...

 Is there some sort of disorder for people who don't like being around people a lot?
I'm not scared of people or anything. I don't hate them...
but if I'm around people a lot (like say in a busy school week), i get really fired up and angry and tense and stuff. im ...

 Should I just cut myself?
I'm a "recovering" self harmer, I haven't cut myself in four months and before that I hadn't for two years. However, these last few nights I have had a REALLY strong urge to ...

 How do I beat this depression?
For many years I have battled with depression (sometimes for reason sometimes not) and am moderately used to it by now (even if it still cripples me emotionally). But this is new, I seem to have ...

 How do you end sadness - and I don't want religion?

 if someone spends ÂŁ230 on cocaine a week would you say they have a problem?

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Сould you cure anybody with your love?
... Read More


Help with self-control?
Any tips on improving self-control?... Read More


I have a freind thats in mental hospital but she is getting worse?
She is afraid to be in there the staff are horendeous she wants to runaway she is scared, if she runs away when she is on leave or able to go out alone do you think that she willl make it and has anyo... Read More


Did I get an anxiety disorder because of my mom, and getting bullied in middle school?
I'm christina. A few months ago, i developed an anxiety disorder. My mom always expected too much , and if i got a B, she'd hit me because i didnt get an A. In middle school, I had trouble l... Read More


how to get your mind off of everything.?
Whats some things that I can do,I dont feel well I need to leave the bad stuff behind,how can I start with a fresh start.?... Read More


How does hypnosis work?
My ma got hypnotized to stop her from smoking a while back and it worked. I'm just wondering how does it work. Is your mind given commands that it must follow, or is it like mind over matter, you... Read More


Physically addicted or mentally addicted?
if you were addicted to a drug would you rather be physically addicted or mentally addicted?......and once stopping would you rather have to deal with the physical withdraw or the mental?... Read More


am a 15 year old girl and .......( long detail , please no mean answers..)?
for starters

i have no real life friends.... at all... the only people i get along with is my mom and dad and sister.

and the fact i have no friends actually doesn't bother me t... Read More


Lady Privateer
What is wrong with me? I always feel like someone is watching me. Am I paranoid?
Is there medicine for this? Help me, I'm think I'm going crazy!
Additional Details
no i'm not - i'm just lost... Read More


tokyo hotel vi lovvo... il re...
here in england do you love "bobby" as in italy we love "sbirri"?
... Read More


Do I have depression?
I am really busy..

I go to college full-time

I am a rock climber and a cyclist.

I work at a bar on weekends

I also am a child fitness instructor a couple classes a week.

I am... Read More


Happy W
Have you ever called a suicide hotline?
What was it like?

Not prank calling.... Read More


Is continual belittling jokes at someones expense a form of bullying?
if someone undermines you with belittling jokes and won't stop when asked, is that a bully? (both adults in their 30's)

-when you tell this person they can't be in your life until ... Read More


Blue Foots™
How can I help a depressed student? He was doing well and stopped coming to school int he last week"?
His mother said that for the past 2 years he does well the first semester and then drops the second semester. He is 17, so the counseling won't help him, and the school said they won't test ... Read More


Andi Pandi is having a baby!
is it normal to get really depressed in the winter but feel fine during the warmer months?
i grew up in Florida and i was fine until i was 17 and moved to upstate NY. around Halloween it starts and it ends beginning of march. it has happened every year for the last five years. i'm 22 n... Read More


What should I do? Depressed..?
Well, I've been depressed for the past 5 years and I have done absolutely nothing about it to help make it better. I really do hate saying this, but I attempted suicide a year ago, but was obviou... Read More


What part of your brain gives you a euphoric feeling?
I know that there is a chemical released when you feel extremely happy (euphoric) like after a religious practice, or after an orgasm. I need to know what part of the brain controls this...... Read More


I need an excuse......?
Can someone help me?

I know this is wrong but I need someone to help me with an excuse as to why I didn't turn up for college.

Here's a short story.

It was my first day ... Read More


conversion disorder?
I believe that my mom has conversion disorder, but im not sure how to let the doctor know since they think they are always right. Over the last 3 years my mom has been in atleast 8 different hospita... Read More


I have Asperger Syndrome, will I ever find a girlfriend?
I'm an an eighteen year old man with Asperger Syndrome, living in the UK, and am due to start at university in October. Occasionally in the past, girls have asked me out, but I have always been ... Read More


Suicide/Self Harm/Depression quotes or poems?
... Read More


I stopped cutting about a yr ago but i've recently started again?
my hamster died and i get really depressed cos i am ugly and my face is too fat. ive never had bf and i am really sort of.. lonely. i cut and it helps me. i used scissors the last time.. my dad threw... Read More


can you help me ?
at the moment i'm living with my ex boyfriend of 5 years. he is an abusive , compulsive lying creep but i have no choice but to live here with him . while we were together he wouldn't let m... Read More


ron j
can you find joy in this world after hurt?
I have been beaten cheat on rob and put my kids in the grave my heart fild with sadness I just want to let go of this pain and hurt and find real joy... Read More


What shall I do about my hubby I'm positive he is losing his memory big time and?
it is worrying me because he works away from home and I feel sure it will not be long before he loses his way compleltey. Also it is starting to cause stress and anger him with me for telling him is f... Read More


do i have depression?
i was wondering if i have the signs of depression.


-always sad/crying alot

-very stressed

-drinking (i am 17)

-grades are slipping

-getting in a lot of t... Read More


I hallucinated a spider last night. When I saw it, It startled me, and I went to smash it with something, and when I tried to it was still crawling, but it looked like it was gradually fading. I tried... Read More


Mom with Borderline Personality Disorder?
How do I deal with a mother who has, or at least exhibits in all respects, borderline personality disorder?... Read More


ganguli y
how to improve personality?
... Read More


Can anybody help me please i have suicidal toughs?
I don't know whats wrong with me i have everything i need most things i want and i have crazy thoughts inside my head most of the time can anybody help me please... Read More

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