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what r u lookin @
is this normal?
i rationalize things and feel guilty most of the time
is it due to chemical imbalance in the brain, so there's no way to overcome it by myself?
i keep posting tuns of questions on yahoo because i feel unstable to make judgements by myself
my question is there's no need to feel guilty?
when i feel guilty, i can't do anything properly, totally affecting my life, does anyone feel that way?
somebody please tell me that i can be free of guiltiness and i can live as i want
i feel guilty about small things that doesn't have an impact or effect or other people's lives, but im completely not guilty about letting the guiltiness eat me alive

I think that everyone goes through feelings of guilt at times, but if you are having trouble making small decisions, maybe you should think about seeing a counselor, or talking to your doctor. Depression can cause symptoms similar to what you have described. Feelings of guilt are not something that you should have to live with for the rest of your life. Talk to someone that can help you - perhaps all you need is someone to talk to, or you may need more long-term help. Regardless, love yourself enough to talk to someone about this...good luck!

Larry V
no, this doesnt sound normal, nor does it sound like something chemical. sounds like a need for therapy.

Wounded Duck

Everyone is different chill out !!

I know where you coming from and theres no need to be like that- you are sensitive, yes - but you wont get through life feeling like that- you have to live your own life and forget everyone else somtimes- be at one with the world and its surroundings not an island x

Seek therapy for your problems. You need to talk to someone about them and to change your habits.

The Return of Dirty Sanchez
This is one "symptom" of deppression. Go see a Dr. and tell him about it.

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