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know one understands me my life is miserable i cant stop crying?
people say im emo i cut myself and cry alot but i cant stop i need help
Additional Details
my parents don't know about it but my friends do cuz they do it too im scared to tell my parents cuz they will be really mad...

c n
there's a lot of people that go through what your going through. A couple of years ago my friend went through that it now she's perfectly fine. All i have to say is that u should just speak with a school counselor. It's harder than it is to actually speak with someone... so if you can't just speak with a friend.

go see a psychiatrist..why do you cut yourself?

ok. look, i used to get very depressed and cry too, but not to the point were i was cutting myself. my older brother told me to try this: think of a moment in everyday from now on, a happy moment or when your having lots of fun with your friends or whatever. take that moment at night, right before falling asleep and think to your self, gosh life doesn't have to be so bad and miserable. you can have a good life if you want it to be that way. it's just all in the head. think possitive!!
try it :) it worked for me

eric h
try lexapro, ive been on it for a couple months now, know depression spells since then, also lost 20 lbs in the first 3 weeks

so actually you like being miserable. crazy i know but i went through something similar. this sounds kind of like a joke question but just incase ---no one can help you. sorry. its true. until you want to be happy again you wont be.
so ok. i may not explain this perfectly but here it goes: so you know how your cells multiply every millersecond ---for every minute your depressed that many more depressed cells are reproduced and then the more of them you have, the more you want them...its kind of like an addiction.
read some books--self help and what not.
i would say try to meet some interesting people but if your going around being emo not to sure who will be willingly up for that.
i suggest you help someone else. find someoen else with a problem and help them, stop thinking about yourself all thte time. volunteer works good, like at a shelter or something.
and stop listening to sad music. it makes you sad. im not kidding. start listening to techno, or dance music, even that crap pop music like jonas brothers might help.
uhmm...and give people hugs. i know you want to be emo and repress emotion but as dumb as it is they help.
good luck. by the way EVERYONE has been emo at one time or another. i know plenty of people who have cut themselves and you would have never guessed. your growing up thats all. and since your life can't get any worse that means it can only get better. if youve had this much crap something good HAS to happen soon enough. just keep your eyes open for opportunities. TRAVELING is key. hope that helps!

ok, try to right all your feelings down rather the take them out on your self, you havent done nothing wrong, everyone shows emotions in there own ways, and crying is very common, but cutting yourself isnt healthy, try a hobby like horse riding to take your mind off things, this will give you a sence of acheive ment for doing well, and makes you feel in controll of your life, animals are also a calming influence. Also try to talk to your family if you think they will be undersatanding for your situation, Try alternative mehtods, maybe like taking your anger out on boxing, try a punch bag, sounds obvious but this really can help. ands a lot healthier then self harmin,
how old are, you, is there anythink in perticular upseting you, if so think deeply about this and the root cause and how you can change it, or get over it and move on.
Try possitive thinking, i hope this helps you, i do feel for you, just think possitive and maybe try the aboubve
hope this helps x

I agree with leetard...when he said that people here could help you with your issues...did you have a break-up?
Lose a job? parents divorced???? Everything is fixable.
Laughter is my medicine. Hang out with people that will make you laugh and watch comedy movies...like...NACHOOOOOOOOOO Libre. Don't hurt yourself and others that love you.

Zayed S.
you need to go to a therapist.

have you ever stopped to think that maybe you are crying because you cut yourself? there is no way that physical harm can make you feel better. please stop inflicting pain on yourself. tel your parents adn see a psychologist. i had to see my share of shrinks and i am "healthy" enough . lol! but seriously i can empathize with you however i do not knwo your full situation to understand what you are going through. it sounds like you need to talk. email me at [email protected] i', sure i can help you and positive i can understand anything i just need you to tell me more. whatever it is though i have learned that things do ger better.

First thing to prevent any emotion is to accept the reality. You can be in a bad place or a good one but all unhappiness springs from the fact that you want something other than what you have. Prevent this by accepting what you have and then work towards what you want.

You might want to talk to somebody, that will help you sort out your feelings. If you feel this is taking you over, seek medical help.

Do you stay indoors frequently? If so, try going outside. It'll help you take your mind off of the inner pain. Take a hike in the mountain, stroll on the beach, and go to the gym. Make one goal and put your efforts into it. This will divert your attention from depression or at least minimize it.

Also, it's scientifically proven that exercise increases endorphins (also known as happy cells). Exercise literally makes you happier. Try going to the gym everyday. Remember, it's all about maintenance.

Best of luck. I hope a smile visits your face soon :)

Talk to someone immediately.
Here are some hotlines:

July 2009 Bride
if you're cutting yourself... maybe you should go get some help... you don't want to ruin you life. Trust me i've been through alot in life in just 19 years of living and sure some times i felt life was miserable, but i know that if i wouldn't have gone through what i have in life i wouldn't be who i am today.
I never started thinking like that until i started dating the most amazing person i've ever met. but i know that meeting someone doesn't always fill the void that you have.

LeLe ( RIP Bernie Mac)
I know when I'm down I wish there were a magic pill to make it all go away, or maybe a place I could hide out until the sad feelings leave...but since it hasn't worked out that way, I'm just going to pray for you right now that God willsend really great freinds, mentors and family members to be there for you and help you pull through....

Blue Haired Old Lady
Well, go get help. See a counselor or a shrink. Start exercising - it helps with depression - it's a lot better than drugs and leads to a healthier life overall. Get some books on depression and becoming a happy person. It will be worth the investment of a few dollars and some of your time. You are young, your whole life is ahead of you. Learn how to live it right. You can be happy. Books will help a lot. They are like instruction manuals for a happy life. You may have to read more than one, but the answers are out there. Good luck. It is up to you to create a happy life for yourself. No one can do it for you.

research a psychaitrist, you could be bipolar or depressed
if you have insurance call them and they'll help you find a counselor in your area.

Please talk to your parents

Star of the sea
Come on honey you're going to be ok! Life is tough especially if your emotional! Don't beat yourself up - take a deep breath and say to yourself 'I'm going to be ok'

Try not to hurt yourself - try to see that you are worth love! Even though you can't see it - someone ,somewhere needs you or will need you - promise you that that is true!

Be smart and take care of yourself!

Rooting for you


Well, I'd ask to see a Counselor of Psychiatrist.
IF Not, try and stop your self from doing those things.

emily t
pleaase don't cut yourself =[ my friend does that and it makes me sad because i care about him.
if you are an adolescent (teenager) this is what ALL teens go through =] it's just a tough time, trust me, i know.
it's just that some peple choose to handle it differently, and you are handling ALL wrong, my friend.
whenever life gets you down, go do something that makes you feel better. and if that doesn't work, find someone to talk to, someone that you can confide in, even if it's your dog or a journal.
remember, it's just a phase of life, and you will get over this speed bump soon enough, so it's not worth hurting yourself over.
best of luck =]

Daniel L
See a therapist or talk to a counselor, family member or friend. If you self-harm, you need to talk to somebody about it before it becomes a life-threatening mental issue.

btw, what is there to understand about you? maybe if you elaborate, people here could help you with your issues.

Shayla M
ok i had this same problem last year,
dont cut urself, cuz it dont help.
ur only doing it cuz u dont no what else to do. when something upsets you go for a walk in the sun.
Trust me or eat junk food, or watch something funny on TV.
DONT CUT URSELF! it dont help
good luck <3

me and m
coz you have everything in life. go to africa, talk about hiv, help the people there. give them some of the things you own and they will thank you for life.

and dont be ungrateful for what you have. smile for a chance!

talk to your parents.....today!!!!

David D
See a professional.

The Village Oxymoron
Go. To. A. Therapist.

please go to the doctors, you need to talk to a professional.
You may be depressed, they can help
good luck xx

Abigail L
go to a profesional, they can really help and dont feel stupid for going on average most people have gone to a phyciatrist once in their life

Yes, you do need to talk to someone. Is there some hotline you can call or a way you can get to a therapist or perhaps your school can recommend someone?

therapy helps some people but doesn't help a lot of people.
talking is the key. i love animals and playing the piano, i do thigns dealing with those two when i'm down.

think, there's always someone who is having a far more shitty day than you are. believe me.

You should talk to a therapist. They're there especially to help people. You need to stop self injuring. It doesn't fix anything. If you're crying, try to calm down. Think of happy times. If you have a close friend talk to them, or your parents. I'm sure someone out there will understand you.

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