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 Could i be addicted at 15?
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 i feel so depressed but dont want help?
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 do i need help to stop cutting?
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 How can someone on Y!A think they can diagnose you with a mental disorder or personality based on 1 question?
Based on a brief question, 1 lady called herself, trying to diagnose me with Cluster B personality traits & narcissistic. No one has ever called me that before!

& I know I have low ...

 why do i always sleep?
i sleep, wake up and eat, watch tv til i fall asleep again, and im only getting worse. im falling asleep typing this question right now? help me?
Additional Details
i sleep 12 to 18 hrs ...

Ok whenever something happens like my head will hurt and I automaticlly think I have a tumor, or other thinks like that. I just get ...

 What could be wrong with someone who is unable to hold a minimum wage job? Can't pretty much anyone do an?
adequate job at one?...

 Why am I having so many nightmares?
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 help i don't know what to do?
Recently i have started getting bullied at school because i am clever and the teacher have reconized that i have improved and my 'friends' are not happy because i am better then them. Also, ...

 how would you describe this girl?
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 Apart from shooting myself, is there any cure from absolute grief?
I'm looking for reasoned answers here, not from r&s people.
I'm losing control of my perception of reality. What is the point of stuggling on through a debiliating illness and ...

 im very depressed someone help :[
I am a 14 year old girl, im really depressed and just feel really worthless.
i feel like all my friends secretly hate me.
i feel very unattractive.
i feel that people find me boring ...

 Am I crazy, or do I have special powers?
One day when I was at work, using my calculator, I was about to press the 8 button, but it suddenly disappeared!
Later when I drove past Mobile 8 (As I usually do on my way home from work), T...

 i'm so unhappy, plz help?
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 Self harm, Think i'm losing it?
i started about 2 3 years ago ermm it started off first time ever was at work. then when i started getting depressed and was numb and panicie. now i do it for them reasons plus i see the scars and ...

Honestly, today I was more depressed than I have ever been... I spent a good majority of the day thinking about how I would kill myself....came up with the sleeping pill strategy . Now I feel a ...

 I don't known what to do...?
My friend is in the hospital for cutting himself and it's all my fault. He has a history of doing things like this. I stopped him from doing it before but I couldn't stop him this time and ...

 Okay really embarasing....................shy.......… can't help it...
Um, I am like, mentally stable, don't worry.........but I am sooooooooo scared of people. Like, when I see people I don't know.I like hide, or totally try and ignore them. they just SCARE...

is drinking alone wrong?
if your bored and alone and you just want to make something interesting/have fun. nothing to do with drowning anything out. is that ok?

Meaning of life
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To a certain extent. I think it's sad to drink alone, in my personal opinion. Having a beer or two alone isn't bad, but I personally won't drink hard liquor by myself.

As long as it is not everyday then thats okay..u might be really bored tho

D!vA grr..!
If your legal No way!
If you arent legal Oh yea!

Personally i would rather smoke a joint. i hate getting drunk.

sorta. its a sign your an alcoholic, unless your just having a really bad day.

I think it's fine...get a lil buz, chat online, Y!A, watch Tv, eat and relax. Just don't let it get out of hand.

It's not wrong but maybe a waste of time/money don't use yahoo answers as an excuse to drink more.

Moderate drinking has actually been proven to be beneficial for ones health. Red wine is typically rich in anti-toxins and has also been known to lower the chances of various cancers. Alcohol in general is typically considered more healthy than most sodas (alcohol being made from various grains, whereas soda is made from chemicals you can't even pronounce). That's not to say you should drink yourself into a stupor on a daily basis, but to say it's bad for you is a little far from the truth.

Ummm. Do you do it often? or is this a once in a looooooong while thing?

if the answer is the former, no.

If the answer is the latter...what the heck? Go for it.


its not wrong

pink zebra
no its fine to do that

I'm guessing it all depends on the situation. Drinking to the point of getting drunk regularly on your own would probably show there was a problem. If you're going to have fun drinking, it would be better to do it with others - drinking should be a social activity as it is kind of depressing doing it on your own.

Abby C
i guess. itss weird. invite people over. party

Oh my gosh! What a bunch of weenies. Drinking alone, in and of itself does not make one an alcoholic. When I drink a wine cooler, I prefer to drink it alone. I drink it to relax, not to listen to people babbling on and on around me. I drink my one wine cooler, a couple times a week. I drink it at home. I do not feel I have a problem. My friends like to go out to drink. This poses a huge problem, as one of them drives and they have all been drinking. The way I see it, these weekend social drinkers have a much bigger problem than I do!

Just another guy
Well, drinking for me is recreational, i only do it on occasion and with my friends. Not saying i wouldnt drink everyday if i could get all my friends to drink all the time hah. But i think by yourself would be a sign of alcoholism, im not saying thats you but thats my opinion.

its not wrong but you really shouldn't drink alone one day you're probably gunna end up doing something stupid when you get wasted and you'll most likely regret it

but if you really want to then go for it.

it's not wrong but it's sad.
and it might be dangerous because who knows what you'll do drunk without someone there

if your that lonely that ehh.. what the hell go ahead!

Alex S
I'd say move on to something more fulfilling like Opium or Marijuana

Why would you think that it's wrong?

It's not wrong unless it's affecting your life in negative ways. If alcohol is causing you problems, it's a problem.

Nalon C
no its not wrong at all. it makes things more interesting and fun. I mean as long as your not getting bombed no body else should care. The only reason people should care if it becomes an everyday thing

You can come drink with me??? BYOB hahah

if you dont drive home drunk then drink away!
but there are other things you can do that are more fun then drinking alone.

a glass is fine but to get drunk thats pretty depressing

Nahhh, it's not wrong if you don't do it all the time. I am right now, actually.

yeahh, drinking is bad overall.

G&J's Mommy
Yeah its fine, as long as its not an everyday thing. Thats when it becomes a problem.

If you don't do it every night, then no, it's not bad. Once it turns out to be an every day thing, I would think it is a problem.

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