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is sucide a way out or is it a choice to end pain?
well 31 years old alone dying (hiv) and so angry about it didnt tell anyone and lost my job from the anger dont you think sucude is the way to go or dye a long painful death

No dont kill yourself if you beleive in God and heaven then killing yourself will make you go to hell but still now just live life to the fullest do your best to live your last days the best anyone ever lived theres

you are hopeless..+2

First and foremost you should not commit suicide because it is an offense against God. You should ask God to help you. You have to take your eyes off of yourself in order to look at Him. That is hard teaching but again it is true. It is so important too. If you will force yourself to trust Him and you will take your eyes off of your own pain and problems and put them on Him, in a short time you will realize that things are better. I guarantee it, no I should say God guarantees it! You will only take one more breath if He gives it to you. Do you believe that? Do you believe God loves you? If you answered both of those questions with a yes, then think about it. Why would God give you another breath if all that was going to happen to you the rest of your life was that you were going to be miserable and suffer? That would not be a loving God!! Now it is possible that He might allow you to suffer for a greater purpose.
What if your attitude while suffering is what finally brings your family to Christ? Would it be worth it then? I am not saying that is what it is, but who knows. I do know that God has plans for you and that they are for good not for evil. I also know that He loves you even more than you do. So it makes me wonder.
Talk to Him. Tell Him how you feel. Be honest with Him. You can't tell God anything that He does not already know anyway, but you can lie to Him and yourself too. He wants to be your Father and your friend, but He can't if you are not honest with Him. Tell Him about your pain and your feelings. Get close to Him. Read His word. I know there are things in the Bible that will speak to your heart. It is God's word and He speaks to us through it.

You are some body's child! The pain that your parents would feel would be devastating. You matter to them but mostly to your heavenly father. My grandmother use to say "Talk to God like he is a natural man". Call on him and tell him what's in your heart. call 1800 759 0700 prayer counselor and talk to them so they can pray for you.
God Bless You!

sorry to hear that bro , you still have lots of time to do the things that make you happy , also , if you accept jesus christ as your personal saviour , you can get your free ticket to heaven and live forever , please think about what im saying , if you can get down to your nearest church , they can help you , have a good life brother , Robbie

I suggest that you talk to someone personally about this. My feeling is that quality of life is more important than quantity--but it is very important to think through what "quality" means. This can only be done with another person, not alone. I suggest you talk to someone at a mental health center, a self-help group (Emotions Anonymous is free and very good), or with your physician about who you could work through all of this with. Good luck!

Simon S
Sadly here many people are not aware of the side effects of the medications, the increased vulnerability to serious allergies such as SJS or TENS and so on.

One of the things which seems remarkably understudied in regards to HIV/AIDS is the affect it has on the brain, the increase in Mania, Depression, and pretty much all other mental disorders including Dementia (which I would safely say you don't have).

The increase in viral load and decrease in CD4 count in relation to these mental disorders seems pretty much unknown though it does seem an HIV+ person is not as bad off as someone with full blown AIDS.

You will get the people who figure that because their friend is doing great there should be no problem while they have never looked into any studies and their conclusions even if the studies were limited.

60% of HIV+ people end up with some kind of psychiatric disorder as opposed to the general public which is minimal compared.

People with pre existing conditions get worse. These conditions are generally treated and successfully so with pre existing medications used for psychological problems.

Depression seems to be the easiest to treat so getting to your doc and ESSENTIALLY making sure it does not effect or will not effect your HAART drugs is essential for both compliance and at the end of the day so it will not end in your choice of meds becoming more limited due to drug resistance.

Get to your doctors tomorrow! See him about treatment for depression and in the mean time look for something to calm you down a little till the meds kick in (which they won't for a few days possibly).

Also you should consider group or one on one therapy, etc, there are a lot of options to meet people in your position.

Edited to add - You should try to see a Pdoc (psychiatrist) who specialises in HIV related conditions or at least one whom can speak with your normal HIV doc to assure there is no probs with the meds and so on.

I believe that you should commit your life to helping others prevent from getting the sickness that you have. There are still so many things left to do in this world, and you can't just assume what will happen and choose to end your life! That's a cowards way out. You still have people to meet, places to see, and stories to share. You will be a blessing to those who you share your story to.

dude, i read somewhere that if you do suicide it's not end of pain or way out of misery at all, in fact it becomes even terrible after that, you get stuck in some useless eternity or something out of which you cant get out, the idea is you must die naturally or without yourself interference at least, i read it in some pretty smart but alternative literature, anyhow since i found out this i've quit on thought about suicide, as much as i dont like that, so pls for your own sake bare it and if it will be meant so die from hiv, it will be more painfully maybe, but you will be relieved afterwards at least, also dont lose hopes on living life too early either, search and learn different healthy and alternative lifestyles and food, it may sound dumb, but really there must be a way out, everything has anti power, and if hiv officially doesn't yet, dont rush anyway they might just just discover it, well what i mean dont hurry, you will have plenty of time to die, but what if this is only chance to live a life? you never know..also you never know what will happen tomorrow, and what if something good happens? all the best, good luck and hang on there please!

I think you need to hang in there and seek some support.

good luck to you.

suicide isnt the answer your looking for, as for the painfull death surely they can prescibe pain killers
go see your gp and explain how you feel as they are there to help

psych major
There are lots of treatment options for HIV now. So just because you have HIV doesn't mean you are going to die. You can have a long, happy, relatively healthy life. I can only imagine what you are going through but there are people that love you and suicide is the most selfish act. Have you gone to a therapist or anything? Antidepressants could help you also. I see that you didn't tell anyone, but maybe telling a professional therapist, who has to keep everything confidential, would help. Maybe just talking about it and how it makes you feel could really help you out. Reach out for help. Even if you don't tell someone about the HIV, just reach out to a friend or family member that you trust. Just talk and tell them you are depressed.

it is the answer if you want it to be, well it is our own fault(HIV, losing your job), so dont be a coward and take the easy way out


wang l
talk to your aids counsellor. we can help you here.

Bashful Bondage Bunny
suicide happens when pain exceeds resources for coping with pain.

My uncle has aids and between family, doctors, friends, and medication his is living a good life. He was able to find a partner who accepts him and his condition. Talk to someone you trust..... sometimes it helps.

summer 369
NO! Being HIV positive is not an automatic death sentence. Look for a support group in your community and join. I'm sure you are not the only one in your community who feels the way you do. But definitely do not kill yourself!

see for me it was choice to end my pain. there seemed to be no proper conclusion coming out and hence i resorted to such an extreme measure but i was saved. when there seems to be no end to the pain we are undergoing through then this extreme step comes to our mind.

It's amazing what doctors can do these days, but if it is in your mind to do so, please join a group and see someone one on one.
You are beautiful and we need people in this earth like you, so true.

Suicide is a way out. Who cares if your dying, your alive right now...typing this question aren't you? HIV or a brain tumor, your still waking up everyday, taking a breath, your alive. It wont matter how long it takes before you go. Your here now so make the most of it. Just because you have HIV doesn't mean you don't deserve to live, no matter how painful and hard it gets. You only get one life...


Live as long as you can. There's still so many things to experience. You can learn all you can and teach others. Others will remember you for who you are and what you have done.

People will remember that you fought for life and to help others.

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