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I am 30 yr old male, having negative thoughts disturbing my concentration & fear about death. How to avoid this....

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Bob B
is it okay to have dreams like this?
i dont know why but lately i have had dreams about seeing my grandma naked or is this just this because of going through puberty?

that is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not normal. that is the sickest thing ive ever heard. you should seek professional help and you need to sort through those issues. that is not normal and is plain gross.

lol eeeww

The Crazed n Insane
DUDE THTS MESSED UP!!!!! there r sumthngs we keep to ourselves n thts definitly one of 'em

uhmm im pretty shure thats pretty gross and u shouldnt dream about that... yeahhhh

umm i don't know what to say he he out of words
the question is a little too much for me

The Beatles ♥
omg. creepy perv.

i dont know buts thats pretty freaking deaky man LMAO

noo ! ewww !

I would say it's normal even though most people would deny having dreams as such. I would say it's just puberty that's doing it to you - you are interested in the female body and you therefore dream of a female whom is close to you (I'm guessing she is, otherwise you probably would not dream of her). You don't have to worry - you'll get over this and start dreaming about younger girls, about your age. You just have to hope these dreams will end soon (unless, of course...you like seeing your grandmother naked?).

EW lmao !!!!!!
that's weird

In the Pink
We can't really control what we dream about. I think dreams are made up of a strange mixture of all of our conscious and sub conscious thoughts. When we dream our brain mixes thoughts up like a big pot of soup. You never know what your going to get. What we dream about is not at all what we really feel in our conscious state. In other words, don't worry about it. We all have extremely disturbing dreams at times.

it could mean a lot of things. I wouldnt say i could relate to you because the only weird naked dreams i've had are of my best friend and it didn't freak her out when i told her because we are both studying psychology at that time.

There's this website that can help interpret your dreams, it's like a dream dictionary:

hope that helps

well.. have you accidentally walked in on her changing when you were little?
if so.. yes its fine.. you're just reliving bad memories

haha funny dream i think it is foreshadowing of what can happen idk but it could also be puberty, but if it was puberty then that means you were attracted to your grandma so i don't think that's the case.

its probably something psychological (doesnt mean you crazy) dreams usually express the subconscious in different ways. it doesnt mean your a perv or anything. just keep living your life, and if your really curious as to what it means, go to a psychiatrist and find out. dont get alarmed.

its no problem you brain is just mixing thoughts u have throughout the day such as seeing a hot gilr naked and your grandma it doesnt meen your a grandmother ******

Um thats very odd. lol, why would you see ur naked grandma in a dream? Do you feel lust for ur grandma? I see hot girls in mine. Dont know what else to say. =P

as long as when you wake up you realize that its not something you actually want... you cant really help what you think when your unconscious

eww.....well, im pretty sure everybody gets a weird dream everynow and then

Fishin' In the Dark

It's me
Dreams are just dreams, I've had nasty dreams, but they're just dreams

Show Me Your Soul
Yes, it is because you are going through puberty. Don't worry, you are not a sick perv. =) It's OK.

That's perfectly normal. We all see your Grandma naked.

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