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 Help I am so stressed !!! How can I relax ?
What can I do other than the obvious glass of wine (or ten) LOL
I have a very full on job that makes me think about work 24/7...
Grrr Im such a chill bird and cant seem to switch off ....<...

 Is there some sort of disorder for people who don't like being around people a lot?
I'm not scared of people or anything. I don't hate them...
but if I'm around people a lot (like say in a busy school week), i get really fired up and angry and tense and stuff. im ...

 Should I just cut myself?
I'm a "recovering" self harmer, I haven't cut myself in four months and before that I hadn't for two years. However, these last few nights I have had a REALLY strong urge to ...

 How do I beat this depression?
For many years I have battled with depression (sometimes for reason sometimes not) and am moderately used to it by now (even if it still cripples me emotionally). But this is new, I seem to have ...

 How do you end sadness - and I don't want religion?

 if someone spends £230 on cocaine a week would you say they have a problem?

 I need some help with Depression...?
I've got a lot of problems in my life, and I really think I am depressed. I'm 14...I'm afraid to tell anyone about my problems and ask for help, because so many people are already ...

 what would you save from a fire?
and it has to be in your sight right now :)...

 I'm off to bed now...What will I dream about?
The suggestion that most closely matches my dream wins.
I will be back in 24 hours......

 What do you think is the best attitude for life?
What do you think is the best attitude for life?
Whats you favourite quote for life?
Thanks ...

 Anyone else share this fetish?
I have a fetish for ceiling fans. I like to run my fingers across the tops of the blades, and vigorously rub the accumulated grime into my gumline. I also enjoy succling on light switches.......is ...

 I can't think straight!?

 How do you help someone having panic attacks?
I know someone who has been having panic attacks for 2 weeks now! They have already been to the doctor and diagnosed now I guess it's just a waiting game for the meds to kick in. Anyway since ...

 What is your cure for anxiety?
Some people chose pills, alcohol, drugs, friends, family, music, art... What's your cure?...

 How can I tell my psycologist I'm suicidal?
I've been planning to kill myself for months now. I wrote out a suicide letter to my brother, the only family member I'm close to. I enclosed a CD I made for him of songs I thought he'...

 i cut myself to get back at my mum.help?
i cut myself a year ago coz of stress i was upset and my mum saw, she was devastated..i told her i havnt done it since

we argue all the time and she really really annoys me i get so angry ...

 What do you call it when somebody quits eating because they're depressed?
I don't think it would be anorexia because for that you have to be obssessed with your weight, but if you just stop eating because there are so many things going on that you can't handle, ...

 How can i stop cutting myself?
well my life is messed up lately ... every time it gets worse i keep cutting myself and now it has become a habit and i need to know how can i stop it !!...

 I'm extremely depressed... help?
Okay, well here's a little background info;

I started high school in 07 and didn't really fit in with anyone there, got bullied, etc. So I didn't make many friends, but I ...

 I can't carry on in my job - it's killing me - please advise.?
My teacher training is making me ill. It's taken all over my life and is making me sick. I've no confidence left in my own ability or my own intelligence. I'm so unhappy and can't ...

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Pistons #1 fan
School problems???????????????
im in grade 9, 14, and a boy everyday at school i have a stomachache (and sometimes feel like im gonna throw up) i don't eat to much, because i hardly eat at night (after dinner) and when i eat t... Read More


Have you ever tried staying up all night for a temporary lift of your depression?
http://www.webmd.com/news/19991116/benefits-sleep-deprivation-depression... Read More


Christian C
Prozac: does it really causes addiction?
the droug now called fluoxac... Read More


Sachin J
is mental strain necessary in daily life
... Read More


GAD, Buspar, and Zoloft?
About three years ago, I was put on Zoloft for depression (200 mg) but eventually tapered down to 25 mg for the past two years. However, my depression has returned and I now have Generalized Anxiety D... Read More


Why do I get manic when I ovulate?
I have bipolar II disorder and I've noticed over the past several months that I have breakthrough hypomania (I am on meds) during ovulation. I've searched the web, but I can't find any... Read More


Am I going Crazy or something!!! HELP?
I had like some sort of panic attack before an audition for a solo. I NEVER get nervous. even when I was auditioning for the actual chorus.

Now I audition for the solo in the chorus and I'm... Read More


is emotionally unstable personality disorder the same as borderline personality disorder?
hey thanks for comin to my question.

i have been diagnosed with emotionally unstable personality disorder with borderline traits. does that mean i have borderline p.d? cos the websites i&#... Read More


Charlotte-Louise (:
Cutting, Self Harm, Self Mutilation..Help ?
So I'm Not Here To Give You My Life Story Or Whatever But If Anyone Know's Of Any Support Websites That Are Online...Not Phone Numbers Or Whatever. Then Could You Put Them Here, I Think It W... Read More


Why do people sleep with the light on if they are scared?
If I am afraid I will sleep with the light OFF so nobody knows I am there.
Additional Details
Like on this song:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xbAYyD0dSM... Read More


subs r de best
i know this may seem late but i need medical attention.serious answers only?
i have been feeling depressed to the point that i just crashed my car yesterday. oh and note for everyone reading this... hitting a parked car at 60 w/o a airbag hurts like hell!!!! im okay physically... Read More


Why am I always so tired?
I am always tired. I try to get enough sleep, but it doesnt seem to help me. Even if I get many many hours of sleep, i will still feel very tired the next day. I always feel light headed, and in a daz... Read More


Smoking in the Boys Room
need some advice to get through this. some help plz?
as of lately, i can't even stand looking into the mirror. it seems i'm always wanting to cry. i thought i had true friends who would help me get through this, but they only care about what&#... Read More


That guy
Why do I feel so wierd HELP PLEASE?
Every since the breaking news on June 25 2009 ,you should know what I'm talking about, I've been feeling different. Like some sort of fear or sadness I don't exactly know what it is. So... Read More


Can citalopram cause nosebleeds?
I only started taking it this morning, for the first few hours I couldn't keep still then that wore off and I have been tired the rest of the day. About an hour ago I had a nosebleed, but I can&#... Read More


Brian M
do's and dont's of a healthy brain?
what are somethings one should or should not do to keep a healthy brain?... Read More


Do mental hospitals brainwash you?
... Read More


Naruto Uzumaki
I just really feel like I don't care anymore is that a big problem?
if I get caught being on this computer for the longest time and running up the price. SO WHAT! I need to be bad. Good Christie doesn't solve anything only creates wars.

http://www.you... Read More


Oliver Clozoff
What if you lost the will to live?
What would you do? I am NOT talking about suicide. I am asking if you coudln't find a reason to keep on moving, what would you do? Run off into the woods? Sit around wait to expire?... Read More


Glacierkid ♥ broken
Mother, may I sleep with danger?
... Read More


Help! I really need help with my fear. Please Help!?
I really need help with my fear it's affecting my health, my self-esteem and my school life. Please i seriously need help.
Additional Details
My Fear of needles is affecting my helth... Read More


Hat on a Cat (Mercedes)
Is Thee Anything I Can Do About Disliking My Face?
It makes me unhappy a lot...Seriously, it's one of the main things I think about...That, and how I'm overweight...

I don't want people to see me...It bothers me...Even around... Read More


Is My Dog Schizophrenic?
He keeps telling me that "Jesus is coming in three weeks, be prepared." I think he might have something wrong with him. It seems a little odd. Also i think my wife is having an affair with h... Read More


Lone Shark of Bliss
Do you think medication is the best solution for Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)?
And where do you draw the line between the mild and severe case, to indicate the point where medication is the only real solution?

Is it ever possible to recover or get back to normal from ... Read More


You Belong With Me
PLEASE ANSWER!! I am really scared, what if I'm getting depressed??!!?
Every night something is bothering me. Once it was because there are children dying in Africa... and most other times is I think of happy thought and just start to bawl. Sometimes I cry because I feel... Read More


I ♥ Cupcakes
Question about my 3 year old daughter...please help?
Okay. It'll take a while for me to write my whole situation but please read it and try to help if you can.

My daughter turned 3 in June and in the last few months , she is a very angry littl... Read More


Have you ever felt so tired of life you didn't want to do ANYTHING?
Is it ever difficult to do even the simplest of things? Like pick up a paper or do your homework?... Read More


Mick Jagger's Other Mate
How could I get some needed sleep . . . . . .!?!?!?
It's 2:30AM & honestly, I'm getting pissed. For the last two hours I've been lying on my bed, unable to fall asleep. **** mates, I NEED SLEEP!... Read More


how do you feel about mark from Smart committing suicide?
i loved watching him on bbc programme Smart, he was wicked i cant believe he would kill himself, what are your thoughts?... Read More


how to deal with company when you're a natural loner......?
i have never had any close friends, things never went that way, and it has never bothered me.

but it really irritates me when people are around(in the house), and especially in my bedroom.<... Read More

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