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Twilight is gay
is there anyway to force myself to be happy?
i always act happy when im around my friends or in front of someone...but im 13 and i haven't gone a whole day with out crying in 2 years now...the details are too long to type can someone just tell me some ways to boost my energy and make me really Truly happy and stop cutting (i started when i was 10/11 and it is addictive)
Additional Details
october 9th 2007 i was 12 and attempted suicide and i wish to god i would have just died statistacs say that immedatly after attempting suicide the person wants to live but thats wrong when the doctors said i might die i said good

I suggest getting exercise everyday, and realizing that your whole life is still ahead of you, and your past, however good or bad it was, is behind you. Many wonderful experiences await you in the future.

It sounds like your depressed so id recommend talking to your doctor, a therapist, your parents or an adult you can trust, but if you really dont want to I suppose you could exercise? Thats my best suggestion (Exercise releases Endorphins which make you happier) And eat chocolate this also triggers endorphin release in the brain.
Or try watch a funny film? I know it sounds stupid but laughing helps.
To stop cutting; wear a rubber band around your wrist and when you want to cut just pull it or get a red pen and just draw on your wrist, scribble on a piece of paper, scream at the top of your lungs, try do something to distract yourself, whenever you feel the need instead of going to whatever you use go in the opposite direction, go outside and go for a walk or just run to work off the stress, fold your arms and shut your eyes tight and just relax or think of something that makes you happy.
You are quite young and you DO have alot to live for..things can only get better right? Good luck and I hope you find happiness xx

I have been there honey and I did everything I could to numb the pain I was feeling, trust me it is not worth it.
Keep in mind that what doesn't kill us only makes us stronger.
You have a purpose.

Pick up an instrument. Guitar? Piano? Bass? Drums? Write poetry. Make a journal - online is most private I've found - and write instead of cutting. Draw pictures - make art. Take up an extracurricular activity - gymnastics, cheerleading, martial arts, softball, soccer. Keep busy.

♠Ace Of Spades♠
What I do is listen to music to make me happy.
I pretty much listen to it 24/7 lol.

It's a really good thing to take my mind off reality. And I listen to happy up-beat music. Your songs are kinda sad lol, not all of them, but some are.

I love you baby, and we're gonna get through this.

You should not FORCE yourself to be happy, but if you wan't to. You should eat lots of protein and exersize. Just BE HAPPY! :-D

Ann R
Dear you need a therapist...
Cutting is a serious issue, don't laugh it off or
stay in pain without seeking help. Everyone
deserves to be happy.

Camilla M
Dear little one,

I dont know your past but please stop the cutting. It is hard to understand what IIm about to say to you, but read and trust me. To truely be happy, you must know who you are. First and most importantly YOU ARE A DAUGHTER OF YOUR HEAVELY FATHER!(God) He loves you emmencly! His heart is saddened to see you so sad. He has given you so much to be greatfull for,like your body, your life, family and Friends that do love you and support you. He has given you talants to develop and share with others, when you, love ans serve others you find a happyness and joy you have never felt, and forget about your own problems. Do th the things that uplift you and not bring you down, You are special, you have gifts, you have som thing to offer to others that is uniqe to you, say that to your self always, and yo will beleve it yourself and achive you dreams!!! :-)


its easy...ask yourself what it is you want most in life and then set a goal and go after that goal. and some day when you achieve your goal, your crying will stop, you will realize you are a woman and that you are special, and you will cry with happiness. life is a pun

What you are experiencing is very common....you are not alone. It is not to say that cutting is a good thing. Of course it is not but it is your way of feeling something other than the depression and emptiness you feel...right?
I worked at a mental health facility that housed adolescents with the kinds of behaviors you are expressing and acting out (cutting and suicide attempt). You are the only one that knows what you feel and the fact that you are seeking some advise indicates to me that you can do something about it. If you can't talk to your parent(s) or family about this you can contact a hot line. You know what to do.....you have been there done that. Suicide is not the answer. Cutting, well, it doesn't make you feel any better after you have done it...right?
Get help....its out there. Keep the lines of communication open. That is terrific on your part...feel good about that!!!

i no what you are going through honestly i think the only thing that could truely help is you is going to the doctor (psychologists) cutting is not your answer. you need to get hlp and fast before it gets worse!! remember there are people out there going through wat you are and there are people out there who really love and care about you!!! don't let anyone on here make you feel bad there just idiots!!! good luck!

If you are this sad than I recommend you go to the doctor. They can get you help. Being open and true to them is the best thing for you right now. Believe it or not this is not uncommon. I hope the best for you :]

Find a club none of your friends are in. If you find something you like to do maybe it will make you happy. Don't take anti-depressants it will only make it worse when it stops working. Surround your self in people you absolutely love. Get away from your old friends they may be the problem. If you have boyfriend tell you need a break and want time to yourself and that its not his fault. Your not alone so don't commit suicide again. Your not alone just keep telling yourself that. There is no way to force yourself to be happy.

there is no one who can type anything to make YOU feal happy.
only you can:/
talk to someone...a parent councler friend...
your NOT alone:))

▐▀▀▼▀▀▌ ►Neophyte◄ ▐▄▄▲▄▄▌
the exercise will increase a hormone called 'endorphins' which among other things are basically what makes you happy.

or try lucid dreaming.

well if itz a problem just dont think about it and if its not jus think why sould i be cryin bout wat im cryin bout

Depression, sadness, and a lack of self-esteem can all hold on to you very tightly. I know it's awkward, and you may not want to, but the best thing you can do is talk to a trusted adult friend, your parents, or your school guidance counselor.

What you really need is to talk to a professional psychologist - they're nice, caring people, and they'll try to help you find out what the root cause of your unhappiness is. They'll be able to find you a way to keep going, and to feel better about yourself and about the world.

I'm always really happy. like, even if i'm having a horrible day. or it's at it's worse. like i really love laughing. so i hang with funny people, or i watch funny things on youtube. and if laughing doesnt help. think of what truly makes you happy in life. dont be sad cuz of a situation. trust me, things will get better. i used to always be down. but now i look at life a whole different way!

Shariga L
it would be a good idea if you ask your parents to go to a thearipest to get your problems out i have the same thing i am always crying about something from someone bugging me at school to not being able to finish my homework but it is not a good idea to cut yourself do also something good i learned take a rubber band around your wrist whenever you eel like cutting yourself lift the rubberband up and let it hit your skin so its not twice the pain you know i learned it from a lot of people but i have never thought about cutting my self and i will never cut myself

¡ (: !
you really need to talk to someone

you should try and find something you like doing when you not around you friends.
like maybe go outside and walk around thats what i do it keeps me entertained.

L.azyE.ccentricA.w yeaL.ovely
well...you should think before u cut yourself...
i mean like think if there really is a good reason in hurting yourself. you shouldn't do it even if it is addicting. hurting yourself won't solve your problems it'll only make them worse. it doesn't help to act happy.
its just telling everyone that you're okay when you aren't. be truthful. tell someone you trust what's on your mind. im going through something similar, but im getting better. be happy young one. you'll find your answers, but they aren't always within yourself which is why you cut yourself. best of luck.

Speak to your parents about this or a trusted adult at school. Theres help available and you need some. Good luck.

Memere RN/BA
You need to find something to occupy your time. Try volunteering at a day care, or a nursing home. You want to see sad? Once you see these people in a nursing home, alone, sick no one to talk to, you will stop feeling sorry for yourself and maybe realize, "yes, there are a lot of people worse off then me." Take on an after school job, like walking someones dog. Try going to a homeless shelter and see what sad really is. I'm not trying to be harsh on you. I want you to know what sad really is. You probably have a nice home, nice clothes, good school, nice parents, 3 meals a day, a nice warm room in the Winter. Some homeless would give anything just for one of those meals that you throw half of away. You need to be with others. Someone who can show you what life is really like. What it is to be REALLY sad. I'm so glad you stop cutting. Another good way to make you happy, pray, Ask God to give you some enlightenment and show you what you need to do. Trust me, prayer works wonders. I wish you the best.

Hi there young one. Listen up, first don't do anything hasty or foolish. If you try to end your life you will suffer a worst fate then depression. Second if you feel your unhappy too often please see a doctor or psychiatrist, you may need a medication to boost your mood up. You could be suffering mood swings or depression or early signs of bi-polar. I have a product that is healthy and good for you it's called ACT. Go to www.drinkact.com/globalprofitsnow . This is a feel good drink that actually works on your cells and boosts your energy and mood. Try anything just don't check out. Let me know how your doing and keep in touch. Rob. [email protected]

go see someone u can tell your problems to.
and theres no way to force yourself to be happy u have to find it even though it might take a long time to. cutting yourself doesnt make the situation better, and you just have to make yourself stop.

i know it's hard. and it'll be even harder to stop. but i'm telling you, never think that there's no way out or that that's the only way to let your pain and frustration out. you need something to take your mind off your problems. i honestly, not being a stuff-religion-down-your-throat person just a regular fifteen year old, would recommend visiting a church. i'm not saying start practicing Christianity and become a holy person and memorize the bible, no. just stop by one. if its a real congregation, youll be surprised by how the people's attitudes are so happy. everyone leaves their problems at the door, and all the jumping around smiling crying [tears of JOY!] clapping and singing changes your whole mood around. you start smiling and can't stop. and if you want to find the reason for their true happiness, talk to a pastor, hear a sermon, read john 3:16.
i'm promising you if you give it a chance, you will not believe how much of a positive change it makes. i'll, not trying to sound annoying or anything, but i will pray for you. good luck and don't give up... theres always a miracle available.

Polar Bare
well, my friend used to cut herself and used to be " emo " but then i just got her hooked on gum, and i just hung out with her. now shes a regular person. so just hang out with you friends that you can be YOURSELF with..

Shanna :)
You can't force yourself to be happy.

Start doing things that enrich your life. Seek help for the cutting, it's dangerous.

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