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i used to take drugs and now can't forgive myself?
hi everyone,

i used to take drugs, on average about once a month for about 4 years (between the ages of 20 and 24) and i can't forgive myself for it.

every now and then i think back to some of the states i got in and i just feel so stupid, guilty, ashamed and scared of the future (i.e. will i go mad etc).

i don't really have many other problems except for mild anxiety and depression which has been brought on by a tough uni course i'm doing and being in a long-distance relationship. this anxiety and depression i'm working through with a counsellor, but i can't seem to shake this one element of intense guilt.

has anyone been through similar things and got through it?

Additional Details
i also forgot to say that i stopped using drugs and drinking 2 years ago...

Jeremy P
Be proud that you are now clean and have been for 2 years. That is an excellent acheivement....as for the guilt/shame...we all have somethings in our past that when we look back on we are not comfortable with and wish we could of acted or done things differently, however we cannot change this, make an effort to realise your behaviour at that time was not acceptable but that you have now learned from this and can move forward...dwelling on the issue only reinforces in your mind the negative aspects of this. You cannot change the past. Accept the lesson learned and close the door...life really is too short to beat yourself up over this...feel good at the changes you have made and use this to move on...

Drinking is the same as using drugs. Regarding the fact that you cannot forgive yourself for having done drugs in the past I'd say that I am still doing them, that I am a successful teacher and that I do not feel guilty because of it. But do not get me wrong, for I do not mean to say you should be doing drugs at all. Different people have different personalities and predisposition towards life and problems and your decision to opt out of drugs is probably the wisest you've ever made. On the other hand, I'd say you should be able to overcome your past and face the future as it is. Just do not listen to what other people might have to say about drugs and their repercussions upon health and society because, as a matter of fact, they really do not know what they are talking about. When you read about drugs in the media or newspapers you always realise how confusing opinions on this particular issue are. If you want to find out about drugs just read relevant independent studies on the subject (not the biased political ones). As MPhil and pot user I am an expert on this issue and if you need further help do not doubt to contact me at my 360 page: I shall be glad to give you some sort of support if you ask me for it.

Jodie M
I don't think you should ever feel guilty for what's happened in the past. You can regret them, forget them but sometimes you need to look back on those times and help yourself grow into a mature, responsible person who understands what they have done and haow wrong it was. Don't feel guilty as many people go though phases where they take drugs and act strangly. You just need to be one of the people who doesn't do it again. Good Luck

Hi, instead of feeling guilty, you should feel PROUD that you came off the drugs. The past is the past, we all do things we regret, it is only human nature, and the only way we can learn is through our mistakes.

Dude, you need Jesus.

That is your past.

We all make mistakes.

We all learn from our mistakes.

Our mistakes make us stronger.

Our mistakes give us the ability to help other people from making them.


I think the key word is USED to. Welldone . Its gone /past done with/a different phase.

Things happen in life to make us who and what we are.As much as you hate it , it has helped to make you a stronger person now.
Everyone makes mistakes.

Move on with life.

ps long distance relationships can work

You are a nice and sensiable guy. You have taken a very good decision that you quit the drugs and not taking it any more. There are times when people feel depressed and fed up with their lifes. Any ways try to forget your past and start living in todays world. Say thanks to God that you are saved.

well you are doing the right thing now.. keep it up ..
but you don't qualify for any medals for your past..but hey, that's your past .you left that behind..

I took drugs a long time ago, not about once a month, more like once a day or more. I really identify with the guilt and shame that you feel, but you didn't exactly have a habit did you, and taking drugs is something that a lot of young people go through, just put it down to experience. Whatever mistakes we make we learn from them and then we move on. We can either make our mistakes drag us down or we can see then as they are, things that help to give us a wealth of knowledge that we can pass on to others, after all when you have first hand experience you are the holder of true wisdom. Celebrate it and regard it as a lesson you have successfully learnt and think how much you've grown from it.

well u done well 4 urself mate. i know someone who is a druggie but shes finding it hard 2 break thru, why should u feel guilty everyone has some kind-of skeleton in the cupboard u took the right steps and ur in 2 counselling so shake off the feeling of ur past and go forward in life as it really is just a waste of time worrying about wot went on in the past thats long gone ok

I understand that this is easier said than done but you have to get past this. There is no point dwelling on the what ifs and I wish I's of our lives or we will get nowhere fast in the future. have you discussed this with your counsellor? This is part of your anxiety and it may help to talk about it with an outsider, such as your counsellor? Good luck and well done for getting this far! You should realise that this is something to be proud of, you have been clean for so long and getting your life together! Some people do not get that far, so remember to congratulate yourself from time to time! Remember the good things as well and they may well, in time, take over the guilt. x

hey dont be down on yourself everyone has done something they arent proud of. i took drugs since i was sixteen im now 21 i was out of it evry wknd and was in a bad way but now im sorted same as u i suffer anxiety but im slowly getting better. problems in the future....ure in uni fair play to u ure showing how strong u are go to your doctor about your depression u may need to talk to a councillor u will feel much better when u talk everything out .good luck

you can't change the past . just keep doing whatever you are doing to stay grug and alchohol free

u can't keep beating yourself up for your past behaviour.
u should be proud of yourself for staying clean the last two years.
i would suggest u go to your local narcotics anonymous meetings to meet others who are going through the same thing and can help u.
your gp will have a list of local meetings and times..also try the classified section in your local newspaper

put that in the past you should be very proud of yourself as i dont even know you i all i can say is that i are very proud of you, you have done really well and you can live a normal life from now on .dont be guilty as what is done is all in the past and you are seeing a counsellor to help you i wish you all the luck in the world.x x x

nelly G
Has nobody ever told you that your past helps in shaping your future? Would you have preferred to die of "had I known", "what would the taste of drug be like" or this feeling that there is something unaccomplished in your life, an uncompleted or unfinished job somewhere? ever had that feeling? good, now you have tasted drugs, you now know better and can stand & speak categorically and can use your wealth of experience on that subject to help others who might find themselves in that position. You could have had that experience just for the sake of another person, ever thought of that? Am excited you stopped thou and now is the time to lift some other person up. good luck.

Jean D
Hello Colejoe7

Forgive yourself immediately.

I am 55 and over the years each and everyone of us have done something at some stage in our life that when we look back we think OH NO.

That is what life is about - learning from our experiences - I am now older and wiser.

Please don't feel guilty get on with your life and look forward to the future.

Good luck with your anxiety and depression and I am sure you will soon start to feel better.

Take care

Hey! don't think about the past! go ahead and forgive yourself! ......

just think about the present and the future ...

dnt worry about it. we all done bad things in our life.
u just move on a live for the future

forgiving yourself is the main ingredient to moving on, the fact that you have given it up entitles you to move on and self forgiveness,

Once a month is not heavy drug use. You were young and a lot of people "get into a state" at that age - I'm not suggesting that it is a good thing to do, but unlike some people you have given it up.

I think you need to move on and look to the future knowing that you are fit and healthy now and that you have done the best for yourself now that you have matured.

Best of luck.

i'm currently going through that and im 16. All you can really do is tell yourself that you've changed and that was the old you. You are a completely different person who doesn't do those things anymore, and that you don't want to. I always think of it this way, everything happens for a reason. I know it sounds cheesy but it's might be true. To not feel guilty would be a wierd reaction, because feeling guilty means that you regret doing it. So just think of it this way, since you regret doing it, now you will never do it again, so think of the element of learning from a mistake and move on with your life.

Chris K
Man you need to forgive yourself. You weren't participating in anything unusual for young people to go through. Be glad that you were able to kick the habit and try finding new strategies to cope with your problems.

First off, well done for kicking the booze and drugs. Dont torture yourself about what is in the past. Move on enjoy your life with your partner. Plan for the future not the past. You cant change what has happend. Dont let it ruin your future though.

Use your bad experiences as a springboard. Remember what you've done but remember how you've decided to change. Speak to your counselor about this problem. It may ever contribute to your current depression.

Just remember that you aren't going to let it hold you back. You are who you are and the drugs are behind you. You don't take them any more, so that's that. Most people have some skeletons in their closets, but we all need to get through them somehow.

Good luck, remember you aren't alone.

Its nothing to feel guilty about. You didn't harm anyone or anything like that. Just relax and try to forget about it if it bothers you.

don't live with guilt, you bettered yourself, be proud. i used to drink and drug for years and now I am proud to be clean and sober.


that is in your past now=think of nice things that are happening now =you deserve a chance at happiness

Hi there are many many people that have done what you have, you need to let go of the passed its gone and there is nothing you can do to change that look to the future and focus on the fact that you have stopped now and should be proud of your self for that reason. not all of us can stop and now you need to come to terms with the passed. leave it behind you move on to better and good things that you deserve and should have.
take care

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