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if i suspect ocd is there a way i can change my behaviour without assistance from others?
i think i have ocd, if you want the full story go to my profile. ok well basically i don't feel comfortable in telling my parents the problem, even though my mum mentioned it before but as a joke kinda thing.

I'm 16 but i don't want to go to a shrink cz the whole idea scares me.

is there a way i can change my behaviors and sort this myself without assistance of others?

its not definite but i suspect it, but if i have it or not how do i stop my obsessive behavior and stop being such a germophobe??

any advise would be awesome :D
Additional Details
some people on yahoo have said they think i have it from what i had told them, some people said im a germophobe. and i took an ocd screening test on a psychology site where i got a score of 18 and a score of 12 or more is a likelly case. but i know thats not a diagnosis and the site said itself but it reckons i should go get it checked out, but i hate the doctors and dont like talking to them lol. i dont like talking to any stranger, im really nervous unless i know the person. its a confidence thing.

first thing. Dont go on meds for OCD. They are very addictive and easy to get carried away with. The withdrawl is very painful mentally and physically. I have experienced this first hand. There are natural ways to cure or control ocd. ITs VERY EASY TO GET UNDER CONTROL without a doctor writing you a prescription after only having you explain to him how you feel for 3 minuets or so. A doctor writes a perscription and gets paid for it.. I bet that doctors never sufferd from an addiction to his loosely perscribed pills. I have seen so many people suffer because of antideppressants(used for ocd in most cases SSRI). They cause birth defects also(caused Heart problems in my baby brother). My SSRI addiction led to an Adderall addiction which I am currently fighting. And the adderall almost led me to do meth. I will help you naturally, so you do not harm your body. I will not charge to help a fellow human being either. Please visit my blog:


and feel free to email me anytime

To grow up, and mature, requires that we develop certain habits, understandings, confidence, and even fears, in order to face adulthood and reality.

OCD is a behavioral disorder, or a bad habit.

To be changed, or modified, requires that it be understood as to why it is an unnecessary habit, how it magnifies some risk, or need, that is real, but that we sometimes over react, or excessively react to this fear or need.

There are endless sources of OCD explainations on the 'net, at the library, or local book store.

An intelligent, strong willed individual can probably overcome OCD with the proper understanding of the "who, what, why, when, where, and how" of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder syndrome.

You sound like such an individual, AND, you are probably extremely cute, and smell good to boot! Therefore, yes, you can overcome OCD by yourself, if you are willing to invest some time in learning about the disorder.

I used to check our gas stove many times at night before I went to bed to ensure it was turned off. I was over reacting to a very real fear of danger. I overcame it, and I'm not even near cute, nor intelligent, although I am strong willed and do smell pretty good!

Look at it as an adventure. Make a game to spot yourself doing it, and explain to yourself again, and again, why your actions, or reactions, or fears, are silly and unnecessary.

Master this, and perhaps you will also be able to master the art of manipulating men...their full of germs too!!! Try kissing one without wiping your lips off each time, gargling mouthwash, and spitting it on their shoes, which is a real turn off to guys anyway!

Ok..Ok..just drop the lip-wiping, and continue the gargling and spitting on the shoes, till you are 21!

PS: "Shrinks" are not really shrunken. You would be talking to a normal size man or woman, not a pencil sized human being. Therefore, do not fear them. :)

PS PS: Don't label yourself. You are a human being, not a disease.

PS PS PS: To build self-confidence, every time you see yourself in a mirror, train yourself to turn toward the mirror, examine your image....then cry out in a loud voice "HOT DAY.YUM, MOMMA...THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!"
or, perhaps not...

Anyway, that's how I overcame my lack of self confidence. Now I'm not at all nervous around strangers, although they tend to be very nervous around me.

Better they suffer, then me!

Peace and Love....Kiddo!

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