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 i'm mental help!!!!?

im very depressed someone help :[
I am a 14 year old girl, im really depressed and just feel really worthless.
i feel like all my friends secretly hate me.
i feel very unattractive.
i feel that people find me boring and im always left out.
even when its me and my two best friends hanging out, its always the two of them leaving me out meanwhile im the one that introuduced them to eachother.
i just hate myself and my life cant get any better.
Im also going into highschool in september and im so afraid that im going to be picked on and my friend told me theres a couple of bullies in that school. i know no one will like me.
any advice? :[

I think we all go through these periods of self doubt. I'm 36 now and as a kid in high school i got picked on also. Just apart of life. whats important if that you know your a good person, attractive, interesting person and it will all fall into place eventually. as far as the bullies, don't be afraid to report anything happening to you and if its an option maybe change schools for a fresh start. Good luck.

Don't worry honey..We have all been in your place when we were younger..You are at that age where you think everything is wrong in the world and you get depressed easily..Just calm down...and do fun things that you like..it will calm you and you will see it will get easier as time goes..things always turn out better than you think. :)

I'm almost 14, and I know that as we get around this age, we start getting major self-esteem issues.
But the truth is, you really aren't as unattractive as you think you are.
And if you feel that way around your friends, talk to them about it! I'm sure they would understand.
Find something you love. Something that just makes you forget about everything else. For me, it was sewing and baking. I have to pay a lot of attention, so my mind cant focus on anything else.
Get some exercise. Endorphins! (Is that how you spell it?)
You'll do fine in high school. If you do get picked on, do not be afraid to tell a teacher. You're not a tattle-tale if you are worried about getting beat up.
Hope that helped =]

im 14 and going into highschool to as far as advice goes, maybe just hang out with one of your best friends at a time, and as far as bullies, most of them turn out to be depressed or be dealing with issued themselves, i think bullies should be the least of your worries. good luck and i hope you can resolve everything.

Melissa W
First stop downing yourself.
Everything will work itself out. Every single person that was 14 and getting ready to go to high school went thru the exact same emotions that you are right now.
As far as your friends, most times when there are 3 girls together, one of them is gonna get left out some. That is just the dynamics of it.
Just believe in yourself. Take a deep breath, and be yourself. By the end of September you will be loving high school!!!

first,be more optimistic of yourself..maybe its sounds weird for you,but its really normal to feel that way,i always a bit scared everytime the school start cause i thought nobody would like me..

about your 2 friends,i think the problem is just that you are not really have anything incommon with them so they kinda left you out,you should try to make more friends and be comfortable with who you are...

true friend would never let you down..and i'm sure not all your friends secretly hate you,just learn to love yourself (but don't be so arrogant tho)

good luck!

don't worry. i have felt the EXACT same way before. I can't really say that I did anything to make myself feel better - it just goes away with time. And if you feel alone, try to approach your friends and make plans to go shopping with them or something - if they go, obv. they like you. it will make you feel better. also, try to make a new friend, that will make you feel a little better too.
oh. and don't worry about the bullies. who cares what they think about you? just be yourself and don't let them get to you. if they see that they are hurting your feelings, they will know that they accomplished what they set out to do, and will keep doing it. trust me, i was bullied when i was a loser like 5 years ago. but now i am pretty popular, and everyone seems to have forgotten about it.
and if you feel unattractive, try to spice things up. getting a new haircut or wardrobe can make you feel a lot more confident about yourself.
good luck and i hope you feel better :)

Yogiraj Ramanandtirth
Please consult a psychiatrist for help. I don't want to name the illness as you may get alarmed and feel more 'depressed'.

im 14 and im going to be a sophemore in high school what can i say most teens go through a lot off problems these days and my advise is to just be your self start out new in high school this could be a chance for you to make new friends meet new ppl that you have things in comon with and dont hate your self and if your friends ditch you then dont mind it just try to join sports and stuff at school well thats the best advise i have well hope it helps and good luck in high shcool

Uncle Turk
If you do have depression issues, talk to your parents and get to see a counselor and/or go on meds. If your just in a downer mood, cheer up. Your 14, you have the world in front of you. Make some new friends since your starting high school, get involved in some clubs that you enjoy

here's some music that will make you feel better descriptive of your situation. Listen to this honey http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtaeY_m8-ww

Just keep your head up! your a human being its natural too have these feelings. Hell i get them sometimes, but its usually cause im indoors on a boring day and i feel like poop. You are special in every sense of the word. I cant even begin too tell you how much people i have meet that treat themselves like this, when really they are so cool.

Stay positive!

go running.. i know it sounds weird but its proven to make things better. Also have a positive outlook on things. im 14 ftw:) we have similar problems almost everything really.
i would also just figure it this way not like ur ever going to see them once ur 18 n therer probably going to work at mc d. or just be a loser. dont let it bother you:)

Go to highschool with the attitude to study hard! Who cares about what others say-what you think about yourself is much more important. Also, you should do some extracurricular activities like clubs or other organisations...this would look great on your transcripts and your future resume...I suggest that you concentrate on bettering yourself..the social politics will take care of itself. Have fun!

Lisa Marie
There is bullies in every school and every body gets picked on at one point in time. If you are yourself and relax then you will make new friends.. sometimes even when you don't want them. There should be clubs and sports to get involved in and meet people/ friends. Looks have very little to do with being attractive, it is much more about confidence. Those chicks that plaster their faces on everymorning they have confidence that their make up is hiding the fact that they are superficial freaks. Have confidence that you are more than that.

Listen to Saving Jane and Avril Lavirgne they are great female confidence boosters.

being at your age is tough i'm only 17 and stuff like that used to happen all the time i mean it was only a few years ago for me if you'd like help on depression and stuff send me an email at [email protected] being at your age and a first year in highschool is real tough i was the same way and suicidal at that age but don't ever let it get to you don't ever give up let me know how things work out for you

Jesse M
Be positive! Do things YOU like. If you do things you wanna do, you can meet people who will actually like you. It doesn't matter what you look like. Tell yourself things you like to hear! Don't make it harder on yourself by feeling so depressed. If nothing helps, you can always go to a psychiatrist. You're not weird if you need some therapy, you just have some problems that you can't work out on your own. If you keep trying to solve your problems, eventually you will have a breakthrough.

Poeple like people who like them self look in the mirror and teel ur slef all the thing u hate about ur self then go back and tell urself all the thing u do like.Chances are there are more positives than negatives. if u can't find any ask ur friends for help and if u still feel horrible talk 2 ur parent u need someone 2 talk 2 .

Don't let the simple things bring you down. You need to be positive and like yourself for who you are. Besides, when you're in high school people change and you meet new people. You'll make plenty of friends that will like you for who you are. You'll probably become the cool person in high school if you're positive about yourself. You may feel unattractive, but you're just maturing into a young woman. It's the person you mature into that becomes beautiful. Everyone is unattractive when they're young. I used to be overweight and now I work out and wear contacts. You can take a guess on what I may look like.

I feel the same way that almost everyone hates me inside,and maybe its true...and you'll get picked on,all the newbies do lol hope this helped

I have suffered from depression/anxiety for two years, so i know what your talking about. think that you need to get some self esteem and confidence. Once you truely have confidence in who you are as a person, you will feel better with yourself. You won't feel unattractive, you will feel less left out and you won't be so paranoid about what people really think of you. I know when you feel depressed and not very attractive, i know how hard it is to feel somewhat positive about yourself but i think you need to believe that your not worthless. You need to believe that your friends don't hate you, believe that you are worth something. Once you believe in yourself, you will see a difference in the way you are treated and the way you treat yourself

when you dwell on what you dont like about your life...your situation will be much worse. I went through the same thing when i was younger...but i finally realized that it wasnt the people disliking me that caused me the most pain- it was me not appreciating myself. learn to love yourself and be comfortable in your own skin and people will learn to do the same.

Don't worry. That's normal at your age. Be yourself and to hell with what people think.

You couuuld see a therapist. But if you want you can contact me on AIM and we'll talk. Catisqueen101 (I know I shouldn't be givin' that out but whatev.)

;) Dun worry, I'm sure you're just scared about High School. It's not as scary as it sounds, trust me.

Blub blub blub
Hey! you're talking about me! Thats exactly how I felt when I was your age.

E X A C T L Y!

its hard. if people respond to you and say "oh just be yourself", thats a bunch of crap because its hard to be 'yourself' when you feel like no one likes you. right!?? right.

its just a one day at a time thing. one day at a time. it gets better in time, i promise.

honestly i think it's the time in you're life..
when i was your age i was too very depressed and down a lot..but as i got older i gained self confidence and realized how blessed iam to be living..
no matter what you think...people care about you!

First of all, you've got to change your perspective. I am sure people like you. For fourteen you can type and spell a lot better than some of the adults on this forum. There is something right there. Stop worrying about if other people like you and make sure that YOU like YOU. Thats the most important thing, really. Be yourself. Imitation is suicide.

Have fun. Its only school...remember at the end of the day its not your INTIRE life. Join groups and stuff that you enjoy but don't be forced into anything.

Plus, anyone who picks on you feels TWICE as bad as you do about yourself. Trust me.

Hang in there. It gets better.

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