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now my moms talking about it posssibly being benine.
or ...

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i want to kill myself?
life is very miserable, 2yrs ago i was in the same kind of misery and i had decided to live but nothing good came out of it i became more miserable then before. i was bullied as a child now whenever someone insults me or humiliates i m reminded of my childhood and that makes me more miserable throughout the day i just keep on thinking negative thoughts and i end up acheving nothing worthwile. i m very unhappy i don't know what to do please help me.thanks for replying.

take a chill pill phil

Anthony C
Puff some lye and relax.

Obama '08!
dude don't kill yourself
forget those stupid thoughts
there can always that will love you in life
maybe you should try to smoke pot?
it may relax you and ease the pain
don't worry,everything happens for a reason.
you will get better
time will tell

Some people experience what is called "dysthymia" which is a long-lasting depression (easily treated with medication), and it could start early on life, even when you are a child, and that was probably your case, a kid who didn't seem to fit among the other kids, a kid who seemed down most of the time.
When you are a child, you become to acquire personality and perceive who you are, and usually what others think about you seems to work as a feedback to your own perception of yourself. Children say whatever is on their mind, especially what they see, not necessarily the truth, so bullying you is their way to say "you are different therefore we make fun of you" Summarizing, the aggression from those kids was subjective, since they were also kids! They probably didn't mean any harm, just to have fun with some innocent kid. But of course, since you are growing up, this negative feedback affects you a lot and becomes part of your reality and perception of yourself, and that's why you think of that past as "bad memories". My feeling is that you should talk to a counselor to work on your self-esteem, because then you will realize that you are who you want to be, and not who bullies think you are (since it still affects you)
Nobody has the right to insult you nor humiliate you, don't let those low-class actions affect you, because by virtue of being human, you have the right to claim the same rights that others have, such as respect. An adult who insults you is just someone who doesn't have anything smart to say and therefore thinks that insulting will work. Don't let it work!!! As long as you don't "follow their game", you're bigger than anybody who insults you, and even more, you can walk away from someone who treats you like that, because that is not the level where you belong.
I hope this is not too long and boring for you, I've tried to end with my life multiple times because pain is bigger than hope, but as long as you work on your self-esteem everyday, nothing and/or nobody will bring you down. Even look for some "role models" around you, people whose personalities you admire, their positive characteristics and see if you'd like to be like them. Just get the good stuff and vibes and reject the bad stuff.
Start going ahead into a new world where you are the one who rules your feelings.

Find a physciatrist or take some anti depressant medication... if everything fails, i say you do what you wanna do, i have so much to say and so much to counter people that are against suicide and the individuals decision but i dont wanna type it all in here.

But remember, its YOUR decision nobody else has the right to tell you what to do. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem but it is also a solution to a unlimited hard problems in life.

Im suicidal and right now im locked up in this mental hospital shi t... What a fcked world ey lol... How come smoking cigarettes is allowed even though its bad for your health? How come gay marrieage has been approved even though its against religion? And suicide isnt?! LOL!! We live in a world of slavery! We are slaves of the law, slaves of the government, slaves of the media! We listen to what people teaches or taught us what to do... slavery... and yet people say we are free? *sigh*

If you wanna kill yourself, just do it and dont let religion interfere. After all, it says in the bible that god is a forgiving father and that he will know how much pain that you have gone through in life.. You did NOT chose to be born in this world but instead FORCED to be born in this fcked world without your permission... but in my point of view, in my belief, religion is fake but created by the human mind and the human words and created by a very imaginative person not by some demi-god...

ok enough typing already. I have soo much to say to counter people's points against suicide but my hands are getting tired and im getting tired of saying this stuff all over again (Takes 12 pages to write all of my points and info and stuff about it...) So remember, if everything you did failed (like physciatrist, therapists, medication, books and tips how to prevent suicide, etc) then the choice is left to you. If you think suicide is the last thing you have, let it be done...

Suicide has 3 stages: Want, Need and Goal. Your at the second stage my friend so if I were you, I'll seek help because once it reaches to the "Goal" stage... it cant be helped. Suicide never exists in the world, but we become smarter and made the world more complex. Why is life hard? Why is there suicide? Answer: Its because of people and that is a FACT!

"Suicide is a selfish act" most people that aren't suicidal would say this but dont you think its also selfish for letting someone live in pain (emotionaly/physcially) to live just for the sake of others? Would you rather see the person go through a painful fcked life or see him sleeping in a quiet peaceful manner? Also suicide isn't a coward thing to do... it takes "balls of steel" ALOT of courage to do suicide..

Ever heard of the hedgehog's dillema? "The closer two beings come to each other, the more likely they are to hurt one another; however if they remain apart, they will each feel the pain of loneliness." maybe thats why your feeling sad or depressed but Im not sure since you didnt give me more specific details about your depression... but its always better to be alone than to be hurt... again

But also remember, dont force a suicidal person to live! Because it will only make their condition worse! Dont even dare say "Suicide is a sin" by saying anything like that because it isnt helping but making the suicidal individual feel more guilty and depressed... and the more negative thoughts and emotions the suicidal person had, the close the urge of suicide kicks in...

Especially when they've gone through alot in life and even being with a physciatrist or therapist but still fails, if it fails then the suicidal person's condition HAS gotten WORSER!... let them go...

But still...

Its your decision my friend ONLY yours...

I have plenty more to say about suicide and my counter points about it and how it was developed and affecting a person but my hands are very very tired... That is all for now I guess
"Suicide is a selfish act" most people that aren't suicidal would say this but dont you think its also selfish for letting someone live in pain (emotionaly/physcially) to live just for the sake of others? Would you rather see the person go through a painful fcked life or see him sleeping in a quiet peaceful manner? Also suicide isn't a coward thing to do... it takes "balls of steel" ALOT of courage to do suicide..

Ever heard of the hedgehog's dillema? "The closer two beings come to each other, the more likely they are to hurt one another; however if they remain apart, they will each feel the pain of loneliness." maybe thats why your feeling sad or depressed but Im not sure since you didnt give me more specific details about your depression... but its always better to be alone than to be hurt

But still...

Its your decision my friend ONLY yours...

I have plenty more to say about suicide and my counter points about it and how it was developed and affecting a person but my hands are very very tired... That is all for n

I know ur feeling. but there is not only u who has
nothing good. there are many people. think how
they try to live and happy. the problem is u r thinking too much and worry too much. u should
have confidence ur self. i felt like u once. but now i can control myself. i m sure there will be
someone who really loves u and takes care of u.
if u need help u can go to see doctor.
remember u live our lives cos not we want to , but cos we have to.

Life is too Precious. What you need is a circle of friends to talk with. When you think about stuff thing only for today and the future, forget about all the bad stuff from the past. There isn't anything you can do to change the past. What you can do is make your future. Believe in yourself and the power of the universe. You can be and do anything you want to do if you believe in yourself. Turn the negatives into positives. Write notes to yourself and tape them all over your place to remind yourself how great you are and how you will turn things around. Just look at the name you picked for yourself - sunny! That means happy and good things. I will pray for you.

be bold, because in today's world only bold people cal live happily. use ur brain to defeat people, don't feel pitty on yourself

yea we all let people talk to us,in ways that we don't like.but you have to think of it like this.this is your life not theirs,you are the one who has to live it,and your not going to let miserable people bring you down to their level.if you haven't made all the preparations for your life then thats what you need to be focused on.and don't worry if something goes wrong,it's just a speed bump in the road of life and we all have them.we all get frustrated,and we all want the same thing just at different times in our life.it may take some longer than others.like me it's taken 38 years to get my life right.and i'm still in the game.speed bumps,pot holes won't hold me back.and i hope they won't hold you back.

Bby Loved.
:( please don't wanna talk? you could message me if ya wanted to idk?
but please I have so many memories of me getitng bullied but i always managed to say somthing back as in something that would shut ther butts up..ect..but somethings I get sad for when I remeber things that I didn't do.

hi sunny,dont be silly,you can be great person if you wish,be happy ,try improve your qualites,may god bless you

The other day I was thinking about Hare Krishna's, and how they helped me in my 20's see life in a whole new way. I learned sooo much from them and saw God and life so differently and so happily.
There's plenty of web sites - they have 1000's, but I will give you one.
Depending on where you live, they have temples all over. Look it up.
The offer a free sunday vegetarian feast, with a talk, and stuff it's lots of fun,and very enlightening. Don't do anything until you connect with a devotee ( a follower ). Call the temple, tell them you are not kidding and are suicidal. They will come get you!
They have saved alot of people, drug attack, alcoholics, depressed people, and simply those who were, like me, trying to understand why I was here.

i would recpmmend anxiety medicine. dont kill yourself, you know your stronger than that, you know you can live through this, you need to take something up, go to a gym class, they have classes online for anything you wanna do, like you can take a dance class online, hip hop and what not, its pretty cool, if you combine doing something fun with anxiety medicine or a therapist youll feel a lot better, life will have so much joy in it - me - i really enjoy hanging out with friends - doing fun stuff - watching hilarious movies! pick up a religion, i like reading the bible and reading about historical stuff - i think that stuff from the past is pretty freakin cool, really sweet to read about. you are very unhappy so do fun stuff! lke some of the stuff i listed above, there are plenty of fun things to do in life, make new friends if you dont like the ones you have now

remember most of us on the planet have been in your situation, when i feel like death i choose to live because i know i can.

and REMEMBER! anything you want to do - anything that you are PASSIONATE about - you can do it. it doesnt matter how long it takes you can do it, you CAN DO anything through God. you work hard to achieve a goal, its like a journey. maybe your journey is finding a reason to live.
i like religion it gives my life more passion and feeling. it GIVES ME something if anything to live for, you know what i mean?? sometimes life gets you and me down, but you can pick it right up, like you never missed a step, it can be quite easy sometimes :)

sry this is so long :/ but i realy hope it helps, and i recommend some type of medicine because i myself am most likely going to get some - lol all i have is positive thoughts and friends and family to get me through life - but think about it- anxiety medicine would probly help a lot!

about negative thoughts, everyones gets them, you just have to shake them off, you are who you are, and that is ALL that matters, -if someone says something negative about you - what does that person contribute to you? if i say youre ugly, why does it matter? i dont pay your bills, i dont apply for anything in your life! get it? its a quote i love - 'if it dont apply, let it fly.' basically let it go - its so much better to say 'whatever - i really dont care'
if someone says something negative about you- they dont even matter - im not gonna let anybody get to me when they dont even matter in my life, to me its nothing. like, why should i care? if i cant find a reason then i just dont have one. no reason to care, yknow?

dont fall asleep reading this :)

Garota Veneno
You do realize that the problem is in how you are interpreting those experiences... thinking negatively is an addictive cycle, i can relate you in may ways... my pasts haunts me like hell. If those experiences that were most traumatic were in ur childhood u definetely wwant to look into psychotherapy, i mean, its a better alternative than killin oneself isnt it ? u can do many things :
Healing rituals (whatever ur beliefs are, do something ritualistic in order to let go of the past, like meditating on that)
read self-help books on the subject
there are many things you can do, but that depends on ur own individual personality, reflect on what are ur likes and dislikes and what you would feel confortable doing in dealing with those issues.
Also, read about Social Phobia and Depression, so u are informed.
Knowledge is power !
good luck

Meggan P
If you feel that strongly about it, I would suggest checking yourself into the mental health ward at your local hospital. They will get you on meds and get you into a program so you wont always have these thoughts of suicide. Good Luck!

don't kill yourself.even GOD knows how much one can suffer.so HE WON'T GIVE U MORE DIFFICULTIES THAN U CAN HANDLE.
to kill yourself is a cowardly act...

Mahi Ve
Yo need psychiatrist help immediately, you are in depression. Meet the doctor and take medicines you will be o k in a few days. You will not have all this negative thoughts again.

Joe Shmoe
Do whatever makes you happy. Hang around with people that make you laugh, not bully you. If you like to watch movies, do that. If enjoy hobbies, do those.

Please dont,maybe you dont realise but some people love you.Life is filled with lots of up's and down's,its so painful but giving up is not the right way.Its the wrong way especially if you want to take away your
life.God is the only way,helper to all the problems.He knows whats best for you,you should tell him how you feel,he's going to help.

See doctor it will help you caz i got enxiety and have negative thought i dont go out as something bad going to happen to me always.Dont stay at home no matter what see a psychiatrist

Sangha J
I was bullied day in and day out. At home and at school. My dad, my siblings, my "friends", my classmates all used to call my ugly. My sister used to call me mental (I had anger issues). My dad would wake me up at night to yell at me.

Many people have gotten through this and you can too. You aren't weak.

Look at me now? I'm happy. I held on and it worked out.

You need to relax and calm down. If you're serious about this then you need to call suicide hotline.

It seems like you've been going through this for a long time. You may want to speak with a doctor.

Statistics show that people who suffer from depression just need to hold on for their depression to go away.

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