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is it weird that I'm affraid of penutbutter?

Additional Details
I'm afraid I'll suddenly become allergic to it and my throat will close and I'll die
cause I have alot of other allergies

Rachel G

yes, why do you fear it?

Kate C
Most likely. I have never heard of anything like this. Are you afraid of anything else?

Yeah it's kind of wierd, but people are afraid of everything.

Don't be so worried, the chances are it will do less damage in your mouth.

but peanut butter is so GOOD!


It's not weird at all! many people have diffrent fears, i knew a girl who was petrified of tin tomatoes! lol It just a irastional fear which can be overcome. if it's bothering you go to your doctor, or go forh yourself, and just eat it, keep doing this until you feel confident it's not going to hurt you. if you had a allergy, you would know by now. you don't just "get" one overnight! Goodluck!

If you are allergic to a lot of things then it's your right to be afraid of peanut butter because you might get an allergic reaction. I don't think it is weird to be afraid of peanut butter. I mean I'm afraid of getting paper cuts but when I do get one, it isn't as scary as I thought but everyone has those little things they are afraid of.

Mark K

If you are afraid of developing an allergy, see a doctor. It's not a "weird" thing. You may just be over-cautious.
People have died from being allergic to peanuts, shell-fish, wheat gluten, and other food products.
As for spiders and other things, you aren't alone. On the other hand, there are superstitions that some people won't violate. I won't walk under a ladder, for instance.

well considering i'm addicted to the stuff and had no idea sum 1 could be afraid of it, then kinda......why?why would you be afraid of somthing so perfect!?

if ur alergic yes...if ur not id consider a therapist...peanut buutter is your friend

no thats not wierd at all. Its not any wierder than being afraid of a spider. Everyones brain is different so its nothing you can help. If you are allergic to other things, its probably just worry that makes you afraid. If it really bothers you, maybe you could go to the doctors to see if you are allergic or not but im not sure if u can do that.

bam bam is single
no it isnt weird cuz u r afraid of diying b/c if u eat it then ... u know what happens

so no it isnt weird

No it's not. There is something dark and mysterious about peanut butter, but wait!! You are bigger than the peanut butter! You can beat him. Now he is afraid of you. Pull out a butterknife and jab him repeatedly smearing his persona all over a slice of bread, then emasculate him by covering him in jelly. hahah..That 'll show him whos boss. Don't eat him though...Jeeez that would be harsh.

now what?
u're only scared of it because u know it might kill u.

shy one
no because its the way you are

Not weird,it may sound a silly fear to some,but you have your reasons for being afraid of it and thats normal.

Hey,this might make you feel better.
This lady is scared to death of pickles :o)


Hopefully Helpful
Try to figure out what it is that frightens you about peanut better. Does it make you think of something awful?
Does it remind you of something you do not like?
What about the way it looks? Does that bother you?
How about the way it feels when you spread it or when it is in your mouth? Try to connect what feelings come up when you are around peanut butter. Maybe long ago something frightening happened while you were eating peanut butter and you can't remember what it was.
I hope this helps. Good Luck.

No, the consistency is absolutely terrifying. I'm usually a fan of thick and delicious, but not when it's forced into a jar.

Jen Wilson
Believe it or not, there is a name for a fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth. That means it's pretty common. So it must be pretty common for people to be scared of peanut butter, too.

some ppl r afriad of socks, some ppl are afriad of germs or feet, i've never heard of being afraid of peanut butter! but if it's possible i suppose it's "normal"!


Yes Because Peanut Butter....Will Kill You.
ask yourself what is so scarey about it.
eat it and see what happens...

have fun

not at all everyone has different feers!Q im scared to death of sudden movements =]

TTC #1.
well the stuff is gross,so it doesnt surprise me.

It's not weird if you are allergic. Or you have good old Arachibutyrophobia, the fear of peanut butter in your mouth. :P

Lexi lynn
is it weird people are affraid of dogs, cats, spiders, enclosed spaces...i dont think so

Eric C
I think that phobia is a little uncommon but I'd hesistate to call it "weird"

... saw a woman on tv who was deathly afraid of mayonaise, so I guess a peanut butter fear isn't THAT far fetched.

not weird. just different from other peoples standards.

I'm scared of aliens :3

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