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i think i might end my life?
I never thought that I'd be the type of kid to ever get these thoughts but recently i realize how pathetic my life is. My life is nothing more than a cycle of disappointment and regret. I'm having relationship problems and i have been having them for the longest time. My friends one by one are cutting off communication with me. i only have a very small handful of friends left that i can actually feel somewhat comfortable around. Its really a lot more complicated but i can even bring myself to give the details nor would i want to but bottom line, after days of really giving it thought, i have really nothing to look forward to.
What steps should i take to get better
Additional Details
btw for those who are wondering im 17

§tâŗliģhŧ \♥
You have to know that you are never alone
Many teenagers, like me, experience endless stress and problems, and suicide is definitely not the answer.
You have to believe in yourself that something good will happen

I know that you will start disagreeing with me, but trust me, it's really the truth...(:

I'm 14 (:

Eric, to be honest this is not the place to ask these questions and seek help, as you can see from alot of your other answers they are insensitive and of no help to you at all. You have alot to live for, if your not happy with your life now don't forget YOU can change it you just need to have faith and confidence, don't back down, fight and you will find yourself in a better position eventually. I do not know your problems, but if they are of family issues and along that line, please seek some professional help with a psychologist because random people over the internet cannot help you when we don't know your problems. Seek help my friend and you will overcome your problems and live happy again. Suicide is not the way, things can change and i believe you can change them. Never give up and good luck.

Dreams and aspirations", they are our hopes for a brighter future. For some, they are goals that were set from the very start, from our early childhood or from within the heart. They are our wants, and they are our desires.

But, what happens when our dreams shatter? When all of the hope that we had seems to have been destroyed? What happens when everything suddenly crumbles right before our very eyes?

The shock of shattered dreams affect people in different ways. Most all people will experience some form of emotional transition during that time of life.

If a person has a tendency to avoid conflict in their personal relationships, suffers from feelings of inadequacy, are emotionally distant and has low self – esteem, they will find midlife transition harder to navigate. This personality type has a deep fear of feeling shame and rejection. Such feelings will keep them from seeking help should their emotions become overwhelming.

There are some whom their mental capacities (minds) totally burn out; like a fuse that has been overloaded and blown.They just couldn't take the shattering affects of their lives. Their dreams, their aspirations and their hope for a brighter future gone up in smoke and they end up in a spiritual war zone. Some ended up turning their back on God and would not accept his salvation in Christ JESUS.

The Bible can definitely help each of us understand and deal with our problems because it frankly discusses the problems of those who have gone on before us. King David, for example, started out well for God. He zealously served God as a young shepherd boy, killed the lion, the bear and Goliath with just one smooth stone. Even when he had to run for his life from King Saul or hid in a cave, he remained obedient to the Word of God. But as David reached midlife, he encountered the three perils that caught him off guard (2 Samuel 11).

Each of us will also face these same perils as we graduate from the thirty something crowd. If we fail to respond properly, we will experience what is commonly known as a midlife crisis. What then, are the perils of midlife that we should avoid?

The first is that of growing weary. Weariness hits when you've been out in the trenches for many months. Life becomes routine, and weariness easily convinces us to take it easy for a change.

Second, with weariness comes carelessness. No one wakes up in the morning and says, I'll throw away everything I worked for, I will just give up and end my life.

Third, with carelessness comes confusion. David failed to follow the spiritual compass of God's Word and the guiding of the Holy Spirit. He lustfully inquired about a beautiful woman named Bathsheba, wife of Uriah, and before the night was over he committed adultery and got more than what he bargained for. Sin is attractive, but it will cost you far more than you wanna pay.

What do we do when Satan offers us a tempting change of pace, change of space or change of face? How should we respond to the temptations of giving up?

God knows He has hidden the answer for us in His Word. The answer is in Paul's short second letter to Timothy. In this epistle the Apostle Paul explains to young Timothy his protege how to avoid a disasterious crisis, "Don't give up. Be steady. Continue in the things you have learned. Fulfill your dreams."

As you meditate on 2 Timothy, count all the ways to resist Satan's temptations to relax and become careless spiritually. It is very crucial to meditate on the Word of God day and night so that you will be guided by the Spirit and not fulfill the lust of the flesh.

Also observe the analogies Paul uses to describe this steadfastness - a good soldier, a competitive athlete, a hardworking parent, a diligent worker, a persistent fighter, a runner who finished the race.

We can now relate to our "river bed of tears" as a constant reminder of the "Brokenness" in which God; out of His Love, His care, His Concern and His Compassion, reached out and brought me to his true "Agape" Love.

That unconditional Love!! He lifted me up and out of the hopeless despair that I was in a long time ago. He cleansed me with the precious blood of Christ JESUS. He Healed me of my wounds and set me on His path of righteousness. He sanctified me by cleaning me up from the sins of my life. He gave me new dreams; much better that the ones that I had. He aspired me with new vision and a new vocation. One of true ministry to the hopeless, because HE took my hopeless condition and gave me new Hope.

I tell you that here is Hope for a brighter tomorrow! That our Lord, Jesus Christ WILL turn your ashes into joy! He will take the situations in your life that satan meant to destroy and He will bring victory! No matter what situations you find yourself in, I say to you to turn to GOD, "from whence cometh your help"! For your help, your hope IS THE LORD JESUS! AMEN. (Psalms 121:1)

Source: Excerpts from a message I did on "When Our Dreams Shatter..." Sat Jan 15, 2005 6:39 am http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ThereisHopeinPrayer/message/29001

First of all look at all these answers people DO care if not you wouldnt have all these feed back and more that are coming. and secondly get help from a professional and remember ur never alone no matter what just try and be with the people who still care about you. im sure ull be better; from help from God your life is always full and great

Eric look at all these answers and all of these people pleading with you. Let me tell you something else. I was over in pets answering cat questions, and Tom J came over and posted an answer for all of us to come over and "discuss" this problem you're having. Well honey, here we are. That's got to tell you something, right? We're strangers Eric, and I asure you that a lot of us didn't come for points!
Honey I am almost 40 years old. I've made it this far, and some of what I've lived through in those years would scare you, I promise. But I've made it this far, and living through what I have, has shaped me into the person that I am today.
I won't lie to you. I've sat in your "seat" many a time. The link I've given you used to just be a phone number back when I called. There was no internet in 1985. They've been around for a long time honey, and whatever it is that you're going through, the person who is going to pick up that phone when you call will KNOW what it's like to feel the way you feel right now. They CAN help you.
Please give them a call. It certainly can't hurt, can it, really? You're just a baby sweetheart. Everything is changing around you, from being a little boy to being a man, at lightning speed. It's hard to know what to do, how to act, how to handle things...what's right, what's wrong...which direction to turn...what's best for you. We've ALL been there Eric, you learn to cope, I SWEAR you really do! You're just getting hit with so much at once it's overwhelming. It happens to all of us baby.
Eric call them....a lot of us will feel so much better if you will at least do that for us. And so will you. THey will stay there with you all night on the phone if they have to. They won't let you down. Dayum boy, now I'm not gonna be able to sleep worryin' bout YOU!
There are a lot of us out here who really do care Eric. No one can be you but you. Best of luck to you honey....you do have something to look forward to....TOMORROW!

Chinatsu Cheez
You know, I just opened this because I have the same feeling and I think I'm getting crazy inside my head. It's uncontrollable.
I am actually half diagnosed with teen depression, a medium one and I do want to self harm myself whenever things go bad, or I am mad at one particular thing. It's seriously crazy. I have no idea of how to stop, and yes. My friends are slowly drifting away from me since I'm "crazy".
I think you need a counselor and stay in the hospitals that have the counseling system. One of my closest friend has a big depression at the moment, and she is suicidal and she self harms too. She is staying in a hospital for things like that, and she is getting better and better.

Dont end your life its such a cowards way out. Think about your family. How old are you by the way ? everyone at some stage in their life goes through a bad patch and sometimes feel like there is no way out but think about the friends you do feel comfortable around they are true friends. Try and talk to someone close, someone you can trust and you will begin to feel the burden lift from your shoulders because you are not carrying it alone. Life is too short and sweet to end it things will get better and in time you will look back at this blip in your life and be glad you didnt do anything stupid. Take care

It's in times like these that you find out who your real friends are...In all honesty, no matter how other people appear to you on the outside - I'm pretty sure they harbour problems of their own, so you're not alone in that sense...as Smithers said we're living in pretty hard times at the moment and it seems to be having a knock-on effect on lots of people. As you've said you've not given full details and if they're quite bad why don't you see a psychotherapist/counsellor- doesn't mean you're mad or anything, they could lead you onto the right path.

Don't give in...

I can relate.. I think we should be calm.

the fact that you are asking for help is a great sign. If you are religious, seek help from your clergy person. If you are not, talk to someone. There are, even though it seems like there aren't, there are people who care about you. People will come into your life for a reason. Perhaps those people that you feel you are losing contact with, are not supposed to be in your life anymore. Suicide is the selfish way out. Think about the people you will leave behind, and what they will have to deal with. It isn't worth it! there are hotlines to call. TRY and see things from a postive perspective. Instead of focusing on the things in your life that you don't have, focus on the things that you do. It is a small step, but a concious effort has to be taken by you every day. Today, am I going to be miserable, or am I going to make the best of life. Life can be beautiful, life can be miserable too. In order to find the beauty, you have to live!

Dr. B
I really hope you don't hurt yourself. You are too important for that. Are you a teen? You sound like you might be suffering from depression.

Have you talked to your parents about it or would that be a problem?
I Try talking to a school councilor, call the suicide hot line, you can find one on the internet. If you have minister in your life you might talk to them.

Here are a few things you can do.
When I was severely depressed I took a herb called St.John's Wort, you can buy it at most drug stores. Take two in the morning and two in the evening. Ot will not hurt you and has no side effects. It is not addictive.
I also have taken Valerian Root to help me sleep. Also take some vitamin d. If you stay inside a lot you might have a vitamin deficiency.

Try getting out and doing some volunteering work in your community That you way you will meet more people.

Try meditating. You can find out how from the internet.
If you play videos a lot, spend a lot of time text messaging or spend a lot of time wathcing TV that may also cause depression. Get out and geGetsun Hermeso some physical exercise. Run, play ball, swim.

Also get a journal and start writing every day about what you feel. Put it up so no one can find it.

But you might try to two herps I mentioned to help you get on the way. If you can talk to your parents, let them know you are depressed and maybe they can take you to the doctor.

If you are not a child with parents, you should still do some of the things I suggested. Get involved.

Get some sleep tonight. Call the suicide hotline before ou go to bed. Please don't take your life. I know sometimes it seems the only way out. But if you just keep on living some day whaterever is bothering you will change or you can leave.

Please overlook the spelling erros tonight. There seems to be an error on this page and it is putting things in the message that I did not type.

Please tell me your name and age. Talk to your parents, your clergyman, an older respected adult, a teacher. Ask someone to take you to the nearest hospital emergency room if you feel desperate to harm yourself immediately. You may not realize the things you do have to look forward to...someone else will be able to help find them. Please think of others before.

Nick M
numerous answers:

1)see a psychioatrist, doctor.
2)do something for yourself and keep working at it
3)volunteer to help others in need
4)If you think negative, try and turn it around to make it a positive (this may require someones help)

5) Visit the poorest country in the world. See the desperation with your OWN eyes.

to make your life better you should try new activities to take your mind off of this. you could join a sport, read of something that interests you, try cooking, learn to fix cars, go to new places you have never been, and so much more! you can also meet people this way.

Alex E
I've been kind of feeling the same way. Like no one will ever understand you? And there's always this loneliness following you everywhere? But I know I've been thinking about it a lot lately. The thing that helps me is that
a) my uncle shot himself in the head way before I was born but I still see what it did to the family and
b) i think of things i would miss like graduating high school or college or maybe getting married. those are sometimes the only things that keep me alive.

if you ever need to talk just shoot me an email.

Dan L
that just means the fake friends fell behind you got real friends now, i only got one friend i can trust. i don't trust girl, i know i am young i am only 17 but i been through a lot, it seems like its the end of the world but its not, everything is just a beginning. and the only true answer in life is GOD, when you have God in your life, you actually have something to live up, you don't just wake up on Sundays and do nothing, but you go to church, and you see your real friends. not the fake people. if you want to hear more, e-mail me.

you THINK well don't.
Suicide is NEVER the answer... It is very displeasing and unpleasant..... People will miss you.... You do matter, you are just not realizing it...

THINK OF OTHER THINGS. And stay away from negative thoughts...

Your being very selfish you do commit suicide.... MILLIONS OF PEOPLE WISH THEY HAD YOUR LIFE!!!!! Millions of other don't even know such a good life exists....

You should talk to the suicied hotline...
Here is its website. And if you talk to ANYONE that is telling you to end there life just hang up on them...... They are just saying that out of fun. There ARE evil people out there


Tina -x- Joey
well you handfull of friends will m iss you and your family. there are heaps of things to look forwrd to e.g
there is ALWAYS someone out there who will love you.
hen you find that you have marriage then family.
how bout your job you can get promoted and buy a new car and do it up.

do hang out with your friends and go clubbing and grind sum chicks.

k i n k y εїз
Nobodys life is completely pathetic, you do have the power to turn your life around. Now first of all your only 17 years old! teen years are always the hardest cos theres alot going on and alot of stressful things, like school.
If your friends are slowly cutting off communicationw ith you, you have to ask yourself why?! and what are you doing about it? To maintain a good friendship there needs to be effort put in by both people.

You have to rest of your life to look forward to! think of all the things you could do... everyone feels like you do now, once in a while. just don't give up and keep going, I promise things are gonna get ALOT better.

tread time - stop beating yourself up - be around to piss other people off - no ones having any fun, look around the world its depressing - your happiness shouldn't be dependent on other people. give yourself a month...then another....don't think of life in it;s entirety.

Make an appointment with a councilor.. I've seen one and they do help.

talk to someone. teen suicide is a bigger problem then people even realize. my best friend was suicidal and now he is seeing specialists and he is a lot better.
remember man, things will get better. think about the people that care about you. if my friend actually went through with killing himself i would be a complete wreck.

what if a billionaire wins the lottery and he is allready rich and happens to see you walking down the street and he gives you the winning ticket

I know that is a little extreme but you never know what good things will happen to you tommorow or the next day. dont kill yourself

chin up soldier i love you if that makes you feel and better man

Bruce Wayne
I was feeling that way, hang in there. look to God and pray.

Contact a medical professional immediately. You need someone professionally trained to deal with these issues.

Also know that you aren't alone. reading your post was like reading someone writing about me. reccently I just go out wandering around town because my boyfriend is pissed off/busy and my friends all desserted me. I can't find a job, and I feel like I'm wasting my life sitting in my house. You're not alone.

wana bigger bike
call a suicide hotline...now!!

Suicide ruins everyone who knows you.

Don't do it, for your family friends and me, even though I'm a stranger, you gotta know that people get this low sometimes, life is not easy, but you only get one and it isn't worth wasting.

I was depressed for so long, but I never gave all the way in, life has turned around for me now. I know it can for you too.

ooooooh SNAP!
counseling will help and maybe u should just have a day off to go have fun. But don't kill urself it ruins ur friends and familys life.

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