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 i feel really down and suicidal...is there any point staying alive?
is there a point to going on with life? I have no friends, no family, had mental health problems all my life, hardly leave the house, cant work / do voluntary work go to college because of mental ...

 im 16 years old and am really scared of the prophecties surrounding 2012? i feel cant enjoy because worrying..?
about tthe year 2012 and the end of the world?! what can i do help. i always have symbolic fdreams and these make me worse...thanks!!...

 I am scared to go to bed everynight! Please help, and dont help if your just going to laugh.?
Right, i cant talk to many people about this as they find it hilarious because im 15. But when i go to bed my whole family does too. Im always the only one awake in my house and even though im so ...

 What's the likelihood of my anxiety attacks going away?
Hi. I'm a 23 year old male, and I've recently started to have mild anxiety attacks. The first couple of times were bad; I thought I was really ill, and I went to emergency. It's ...

 Are these some symptoms of depression?
I am always thinking I am gonna die or someone is going to die
Always tired
Cry a lot
Constant mood swings
Drink a lot
Use sleeping pills to be able to sleep
Feel ...

 i need help please :(?
on 28th january 2009 i tried to commit suicide, by taking an overdose
i was taken into hospital and kept in over night, and have had counselling ever since, i am 14 years old.
and now , my ...

 I'm bored with life and I don't know what to do!?
Ever since I was a little girl, all I wanted was to get married, have kids, have a good career, spend time w/ my family & enjoy life. Instead, I'm 36 yrs old, never married, unhappy in my ...

 Could anyone recommend an effective anti-depressant? Prozac & Citalopram haven't worked!?
I've been suffering from depression for two years, following a lot of trauma and stress. Neither Prozac, nor Citalopram/Celexa have worked!

Can anyone suggest an alternative? I should ...

 What's your way of comforting yourself?
If you're feeling down, do you have ways of making yourself feel better? Music does it for me a lot. Enya is therapeutic for me....

 Do you ever feel so lonely, that you feel like you cant handle it anymore?
right now im really lonely... and i wana find a way to get over it =
Additional Details
why do people feel the need to be rude, every chance they get? thank you to those who are ...

 how do i get rid of my anger?
i get angry really easy and i dont like it . it is driving my girlfriend who i love so much away and it hurts please help me !!...

 how can i stop my self from pulling out my eylahses?
and is there anything to make them grow back faster?...

 One ..two..three..four?
Can I have a little more???

go italians...gooooooooo!
Additional Details
oddio stanno rispondendo anche gli inglesi XD...

 Would you continue to live?
If you were 24 years old, no friends (just two people that you see occasionally ONLY to do drugs with), incapable of loving or being loved, learning disabilities that make education impossible, ...

 Do you eat more or less when you are depressed?

 Hey I'm a cutter I have?
been cutting for awile I wan't to quite but I am addicted and I've had thoughts of suicide does cutting have an affect on the thoughts of suicide. I need some one to help me through this ...

 What are some good meds for depression?
I've been dealing with depression for a few years now.. I have been off of medication for around 9 months.. I have tryed zoloft, paxil, and xanax and none of those have worked or either that ...

 I really want to die...Somebody please help me..?
I feel so hopeless. There's nothing in life for me. I don't think I'm going to get into a good college and I'm probably just going to have a mediocre or crappy job. Everyday, ...

 What will happen if someone takes 5 packets of Tylenol (Paracetamol) at once?
Each packet contains between 16 and 32 500mg tablets.

Thank you.


 I feel suicidal and need somebody to talk to anyone please?
If there were any online counseling sites i'd try that; but there aren't. If you have experience/ know how I'd appreciate someone to talk to. I'm only 14 and I'm not on here ...

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I'm Gonna Tell You
What do you think of people who become obessed with you from Y!Answers?
To the point that they follow who you pick for best answer and also follow your questions later just to give their opinon of your last question? Shouldn't stalking be banned from Y! Answers?
... Read More


Hot Coco Puff
Will the stigma attached to mental health ever boil down to being as common and as unfeared as...?
the common cold or the ful virus? Or will those who suffer by no fault of their own continue to suffer in silence for fear of backlash due to their condition?
Additional Details
Colleen,... Read More


Did anyone else have selective mutism as a child? Has it had any effect on you as an adult?
... Read More


Do I honestly have depression? Im so confused with myself!?
I've seen my therapist twice and she made me do a depression test to see how depressed I am. Apparently I scored pretty darn high. Then I did Beck Depression Inventory today, and I scored above a... Read More


On average, how many hours of sleep do you get on a normal weekend night?
This is for a math survey of mine.... Read More


The Tech Junkie
Mental health uk?
To cut a long story short i have had depression & anxiety for 6 years i have been to the doctor he refered me to counseling and also mental health i was told i had clinical depression. Anways The ... Read More


confused on atypical and major depression as well as medication?
I'm disgnoised with major depression but starting to believe it could be aytpical because there is times when I get happy, almost like a high and then when it's over and I'm alone, I sl... Read More


Mark O
What are the syntoms of bi polar depression?
?... Read More


Is Tourettes Syndrome a Psychological disorder?
... Read More


I'm always afraid of what's other people think.?
I'm extremely shy around other people. Only at home, do I feel like myself, but it affects my relationships with friends and family, because I'm always so depressed. I've been told that... Read More


Lone Ranger
Committed a mistake. Need help?
Hi all,

I wanted to share this with someone so that i can feel little better. I kept tjjis to myself all these days and could not stand it any more. I come from a decent family. was good at studi... Read More


I can't take this loneliness any longer and I don't know what to do anymore?
I figured that by 25 I would have met someone in life. However, I found that I haven't and everyone around me seems to be in love and it some how bugs me badly. I don't know why I feel so lo... Read More


Scared person
i have a friend (14) who cuts himself, drinks, runs away, and has thoughts of suicide. how can i get him help?
he is telling me about his problems like cutting, drinking, sometimes running away, and has had worse thoughts. he isn't really my friend anymore though... and it's obvious that he needs hel... Read More


why am i hearing voices?
I have been hearing voices. like i would be home alone and hear my moms voice calling my name. Or like i would hear my brother having a conversation with someone. but i am hearing the voices a lot. be... Read More


severely depressed people only?
Seeing that I'm severely depressed person and have not gone to the Doc in over a year... Do you think the help is out there or are we to live in pain for the rest of our days? If you are like me ... Read More


what r u lookin @
is this normal?
i rationalize things and feel guilty most of the time

is it due to chemical imbalance in the brain, so there's no way to overcome it by myself?

i keep posting tuns of questions on yahoo... Read More


Instant Anger Management solutions?
I'm 21 years old and I'm usually very calm and laid back with my everyday experiences. However, I have been known to get almost uncontrollably angry when I think I'm being ripped off, w... Read More


crack cocaine adiction, rehab, relapse, now using pain medicines?
Hello, My husband's sister was in rehab for crack cocaine aprox 3 years ago. She was clean for a while, abused pain meds for a time, then went back to crack.This was before I married her brother.... Read More


2 people with mental problems under 1 roof??
my partner has depression and i have anxiety/panic problems, when im having a good day he's not and brings me down and vice versa, were both just making each other worse, do you think its wise to... Read More


if i suspect ocd is there a way i can change my behaviour without assistance from others?
i think i have ocd, if you want the full story go to my profile. ok well basically i don't feel comfortable in telling my parents the problem, even though my mum mentioned it before but as a joke... Read More


I know I'm depressed, irritable more like it, which med is the best?
I've been on Lexapro for years, then weaned myself off of them, and was getting really irritable and people/family telling me I needed to get back on them, even called my dr. who put me on them, ... Read More


Anxiety disorder?
I'm 14, and I've been studying GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder).

I fit and have fit many of the symptoms most of my life, such as worrying constantly about small problems and letting ... Read More


why is this ?
i feel at times that im ugly but everyone says i aint but i cant seem to listen to them so ive started to cut myself how can i stop i dont wanna do it put somethings forcing me what shall i do plz hel... Read More


What are the signs that my mom's Alzheimer's is getting worse?
She rarely calls me by my right name and spends no time sleeping. Even the sleeping pills her doctor perscribles does not work. Is this normal for those that suffer from this condition? She will wande... Read More


ika liana
help! cutting myself to feel human!?
i am an empty void. soulless no happiness but no misery either. cutting makes me feel human. you bleed just to know you're alive...... Read More


what am i supposed to do when i get stressed out?
when i get stressed out, i have tried releasing it, by hitting stuff, and i get told 'next time you get stressed, go and sit somewhere quiet, and calm down', but when i try that, i get told ... Read More


Lindsay A
how do you build self confidence?
... Read More


Bi polar or what.?
Okay here is the scoop.

I am what you say clinically depressed the lexapro 20 mg isnt working and I have highs and lows. It is not extreme. I have had suicidal thoughts and next be happy wi... Read More


Vicky Griffith
Anxiety and Depression?
I think I have Anxiety and Depression, I get very nervous and I worry constantly. I'm always unhappy about all the small things in my life that I wish I could change. How can I deal with this it&... Read More


Jeremiash F
What is the best medicine of the soul?
... Read More

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