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my mate.

took 13 paracetamol
night nurse
broke his knuckle
cut his wrists
got drunk

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Joe L
i think i have ocd tell me?
When i wash my hands i sometimes do it more than once. When i walk, sometimes i go back a few steps and do it again. I think i even sometimes turn lights on and off more than once. Now tell me thats not ocd.
Additional Details
i mean, i think sometimes i can fite it, but still.

Julian V

it is. go to a therapist (or something) and they will help you. i saw it on mtv :D

my sisters OCD..and you kinda sound like you are too, but you may just be paranoid

Benevolent Malice
It could be.
If you're really specific about those things you prolly are.
Nothing wrong with being OCD, though. <3

you know you love it
yes it is

EVERYONE has a little OCD, but yours is a little more... Sometimes at school I will organize my books 3 or more times. But you sound like you have alot of OCD behaviors. See your doctor.

ocd is in your mind. that doesn't mean you don't have it but ocd usually starts with the person telling their minds that they have to do something. for me, i always tell myself i have to touch the ceiling of my car if i go through a yellow light or else i get really scared i will get into a crash. that is superstition. ocd is when you HAVE to do it. try not turning the lights on and off or taking steps backwards and if you HAVE to do it, it is ocd. if you are ocd, you will start feeling a lot of anxiety most likely when you don't flip the lights or don't step backwards. if you do in fact feel anxiety and end up doing it, you need to see your doctor and get some medication that can help. but if it doesn't bother you or affect your life, you can decide to live with it. GOOD LUCK!

i dont know, google it.
i think it actually might be.

help me,.


hm maybe. would you mind answering mine?

Dorson W
yeah thats definetly ocd. i have ocd too

Dani Like Yesterday
ocd is a serious mental disease that stops most people from functioning properly. i think your probably being a hypochondriac.

it kinda is and kinda isnt
i mean sounds like yu dont do it every time
like every time when yu walk do yu go back?
i think ocd has to be like everytime

It might be. Or it may be the symptom of something else. Like any medication you are on? Talk with your doctor soon.

It could be if you are doing it a exact number of times. Also if your very organized you could be ocd. Ocd means you have to do stuff a certain way and a certain amount of times until you are pleased with it.

ok...that's not OCD. While you do have some traits of someone with obsessive compulsive disorder, you defiantly don't have it. If you listen to what you said, each thing you said you do SOMETIMES. That word completely defeats the concept of Obsessive compulsive disorder. Someone with OCD does the things that they obsess about ritualistically. There is no "sometimes" about it. When they fail to do it, even once, it sends them into a small state of panic. For example, if they compulsively washed their hands, but then realized they "forgot" one day to wash their hands enough times, they would feel an underlying sense of panic until they had done so. So you don't have OCD at all.

Ms dude
mmm hard to say. different people behave it different ways. Check it out professionaly

I believe that would be considered OCD, but I am not a psychologist. If you want to know for sure, then you should look at a list of psychological disorders.

Here is the definition of OCD that I found. See for yourself what you think.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Also known as:

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) means that the person has illogical and irresistible thoughts or impulses (Obsessions) that they consider absurd and actively attempt to resist. They are acted out physically as a way to reduce the anxiety associated with the obsessions (compulsions). There is usually a feeling that something bad will happen if they do not act upon the obsessions (catch a disease, thus they wash their hands very frequently and ritualistically).

It came from this website.

Goat G
i think you just do it for attention so people will look at you because you are insecure

Yup, that's OCD. Soon you will not be able to get out of the bathroom because you will spend all day washing and rewashing your hands. If you do, you will not get very far because you will have to keep turning the light off and on and off and to make sure it is really off. You will be stuck like a needle on a broken record.

People can follow specific patterns in their lives and not suffer from OCD. If you are performing these rituals daily and, along with them, have intrusive thoughts, then you may want to seek professional help. Check out the link I've supplied to learn more about it.

Kina K
It probably is. I have OCD and These sound a lot like what I do.

1)I repeat what people say sometimes
2) I wash my arms until they are raw when I'm in the shower.
3) I avoid stepping on cracks
4) I like odd numbers
5) If I touch something, like railing on a fence, I go to the beginning of the fence and count all the way until the end.

These are rituals. You have to be repetitive.
And these symptoms are just the HALF OF IT. haha.

Bro. We are just humans, I do that weird **** sometimes too. I have wondered if I have OCD. I dont think we do, its prob. more in your head. When I was a kid I would rinse my cups out like 10 times before drinkng a glass of water. Its more like a nervous habbit for people like us. Research OCD , and you will see that we dont even have the mild case of it. Those people ACTUALLY CANT control themselves.

it could just be some of your own idiosyncrasies.
most people have really slight peculiar things they do, but it can sometimes be extremely noticable. and you said sometimes. someone who had OCD would be compulsed to do those things everytime

yeah it is...but its okay . lol

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