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 I want to commit suicide?
I'm a failure. I have no friends. I do poorly in school (I got F's in all my classes except for one in which I got a D-)
My life in general is shitty. Please help me, what should I do?...

 Is it true that only 1 in 250 people have psychotic depression? Is it normal for a 14 year old to have it?
I'm 14 and have psychotic depression..is that normal?
Additional Details
Yes, I do have it. My therapist told me a few months ago.
And I'm taking Fluoxitine and Seroquel ...

 I am feeling Suicidal... I am afraid I will attempt again......?
I had an abusive childhood

My mom was an alcoholic, my dad was absent, and my brothers (age 17) were old enough to get away. I was left behind. I was ten then (15 now).


 I feel like crying??????
Im not really sure why im not depressed or ever have been i just want to cry does anyone know why/how or anything??
Additional Details
oh im not sad about anything idk y!!? AND im not ...

 I have a thing for my plumber.. should I lock him in the house with me?
Two weeks ago I had a clogged bathroom drain due to some old tampons. Anyway.. DAMN! the plumbers as sweet as apple pie.. a down right HUNK of a man!

So last week I clogged up my drains on ...

 is anyone going through what im going through please help?
my childs father in i was in a relationship for a year in a half we now have a 1 year old daughter in a baby on the way 5 month pregnant. were not together anymore now cause he left me 3 months ago ...

 Should I kill myself???????? I am 16?
I truly have nothing to live for, no good friends, lovers or family that cares about me. My dad is a douche (putting it extremely lightly) and my mom's a drug addict. I don't believe in god,...

 Are you addicted to anything?
Not necessarily anything immediately dangerous like drugs or alcohol. More harmless things like facebook, a TV show, a particular food, etc....

 self esteem problem.....?
ok so, something has been going wrong with my self esteem. like b4, i was a reallllly happy person. i loved to go out with my friends and just be around people. and i was kinda full of my self, i ...

 Im 15 and suicide is what I think about.?
I am a 15 year old girl and I feel that my life is bad enough for it to end it's not really something I should being posting on here but I need advice ad I have no one who I can talk to about ...

 Why do crazies some times sleep in bathtubs?
Every time i see a movie about a crazy person chances are he will sleep in a bath tub, Why is that?...

 i think i have ocd tell me?
When i wash my hands i sometimes do it more than once. When i walk, sometimes i go back a few steps and do it again. I think i even sometimes turn lights on and off more than once. Now tell me ...

 Why am I listening to classical music?
I like it, but for about the past two weeks, I've had a particular spike in interest. I don't know what it is, am I depressed?? I have been listening to Air on G, Requiem-Mozart, Clair de L...

 do i need some pot to calm my nerves?
im always paranoid, anxious and over anylize every little ache or pain or everything else to life. i cant sleep and nite and i sure as hell cant relax! just curious wud this drug help me at all?...

 I've been really depressed lately and nothing seems to help!!!!?
ive been real depressed lately and been feeling really lonley, i feel like im sketchin around the brim of sanity. ive tryed every thing that makes me feel good (no drugs or booze) evrey thing i love ...

 am i weird or its me (huh i cant understand why but i cant kill myself)?
huh i cant understand why but i cant kill myself

i tryed to cut my arms
i tryed to eat medics and i ated lots of them
i trewed myself in front of a car the car stopped
hang ...

 I truely need help, I'm feeling so suicidal?
My mind is really messed up at the moment,Im so depressed, I feel like there is no point in me living another day,Im 19 n have been feeling this way for a very long time now - previously on here ...

 i have Suicidal thoughts.. help me please!?
i'm really depressed.... i am a 16 year old Boy ,i've never had a girlfriend,i've never even hugged or held hands with a girl that isn't related to me.... i'm not good at ...

 I am having an emotional problem over something bad I did?
The other day a question and an answer here on Yahoo Answers was in violation and they deleted them as they should. Now I feel so dirty and horrible for violating Yahoo. They trusted me to ask and ...

 What is the best way to break a lifestyle habit?
I'm looking for answers of substance. What psychological tricks can I pull to make myself go out during the weekends, rather than just staying inside, playing video games and smoking pot?...

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what can I do to keep my mind preoccupied?
I keep thinking about bad things, and I need to do something! Playing pianos not working...... :-(
Additional Details
perhaps I should clarify... I have ptsd, and keep having flashbacks... Read More


What's the definition of a Nervous Break Down?
... Read More


What are the effects of excess adrenaline due to an anxiety disorder on the body?
I have an anxiety disorder.I believe it is GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) stemming from the initial panic disorder. I am anxious near constantly, but sometimes more than others, especially when I... Read More


Similarities between Bipolar I and Schizophrenia?
When in a bipolar manic state with psychotic episodes are the symptoms (i guess you could call it) similar to what those with schizophrenia? What would be a major difference between the two?... Read More


What happens when you go to the hospital for depression?
I am so confused right now, Im 15 years old and I am depressed.

I don't think I will hurt myself, but I keep having suicidal thoughts. Should I go to the hospital? Will I be locked awa... Read More


Ain't I A Stinker?
I just found out my psychiatrist is seeing a psychiatrist?
Should I continue to see her or find another?... Read More


Here we are again..
How can I avoid burn out at work?
I'm a patient care assistant in a hospital.

I float to different floors but I usually work on the oncology and pediatric oncology unit.

They're always so short staffed and I... Read More


suicide help?
i told my mom that i have depression issues. i told her how i feel like nothing, and how i feel like no one, and how since we moved i have no friends, and i feel so alone every day. she told me there ... Read More


Any anhedonics rediscover fun in a stressful world?
Guess I'm just wondering if this is an inevitable result of age (57) and a loner lifestyle (I've never had any friends besides my occasional romantic relationships) or if it can be reversed ... Read More


Drinking on Xanax?
Ive been doing it for years I take 4mg's a day, But dont take it when im drinking I dont do it to get high, I have extremly bad anxiety so I need it. but im also 24 and want to have fun.
Ad... Read More


Liberal City
How did you overcome your depression? Can you help me out?
I go through these phases of depression, where at times I am really happy and other times, I am extremely sad. After my brother was murdered my emotions have gotten much worse. It seems as though my s... Read More


What happens to your body when you overdose on pain pills and xanax? short and long term effects?
I overdosed last november on pain pills while depressed. it was about 15, 500 mg pain pills. my insides started hurting, and i passed out.i woke up the next day in a very large amount of pain. every b... Read More


What is it like to have MPD ?
I am doing a project on Multiple Personality Disorder.Can anyone contact someone like TWCrew:[email protected] and ask them what it is like to have MPD. Please help.... Read More


Daffy D
does anyone know where you go to become certified in addiction counseling?
do you need a degree or just a certification program...or both. any help would be appreciated. Thanks... Read More


Extremely Wierd feeling!?
everything feels sort of unreal and cant consentrate on myhomework im not on drugs and i dont drink and i haven't been taking any medicine. My body also feels much different than it used to be. ... Read More


Jesse K
can you beieve this?...?
there is some chick on the telly suing a casino because they did not cut her off and she lost everything. DUH..ya' idiot wench. don't you think she should have known better? i am so sick ... Read More


How can i hide the fact that my parents are alcoholics?
I can't bring anyone to my house because im afraid they will see my parents are really drunk and sometimes they say stupid things.....i always have to make up lame excuses like they wont let me h... Read More


OCD, early indicators?
Myself and my older son (of four) have OCD. I have noticed one twin, who is 3 years old, can "mock" you when you're talking, literally staying only one word behind your conversation. ... Read More


how do i control my temper?
i have been so snappish to my fiance..............deep down i wonder if I am trying to push him away...I have felt suicidal for the past week.........I do not know why the hell I would push him away; ... Read More


This is very frustrating. I can't seem to get anything done properly. Is there any way to fix myself?
I had a look at replies to other questions like this one before I posted this one but the question are not entirely similar. I feel so hopeless and aimless at times. I used to be one of those winners ... Read More


What experiences do you have of educating the police on mental health and/or alcoholism in a training session?
Giving a presentation to the police next week on alcoholism and mental health
Additional Details
I am a recovering alcoholic and suffer from Manic Depression - lucklily for me I am more o... Read More


rebecca b
where can i find more information about manic depression?
... Read More


Has anyone had a failed relationship with a borderline personality disorder partner?
I've just reached the 'let it go' stage after a 4 year relationship with a guy with borderline personality disorder. I'm finding it very hard to do as i adored him. But found mysel... Read More


What are panic attacks?
i'm not really quite sure what they are and i was wondering is someone could explain them, or give a scientific definition or maybe an example of one. Or if any of you have them maybe ye could te... Read More


Depression - "special support clinic" ..?
My sister has been diagnosed with severe depression by her GP and has been prescribed strong tablets, but has also made an urgent appointment for her to go to a special support clinic, (she has suffer... Read More


What does it take to be happy?
I once thought I was unhappy because of where I lived and my job so I changed it now I work some place else and live in another country and I still wasn't happy so I thought it was because I was ... Read More


What stopped you from committing suicide?
Or if you know a person who tried, what did one do/say to stop them?... Read More


klutz [:
has anyone out there ever suffered from an eating disorder?!?
+how did it start out for you and when and how did it escalate?

i'm not sure if i have one but it really hit me yesterday when my mom called on her lunch break to tell me to eat.... Read More


What condition could my neighbours' parents have; they don't know how to use a cell phone, a pc, or any?
electronic equipment except a tv that they can barely use; they don't know how to book a holiday and don't understand any joke they hear on tv
Additional Details
they're 40... Read More


Is it wrong that i want to die?
Deaths gotta be easy cuz life is hard. Im just so tired of living a life that i hate, i wake up everyday in shame and injustice. Its gotten so bad i just want to shrivel up and die. In the mornings, i... Read More

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