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im 16 years old and am really scared of the prophecties surrounding 2012? i feel cant enjoy because worrying..?
about tthe year 2012 and the end of the world?! what can i do help. i always have symbolic fdreams and these make me worse...thanks!!

Read the Bible, go find a Bible-believing church, ask God for forgiveness, get baptized in Jesus' name, and live a Holy and overcoming life till Jesus returns. Then there will be no worries in what tomorrow holds because you'll spend enternity in Heaven. I'm 16 too.

something weird is gonna go down.....

The Bible clearly states that no man knows the hour when the end times will come. People have predicted the last days since forever. Trust your heart, live your life as if you would live for 100 years! Put your life in the hand of God and all will be just fine. Quit worrying and enjoy life. Even if they were right, what could you do?

teresa m
read revalations.

that helps you to understand it more

i though the same thing when i was 13 about 2008 an it hasn't been bad

I want to know about that too, but I'm not paranoid about it. Why would it be December 12th and not December 31st, the last day in the year? It just ends right in the middle of the month. They said it was just the end of the Mayan calendar. I think they dissappeared before they made a new one.

It may or may not happen but if it's going to happen there's nothing you can do about it so enjoy the time you have left.


Everyone seems miss understands these "prophecies".

The world will not end, just the ancient Mayan calendars.
Since these calenders end everyone assumes that these ancient civilizations think that's when the world will end.

The truth is the people of ancient Mayan times didn't write anything after Dec 21 2012.

Don't freak out. I'm 16 too and I was scared of this, so I looked in to it and found out that its not true.

shes a firecracker
I always have dreams like that too. My religious friend is scared of me because of them.

But really, in the year 2000, the world was supposed to end as well.

Honestly, we never know when it will be over, for any of us. Just enjoy now or else you are truly wasting what life you DO have left.

stop believing in stupid make-believe stories.

8 years ago the world was supposed to end, too. bang goes that theory, eh?

Its not ganna happen! Just live life to the fullest each day and you will be happy~!

Some Random Guy eh
Its not going to happen, think about it. Mayan calendar ending DEATHS? no, just a 500+ year old calendar ending. think about y2k, did it happen? nope, June 6th 2006 (666), did not happen, and this wont, so that means that this one wont. do not worry about it. just think about stupid funny things. like Monty Python. :D.

Weeell hopefully the world isnt going to end in 2012.
but like ..if it is what are you doing!?
stop wasting the time you've got left girl!
you've got to start living!
just have fun.
we've all got 4 years left!
no point wasting them
what ever happens..happens.


☼ What a Wonderful Life ☼
Remember year 2000? Haha EVERYONE thought the world would end..........did it? Don't listen to that stuff.

And you won't know if it ends or not because it would end right? So you don't have anything to worry about. Enjoy life = )

And IF it does end, then you would have spent all of your years worrying about if it would or not.

Since the beginning of time some religious faction or another have been predicting the end of the world. Back in the 60s if it wasn't 'the bomb' someone was saying the big earthquake was coming to break California off from the rest of the USA. Just a few years ago people were predicting doom and gloom over Sept 9, /99 and the whole Y2K hysteria. You have to learn how to ignore such silliness and enjoy living your life.

What helps me is trusting in God. He never changes and he can take care of you regardless of what happens. He is the ultimate security. Look in the Bible and see how he rescued the Israelites from Egypt with huge miracles or how he fed Elijah during the famine by having Ravens bring him bread every day. Our financial system could collapse, natural disasters happen and destroy homes, diseases kill, but God has promises that he will protect those who follow and obey him in the Bible. I have had protection from him that was beyond the natural so I know it's true.

There are many web pages out there that will scare even the most calm person. We don't know exactly what is going to happen in 2012, but on the other hand you don't know what is really going to happen tomorrow, next week, etc. my point is, whatever is going to happen, is going to happen. Worrying and being scared out of your mind is not going to change the future. Fear of the unknown has got to be the worst kind of fear, and it will drive you crazy the more you think about it. I can tell you, from personal experience as this was something that has scared me crazy too, but you really need to not look up anymore info on it, and find something to occupy your mind. Because if the prophecies are right, really what can you do to change it?

Nothing that you can do about it, enjoy your beautiful 16 and live happy , do the right and true that lives in your heart, life is short even if you are 90, so try your best to be the best that you can.The end is coming ;there is no escape...until then ..tomorrow or in 100 years enjoy every single minute of your life.

Mrs. Butler ♥2 B♥
that's just when that calender ends that's all

Go Bears
When I was like 13 people said the end of the world would happen in 1987 and where still here...Live your life like there is no tomorrow,because tomorrow is never promised

?h? ??n?h??d (H???h??)
Not gonna happen girlie.

Like everyone else here said,this isn't the first doomsday date,and it probably won't be the last.

Do you know how the whole 2012 thing came about?

The Mayans predicted that. Too bad they couldn't predict that they would die out.

So tell me,is this a very good source? They were supposedly able to predict something decades away and yet they couldn't even predict that they were going to die.

Shame shame.

Don't let stuff like that bother you.

Paul S
I'm 38 and had heard of MANY end-of-the-world predictions in my life. None of them have come to pass. I was scared about prophesies like these at your age. . .don't worry. . .ain't gonna happen!

You have absolutely nothing to be worried about. The whole thing is a major internet scam-fest. Relax and enjoy being 16 years old.

The world was supposed to end in 1989, and my friends and I had an End of the World Party and drank heavily. Unfortunately the next day arrived, and so did our hangovers. If 2012 is the last year, so be it. There is nothing you can do

The prophecies COULD also mean it's the "end of the world AS WE KNOW IT", not a physical destruction. It could be the 'psychic' or spiritual change that would move humanity along to being cooperative, and collaborative, instead of competitive. Living in unconditional, positive regard, (Love), instead of FEAR, (F alse E vidence A ppearing R eal).

In regards to your worrying, Hey you are only 16! Most kids your age are trying to avoid ANYTHING serious. Worry over something that you can do NOTHING about, is just praying for something that you don't want. It is pointless, and can produce some of the nightmares you are having, just like a scary movie. Of course focusing on something that we can do nothing about is also a great way of avoiding doing the things we CAN do something about.

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