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i have made a list of everything that i want to do b4 i die but, everytime i look review it, ...

 Suicidal, have asked for help and nothings happened?
I don't know what to do anymore.

I have told my GP and Key worker how I am feeling. My psychiatrist says theres nothing else can be done. I have rang the samaritans and the crisis ...

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 was it a suicide attempt?
my mate.

took 13 paracetamol
night nurse
broke his knuckle
cut his wrists
got drunk

cutting his wrists didnt work as the blade was blunt and when he pushed ...

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 Is it possible to be a well-adjusted, kind and loving adult even when you had a shitty childhood?
Like many people I'm sure, I had a pretty terrible childhood. I spent next to no time with my parents, who were always busy and working or doing other things. It was incredibly lonely. My father ...

is anyone going through what im going through please help?
my childs father in i was in a relationship for a year in a half we now have a 1 year old daughter in a baby on the way 5 month pregnant. were not together anymore now cause he left me 3 months ago cause i didnt get an abortion. well anyway i just found out that he already has a girlfriend in shes 4 months pregnant in he lives with her. when i found out i was so hurt in just started crying cause he dosent do anything for his daughter dosent see her or buy her anything. just last week i was taking a walked in i saw him in he just walked past his own daughter in he didnt say anything to her in that shocked me cause i didnt know he was like that. its ok if he dosent like me but at least say hi to your daughter in when i found out that he has another baby on the way i just started crying so what sholud i do please be positive.


Sounds like you're a really silly person.

God help the children you are producing.

Before you have children you should get an education and then a job.

The word 'dregs' comes to mind.


22 and Lovin it!!
okay..first it's really annoying how you use the word "in" instead of "and"....second...it's really your fault too that this happened..you really should have looked better before you decided to start a family with this jack [email protected]@

I say just leave him and get away from him..he's a bad influence...go find a man who loves you and respects you.

You need to use the word "AND" instead of "in"!! It makes you sound very uneducated and immature. Get help with your children because you seem like you are an emotional mess. Have you considered adoption?

Alli Marye Tha Super Aminal
get a divorce if needed. find someone new and dont have anything 2 do with him. hopefully the other person will b better and can act as a father figure 4 ur children.

I am not getting preachy, but the best way to solve/forget/get over these situations is to develop a relationship with God. I am not trying to promote any religion, but if no one ever supports and understands you, well, one person does, and never will forget you. Hope that this will inspire you!

Listen love,
I wish I could be more positive as you asked but the fact is there is nothing positive here. Your "MAN" is nothing of the sort. He got what he wanted from you and he has gotten what he wanted from the next one down the line. Unfortunately the universe is not fair. Women continuously make the mistake of thinking he will change or that they can change him. It won't happen. You made a bad mistake in judgement and now all you can really do, is stick it to him as hard and fast as you can before woman #2 does. File for custody, file for child support, file for food stamps and anything else you can think of. Because he is never coming back and if he does it will be because he thinks he can get more out of you or he thinks he can get you to stop getting more out of him. Go to Legal-Aid. It's free and they WILL help.

heyy dont worry that just means you are a better person than hm and mabey you should start looking for someone as well. i havnt been in a problem like that i am only 12 and if was wold be crying to. you could see a speciltest to help or a really close friend.

hope this helps =]

im sorry you are going through this, my sister had the same situation with her daughter. the guy asked my sister to get an abortion but she refused to. he told my sister he dosnt want anything to do with the little girl and he dosnt want to be in her life. it broke my sister but she said forget him, if he isnt gonna give my daughter the respect and the father she needs then forget him... its not worth it to make my daughter and myself mentally unstable with a stupid man. yes it hurts but she is better of not thinking about it. she currently found a new man who has married her and he loves her daughter like she was his own and now my sister is pregnant with his kid and they plan to be a great family. my advice is forget him... u can do much better. some man r just idiots... one day u will fall in love with another man and im sure he will accept the kids has his own. dont let this effect your health, things will get better for you!! look towards the future and see how wonderful your daughter and future baby is and all the joy that comes with it. i hope this helps!

Then don't see him or have anything to do with him anymore. My dad just walked out when I was a baby, i'm 16 now and i've never had a conversation with him in my life although i've seen pictures of him. I wouldn't ever want to meet him, but if your daughter does when she's older then she can easily find him.

sweet disposition
you should just walk confidently, and show that ****** that you can move without him. Just forget about him. he's crap. are you married with him? Get a divorce if that's the case.

Well you see what his true colors are like. Hunny don't get rid of the baby coming unless YOU don't want it. NOT HIM! Don't give him the satisfaction of what he did to you! Don't cry in front of him or you are showing him that you are weak to him. Think of this as a blessing in disguise to get away from him. If he didn't say hi to his own daughter just think of what he would of done to you or your children in a bad way if he stayed with you. You don't need a piece of **** like him. You don't need him plus you should take him to court now for child support. If he does happen to give up his rights as father to you and Yall's kids, then he is a low life that you dont need in your life.
People like him should have their balls cut off for that. I think you will do fine without him. Just have pity on the next girl he gets with and what she will have to go through with him b/c you already know.
& if he comes crawling back to you, OMG! Just give him the cold shoulder and act as if you didnt see him just like he didn't see his baby. If he asks to come back to you, tell him no b/c there is actually a chance where he will treat you the same or worse.
Good luck.

sue the ****** for child support, you play you pay!!!!
sorry chica, best of luck to you :)

Look up child support in the government pages of your phone book. Call them and say the same thing you said here. It's one of the few things our government does well. It gets child support from those that ignore their responsibilities.

Just know that you did the right thing in choosing to keep your bundle of joy. Always remember that your children will always love you and never leave you. Also his behavior is very childish to his children. Explain to your kids that dad has made a decision that he is going to live somewhere else and you don't know when he come see them. Don't put them in the middle or hurt their feelings. Maybe dad will come around and if not when the kids are old enough they can make their own judgments about him. Believe me when I say I have allot of respect for you. Choosing to keep your unborn and to keep your head up in such a trying time just shows what a powerful woman you are. I wish you the best of luck. Keep yourself surrounded by family for support!!!!

In response to Christine S.. That was really harsh!

grant -w
To be honest I think your daughter is better off without this type of guy as a father. Hopefully you'll meet a great guy who is going to be a great father to your kids.

Stephanie W
What do you mean: "What should I do?" Go to court file for child support and move on. Raise your child to not be as gullible as you seem to be. GROW UP YOU ARE A MOTHER NOW!

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